switzerland vlog part 2 : JUNGFRAUJOCH | train ride | snowy mountains | hike | INTERLAKEN | shopping

today is day 2 in Switzerland and this
is the OOTD so as you guys can tell i really layered up probably around
like four to five layers really crazy but I think that prevention is better
than cure it is really really important to be able to keep yourself warm
especially at such a high altitude so yeah I’ll see y’all later hey friends! so we are currently here
waiting the ascend the mountains so let me just show you guys the spectacular view! so right now we are currently ascending
the mountains via the train. the journey up there is approximately 30 minutes or
something so enjoy!! 🙂 yay…. we are finally here! check out the beautiful view how are y’all doing? aww… this is like so super cute. hi there! it’s snowing!~ so let me just show you guys around the
view real quick. let’s look around the place man this is literally just so frickin beautiful & please excuse me if like
I’m panting because you know yer boy’s really really weak and the altitude over
here kinda like eliminates the oxygen level so kinda have a little bit of
difficulty in breathing other than that the view here is literally breathtaking oh
my gosh just take a look at this just take a look at this man. holy crap.. so my friends, the view here is breathtaking & it doesn’t really look as high as what
y’all are thinking but in reality it is crazy high and I’m not even kidding.. hey friends! just look at that my legs right now is like literally
jelly you know jelly because I have height
phobia so.. *grunts* really really high.. oh my gosh i’m fallin.. save me my friends.. hahaha just laying down a little bit & just chillin cuz the view is just so frickin spectacular.. just look at the frickin view man crazy.. after eating, we chilled a little as
we laugh among ourselves and enjoyed the ambience over here at jungfrau
before taking the train back to interlaken after this we headed back to the hotel
to change and it’s time to do some exploring and grocery shopping so there’s some peeps over there
paragliding. wonderful! after this we continued walking around
the area and explored the place a little bit proceeded on with grocery shopping
as we needed some drinking water so let’s go!~ ice-cream! tell me why?.. we headed back to the hotel to rest after eating as we were all feeling pretty tired.. anyways, among the different hotels that we have stayed in I especially like this
one as it kind of brings about some kind of vintage kind of feel to it so yeah.. hey friends so we are finally done with day number two in switzerland day 2 is
basically just some “mountain climbing” so the mountain that i visited today is the
Jungfrau mountain and the view is really really spectacular as you guys had seen
from the footages that I took in the video so after that we proceeded to do a
little grocery shopping and yeah this pretty much sums up the day so yeah I’ll
see y’all tomorrow! oh yeah! wait! so i bought a little plushie from the
mountain let me just show you guys! say bye! evil swiss cow: “see y’all tomorrow on day three!” so thank you my friends for watching and I will see you guys on the next one. cya!! 🙂

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