Good morning! So with this blog, I’ve been
getting you connected with culture and travel; today is all about the adventure
with Airtime Paragliding and I can’t wait for this adventure to begin. Murren
is a pristinely beautiful village in Switzerland it has a population of less
than 500. The majestic mountain backdrop and lovely chalets make it the
quintessential Switzerland I always dreamed of as a little girl from here I will praglide into the
postcard-perfect Lauterbrunnen Valley below but first I had to meet up with my guide
from Airtime Paragliding, Fabian. We took a brief hike up this slope- Holy #@$*
that’s a climb! Well brief if you’re fit- but anyway, after Fabian explained what
we were going to do and after he got us all geared up we waited for the jump. AND … I can’t believe that I just did that
PROVED that to have some of the best experiences in life, those unique
one-of-a-kind experiences, sometimes you have to take a risk, so I’m so happy that
I did that. I feel exhilarated! I feel awesome!


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