T Mobile vs Cricket

[Theme Song plays] Joshua: one, two, three! Marcos: Hello guys, My name is Marcos, so this is me and this is Cesar. My brand new student my friend! and so we are gonna talk about T-Mobile… Cesar: vs Cricket! yep. Ok so, the Cricket is the name of store that they have phones Marcos: there’s a T-Mobile Cesar: I know but’s weird. Why will the name of a company called Cricket just an animal already called cricket like I don’t get it. Hmm Marcos: Good question! Cesar: Hmm Who knows about this? We should tell Ms. Berry! So guys, So come on! So we don’t know the… Cesar: Why is the company phones name called Cricket from the animal called cricket Like they have a two names. Cesar: Can just the name of the other company like P phones or something. oh yeah! So ask Ms. Berry! Oh yeah! Ok, come on! [Marcos opens the door in quiet room] ow! [Paper shredder noises] [door slam] [Jet engine noise censor] [Theme song plays 2] Marcos: Can I ask you a question? So me and Cesar, we are ask you, Cesar, tell her! Cesar: Why is a company cricket called Cricket so the original cricket? Ms. Berry: What do you mean? That’s what they name a company. Because Crickets are loud but you don’t see them right? Marcos: yeah! So they probably did that, don’t know they see thier palace like because service. But the people they named the Cricket on other store. Yeah! But the cricket stores are now owned by AT&T. AT&T? Why? They bought them out But they still selling stuff? yeah! But it’s still AT&T. But It’s a Cricket It’s like a double. They owned it. But they spend a lot all of them? Yeah for Verizon is the owned company, AT&T is, Cricket used to be a owned company. But they put it… Cesar: But it take two done over. Yeah! They bought them! What like they build right close to them or far away? yeah! They have the same stores and it just that AT&T bought them and AT&T owns Cricket now. You know all the money that Cricket makes? it goes to AT&T. Because they owned it. And what about the T-Mobile? That’s T-Mobile is separate, T-Mobile owns T-Mobile. So they owns? yep! They owned their owned company like MetroPCS is the owned company. oh. Hold on Josh! SAYARA! [Theme Song plays 3] Cesar: So that is weird. Well finally no answers. Marcos: Ok so yeah Cesar: So turn on women very pol dus. Well very part is heard but she is charging. So Cricket is not the company anymore, AT&T owns Cricket now. They bought Cricket. But, I don’t know why AT&T wants to buy Cricket. Because Cricket like has the own company by AT&T has a owned company. I don’t know AT&T going that much but AT&T do it ever we want man! Marcos: and so thats why. So guys, hit and subscribe about Marcos and Cesar’s phone, So see you guys later, bye! [End Credits play]

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