Sycuan Casino: Batting Practice at Petco Park

Nothing better than being out at the ballpark on a day off on Monday. Great time. I’ve been a lifelong Padres fan so being out
here is just amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It was great. We had a great time. This is the first time we’ve ever got to experience
something like this, it was awesome. Now we know what it feels like for the big
leaguers. It was a little overwhelming at first, you
step in there and you think “Oh my god, I’m at Petco Park” then you realize you’re not
as a good as the guys that normally step in there. it kind of brings you back down to earth. It’s definitely a dream come true, its like
a video game, its real now. Sitting there playing baseball games and here
you are finally a chance to be at an MLB stadium to hit it like… it was just awesome. It was so cool. We love it, Sycuan Casino. Thank you so much, best adventure, best time
and we can’t thank you enough. My kids are jealous, so… I’m the lucky one. Thanks Sycuan

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