Surprise Hide and Seek Cyber Security Giant Lego Box Fort Cops & Robbers!

– I’m under here, using
my phone as a flashlight. I think I have a pretty good hiding spot. (upbeat music) – [Kyle] Got you Gage! – No! (yelling)
(toy gun banging) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Welcome back
to Kyle’s Toys and Games, I’m Captain Fun. (upbeat music) – Hey guys welcome back
and today we’re playing Cyber Spies versus Cyber Security. – Oh yeah. – This is how the game works. – The Cyber Security is going to hide all these items. We have a mini police car, a med kit, a key, his sunglasses and handcuffs. Me and Gage are going to
be hiding in the house at the start of the game and our goal is to hide just like hide and seek and try not to get caught by him and if the Cyber Spies
collect all the items, they win. But if we get
caught by the Cyber Security, the Cyber Security wins. – Ah, hopefully I win.
– Yeah. Are you guys ready to play this game? – Yeah! Let’s have some fun! – You guys have one minute to hide and find your hiding spots while I hide all the items. – Shall we go Gage?
– Yeah. – Okay. – [Luke] Go, go. – [Gage] Do you know where you’re hiding? – [Luke] Yeah, I do. I kinda, oh my gosh, in here. Okay. I’m gonna get under the bunk and block it with blankets and pads. (sneaky music) – Whoa. Okay, I’m going to hide in here for a bit and then we’re going to see
if I can find any items. – [Luke] I’m stuff this blanket up here. I’m under here using my
phone as a flashlight. I think I have a pretty good hiding spot. I’m gonna put off my
light now and be sneaky. Okay. Now we wait. – They’re gonna go find their hiding spots so I have to go find my hiding spots for the items. Oh, I actually have a
really good place for this. (sneaky music) – All the items are
hid and the Cyber Spies should be hid. I got my trusty flashlight. Let’s go find them. Come on! Make sure to smash that Like button to give me good luck and
don’t forget to subscribe. (upbeat music) I’m gonna get some doughnuts after this. – Whoa, I really hope I
find most of the items ’cause I wanna win this game. You guys know where it is, tell me down in the comments below and give this video a Like to give me good luck ’cause I really wanna find some stuff. – I’m gonna go downstairs. (upbeat music) – [Luke] He’s going on the hunt for me. Hopefully I can win this. I’m gonna get that, a key or something. (suspenseful music) – [Kyle] No. Ahh! (yelling) – [Kyle] I found you! – [Luke] No! – [Kyle] Yes. I found Luke! – No! – [Gage] He found Luke.
No, no. He found Luke. Don’t worry Luke. Your
sacrifice will pay off. – [Luke] No! – [Kyle] Get over here.
You’re going to jail. – [Luke] Found me. Man. – [Kyle] Cyber Spies. I’m getting doughnuts after this okay. – [Luke] Fine. He caught me. No! – [Gage] Like I go find
somewhere else to hide. (suspenseful music) – Hurry up. Move your butt. – No, I got caught! – Get in there. – No. Noooo. – I will find your friend.
‘Cause you’re busted. – Oh no. I thought I had him. Man! Oh well. – It’s rising in here. I gotta be really quiet ’cause I think he’s right outside. – I found your friend. – Darn Cyber Security
got me again. Dang it. Did you find him? – Hey, hey. Have you
seen your little friend? – [Luke] I’m not saying anything. – No. – [Luke] Hi. I wonder where those items could be. Jeez. He must have hid them very well. (suspenseful music) – Hmm. – [Gage] Where’s he going? He just went into the homeschool room. This is my chance. – Careful. – [Gage] Did you see anything? – I don’t know. I didn’t see anything. – Okay. I need you to warn me
when he’s coming upstairs. (upbeat music) On the ground. Where’s all the stuff. – Did you check the pillow cushions? – Pillow cushions. There’s nothing there. Where is all the stuff? – [Luke] Hurry. – I got this. I got the giant key. (suspenseful music) – Hey guys, I’m gonna check upstairs. – [Luke] He’s coming. – I’m gonna try and make my way down into the basement. – Okay, I have one item. I don’t know if I should go outside
or if I should just try and find one more item. I’m gonna see if I can find one more. Let’s see. See is there anything in here. Let’s see. I don’t see anything. Do you guys know where another item is? (clanging) That was really loud. Oh my gosh, look. It’s his sunglasses. I found his sunglasses. Let’s put these on. Okay, guess I gotta keep looking. Alright. See maybe I can
look for one more item. You guys see anything? There’s not, under the pillows. – [Kyle] Got you, Gage! – No! (yelling)
(toy gun banging) Ah, no! No! (yelling) No, I can’t go in there. No. (laughing) No. Oh my gosh. Are you serious? (laughing) – You were going outside buddy. – I couldn’t. The
basement door was locked. – [Luke] No! – I got two items. – Good job. – I got the sunglasses. – And I got caught right away. – I also got the giant key. – Good job. Locked in. Can’t get out. – Darn it. Well, I hope we do better next time. That was really fun. – I mean he got the
key and the sunglasses. That’s pretty good. – Yeah.
– [Kyle] True. – That’s awesome.
– [Kyle] That is true. Wasn’t that an awesome game of Cyber Spies versus Cyber Security? – Yeah, really fun. – Vote up in the poll. Who do you think should be Cyber Security next? Gage or Luke? That’s it for this video. If you liked this one you’re definitely gonna like these other ones because we’ve picked them just for you and we’ll see you guys next time. – Bye! – That was super fun. Good job Kyle. – Yeah that was awesome. – Yeah. You’re going back to jail. – No! – No, not again! (upbeat music)

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