Sydenham Hill Wood – Bat Walk

Good luck to the London Lions,
thanks Adrian Now there some of the capitals more
elusive residents but bats and owls are thriving in
London’s parks and woodland In the latest of our BBC “Summer of
Wildlife” series we sent Tom Edwards along with the group if keen wildlife
watches on a trail to find out more about London’s hidden nighttime neighbours.
An adventure into London’s unseen wildlife. Hundreds turn out on
these bat & owl prowls to get a brief encounter with some other
capitals more secretive creatures “Here it is, it’s right there” Sydenham Hill Woods in South London is home to bats and owls with the help of monitors wildlife
watchers get an idea of where they are “There’s a Soprano Pipistrelle”, you can tell because it’s coming through most clearly at 55Khz ruling without and you can miss them in
catching them on camera is a challenge this streak of gray is actually a backed very interested in
bats because you know well they could be an
endangered species you term they really need looking after skycam sry talk just of changed its he’s a sweetie on a Friday night no
low K like that’s when my favorite there’s these are what the visitors would like
to see this is an owl century and this is where
injured birds can end up London has five species Aviles there’s
no record though on how many birds there are in the
capital you might be surprised night it’s actually five species a valid
been recorded in Greater London I to have these will likely encounter at
city in central London had to the other species and more
traverse or to migrants encountered on on the
fringes I abuts the abnormal I seek Inc encounter
in cinema were tears Tony Tony out and that’s an equal access for
this time of year and walks like these are getting more
popular as conservation group trying to educate
people about the capital’s hit in wildlife
think one other questions you come up with most this
harness is dusty wildlife in London and that’s one of the things that we
obviously have to shape it was in fact there is wildlife in London miss some fantastic wildlife in London
and but walks a great way to get people’s enthusiasm in their interest and also to
show you then that these places that there are wild
things living here and they are very interesting also very important deserve our care and attention watching
wildlife isn’t always easy especially if it’s usually unseen the wildlife groups believe that
by raising awareness they can also encourage conservation Tom Edwards be seen on the news and
there’s more in the series tomorrow and more about the treat is living in
your neighborhood at BBC Dakota UK forward slash some

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