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– I’m Kelly Malone with Stephanie Reed Real Estate. This is the Voices &
Views where we celebrate the people and places that make the Wood
River Valley so special. And today, I’m here with Chad O’Brien who’s the director of the Sun
Valley Youth Hockey Program. So I was hoping you could
tell us a little about this program and what your mission is. – Our mission is to just
kind of provide hockey for the kids in this valley. I love hockey, it’s so much fun. You get to fall down, you get
to wear pads, hit each other, whack your friend with a stick,
but you see their face just light up whenever they fall down and they realize they’re not hurt. Trying to get as many kids,
obviously, active in hockey, to feel comfortable here. – High five, oh! – [Kelly] The Mini Mites, which
is what my daughter is in, there’s like maybe six of them
who couldn’t even ice skate. Then after the first week,
they were all able to skate around the rink, so, like
confident little hockey players. – [Chad] You can see any kids
running around on their own two feet that could be a great
athlete, and then you throw skates on them, they have
no idea what’s going on. So, as soon as they realize
that it’s not scary, they realize it’s fun, it’s
a really cool thing to watch them actually learn how to whip around this little ice surface. – It seems like the
Sun Valley Youth Hockey really tries to get everybody involved. Can you tell me a little about that? – Well, I think it’s very
important for kids to have the ability to
choose their own sport. Every year, we offer as much
gear as we have to kids. Skates, gloves, helmets. I mean, I’ve been in
hockey my entire life, and I’ve never seen anything like it. – [Kelly] It’s always great
to have an activity to take your kids to after school,
teaching them sportsmanship, how to win and lose, showing
up on time, participating. It’s a good learning
experience that will help them, you know, throughout
the rest of their lives. – [Chad] The youth hockey
program, we give a very good opportunity for those kids to have fun. You can be a kid. – Well Chad, thanks so
much for your time today. It was great being here at Hailey Ice. – Thank you very much for being here. – And thanks for joining us.

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