Sye ~ The Challenge – A Telugu Short Film – Short Films – ll Gouse Khan Nallamada ll

Dont Beat Me , Please What’s Your Problem , Why Are you Always Beating All, What Right do you Have Administration in a Certain Area Be Careful With Me, I Don’t Even Respect You , Kick You to Hell Your Brother Should Not Come To Our Street Is this Street Your Property ? Yes, It’s My Property. Hey… Speak Carefully , Why You Speaking Like That? This Road Is Not Yours , It is Governement Property. No, It’s Ours. What, What’s Your Problem …. Hey Shut Up. Why You Both Are Fighting Always? He Only Bro , He is Disturbing Us That We Should Not Come To His Street. He Always Do Like That. Ok, Then Tomorrow We will Conduct A Cricket Match Between Your Both Teams , Those Who Win He Owns The Street. Tomorrow? Ok. Let Us Check Out , Challenge , Heads Or Tails Heads Tails Rabbani Won The Toss, Do You Choose Batting Or Bowling? Bowling Oh Shit! We Lose The Match, What Can We Do Now ? Anil Will Beat Us. Make The Umpire To Tell A Lie That We Won. Ok , Then Go And Call Him. Can You Tell A Lie , To Our Bro, That We Won The Match. No. That’s All ? That’s It . Please Tell A Single Lie And Save Us From Anil. No , I Don’t. What Can We Do Now? Umpire Has A Young Brother. Ok, Let’s Bring Him Now. If You Come With Us We Will Give You 10 Chocolates. OK, I Will Come. Bro, Chocolates ? Wait , A Minute We Will Give. We Kidnapped Your Brother. If You Tell The Lie, We Will Leave Him. OK What Bro Why Are You So Dull ? They Kidnapped My Brother. Who? Nani And Bobby Where They Are ? No Idea. I Think They Will Be In Their Tent. Who Is That? Hey! Get Up, Get Up, Go And Tell To Your Anil Bro. I Think It Will Not Work , Let us Tell The Truth , To Anil. Bro, We Lost The Match I Know Why You Lost, Because You Are Interested in Extra Curricular Activities. Ok Lets Work Out On Tomorrow’s Kabaddi Match. Hey, What Can This Short Fellow Can Do? He Is Very Short , And Attacked Directly Two, He May Be Short But He Is Smart, Hey Catch That Azeez, We Get The Super Tackle,Then We Can Win. Wait, Here I will Be Back Come With Me, I Will Buy You A Lollipop. Wait Here Only, Dont Go Any where I will Bring You Lollipop. Where Is My Brother? Why Are You So Sad? My Brother Is Missing. Where Did He Went? I Dont Know. Your Brother Is With Me, Now You Are Suffering because You Made To Kidnap This Umpire’s Brother, Then You Don’t Have Sense? So Now I Kidnapped Your Brother. When I did Kidnapped Your Brother ? You Only. When? These Both Are Made This Kidnap…..! Because Of Losing, I didn’t Thought That These Fellows Do Like Ths, Sorry For That, Wait, I will Bring Your Brother.

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