Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and Dartfish.

Hello I’m Patrick Fischer,
Head Coach of the Swiss Ice Hockey National Team. We have been using Dartfish for two years now, and we are very happy with the system. Dartfish has helped us get better as a Hockey Nation and we are proud that it’s made in Switzerland. I work as a video coach of
the Swiss Ice Hockey Team. One of my duties is analyzing the video coaching
for this team, which has been around for a decade. I work on the coaching staff using video to provide precise feedback to help
the Swiss Team win matches! There are several different roles for a coach. One is to observe the opponents,
by scouting them to prepare the Swiss Team for matches. How will we adjust to each opposing teams’ strategy to be ready to face these teams in competition? During the game, of course, we have already prepared the clips for
next day viewing. We also view the matches live
using Dartfish technology, making adjustments during
the match in real time, because we are in audio contact
with the bench. If we see tactics, plays, etc.
that need to be changed up, we can communicate this info directly,
in real time. During breaks, I quickly head into the locker room and together with the other coaches, we view game video to review the first third
to tailor our strategy to the opponent’s play, realizing that most likely, the opponent is also
adjusting to ours. And of course, the hard work takes place at the match, reviewing and highlighting the strategies that worked,
the players’ strengths and weaknesses, and the areas where we need to make corrections. We as coaches can then present
the pros and cons of the game
to our players. Dartfish is a complete video system, allowing us to do many different types of
video analysis for multiple purposes. We can work individually with the players, or we can work with the team as a whole; and we can make presentations. I find it very helpful, that Dartfish offers a solution for the entire workflow. We have the live tagging, the iPad Dartfish mobile app solution, favored by the players. With the app, the coaches can send clips
directly to players, who can then open the mobile app
and view personalized clips, created only for them. Players have personalized game clips, as well as clips to prepare themselves
to play against the opponent. Players can see how the opponent plays
in a special situation and position, along with viewing the opponent’s
strong and weak points. To prepare themselves for match play,
they can consult these shared clips. Another thing I like about Dartfish is
that they evolve along with us as professional sports.
And at the same time, we shared our needs with Dartfish and they quickly adapted to our needs,
following the trend and development of professional sports. In relation to the needs of the teams,
they are always up to date in both ice hockey and / or other team sports. My name is Noah Rod : In Geneva Servette, I play ice hockey as an attacker. I like to use Dartfish,
after the matches, to see the mistakes that I made, and to see the things I did that worked well. I can also review my statistics with follow-up on the whole season and
throughout the end of the year, to see if I have reached,
my personal goals or not. I prefer using my smartphone for an after the match review,
during the trip home. I can also watch to visualize the next game and then to review the figures hot.

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