Suresh Raina First Indian to Scored a T20 Hundred | India vs South Africa 2010

hello and welcome and we’re gonna watch
some highlights of this group see match between South Africa India and this is
the ICC World t20 2010 one of the battle starts for India Suresh Raina catches
the call that’s taken as well what’s a really good catch that was from Rory
Kleinfeld running to his left eye big and taking it and it’s a comfortable no
ball so no problems there Island are signalling that as a no ball
and Suresh sure and I was really taking a chance at this one short of length
delivery was looking to hit a woman off that’s God very high in the air may not
have got the distance mr. eysher an annual budget of any and hit that one
he’s always looking for just two runs on that one maybe fortuitous and he’s speaking the gap this time it
will go all the way this is beautifully placed why he’s got out of that the McLaren about my Gucci art lovers
while areas of strength raises arms and looks for the bigger
deeper admitted boundary a long long way since when are you ROTC
have got no way very determined effort there from the
South African skipper Graham Smith this is what Suresh Raina’s got as a
gift that’s going to be as 15 and one of his better fifties at this
level should be proud of this rock suresh raina so he continues it could
form in t20 cricket that’s far let’s play that on the
offside over the field at point two get back get back a long way turning it on fuel its 126 for three leadership I think it hit the gap again
this is being done surgically now right this is not really this is turning
out to be huge or nothing because they cannot
pick two spots which has been a feature the ceilings this is true gee why prominent red 60130 they did hi handsome big the distance though it’s the end Suresh Raina near its inclusion the
review proceedings for a long time the hot red bottle 60 calls

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