Swing Paragliders Brake Handles Tutorial

Hello from the Swing workshop. Here, on Swing TV, we will be giving you more information about our various ideas and developments. Today we are looking at Swing’s Multigrip brake handles. We have given a lot of thought to how we can make a handle which is suitable for everyone, i.e. a “one type fits all” concept Many pilots are not yet familiar with how the brake handles work, so now we will demonstrate this to you in this video. It’s really very simple. Take the handle off the riser, turn it over, and then you will see a slit on this side. Now push from the other end and a small plastic tube with a little plastic stick will come out. You now have a choice between three other different levels of stiffness. You can either turn the handle back the right way and use it without any stiffening, or you can replace just the plastic stick and have it firm. The third option is to replace only the tube which will give a medium level of stiffening. So, turn it back again and you have the medium level of stiffening. It is up to you to decide how to use it. There are various sizes. It is the standard size if no size is given on the handle. If there is XL on the handle, then it is the bigger handle … it is also possible to order this from us. The new gliders all have snap fasteners, the older models come with a magnet. These handles you will find in the Onlineshop. I hope you enjoy using the Multigrip handles and your Swing glider. Happy flying, Swing powered by Passion

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