Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2792 – Full Episode – 8th August, 2019

Missing Sonu, seriously! Don’t you think Tapu is missing
Sonu a little too much? They are friends.
They’ve grown up together. And can’t one friend
miss another friend? No. They can. But when there’s friendship
between a boy and a girl and when the boy misses the girl
too much, the girl’s father has to take extra care. Come on!
They are still kids. Kids, seriously!
Have they remained kids since so many years? I need to look up
while speaking to Tapu. From which angle is he a kid? No. You won’t understand.
– I understand everything. And I have complete trust
on the kids of our society as well as Sonu.
Got it? It’s not about trust..
– Listen, what’s the cost of these tender mangoes? The vendor was charging
Rs. 90 a kilogram. I told him that I’ll pay him
Rs. 80 and not a rupee more. Check it.
It’s of very good quality. Wow..
We got good quality mangoes at a very good price. Well done!
I am proud of you. Come on, Goli!
I challenge you to beat me. Here’s steaming hot ‘Misal’
for you. What an aroma! Wow.. Extraordinary, Madhavi! Who?
Me or the ‘Misal’? The ‘Misal’ is of course
extraordinary. But my wife, Madhavi
who has prepared it is also extraordinary. Whenever you make something
special like this for me you look very romantic.
– You mean, only when I make something special, I look
romantic, not at other times? No.
You do, but today you are looking too romantic. How much? How much.. Very..
– Leave! – Sorry.. Why should I apologise?
She is my wife. Who is he
to ask me to leave her? Hey, Tapu!
– Listen. Why didn’t you catch it?
– Why did you leave it? What have you done?
– Tapu! – Sorry. Why did you say ‘leave’
just now? I hit a shot, and Pinku was
about to take the catch. I wanted Pinku to drop it, so
I was telling him to leave it. And he left the ball. You are making a lot of noise.
I asked you not to make noise. Still, you are making
so much noise. Come on, go home and play. Sorry. Sorry, Mr. Bhide.
– Sorry. What’s the point
in apologising, Tapu? You apologised a while ago. Still, you are making
so much noise. No. Go home.
Go home and play. We want peace here.
All right? Go. No, Mr. Bhide.
I promise that you won’t hear any noise. We won’t give you a chance
to come out. I promise. Yes, you won’t hear any noise.. We won’t make any noise.. You are making so much noise
while saying this. You won’t hear any noise.
Please don’t worry. I promise. Make sure of it. Thank you, Mr. Bhide.. Hey, softly. – Friends..
– Thank you, sir.. They are so silly. I threatened them. You look exhausted.
Sit. Have hot and tasty ‘Misal’.
– Fine. Madhavi, honestly,
there’s magic in your hands. Thank you. How was that! You left in a hurry to buy
tender mangoes in the morning. So, I forgot
to tell you something. You look very handsome today. Really? – I mean,
this colour is very bright. So, you look nice. You look handsome. Really?
Thank you, Madhavi. Keep praising me like this.
It feels good. Get lost, you liar.
– It’s true. They are fighting again. Yes, Tapu..
– You wait here. Let me check.
– Listen.. Goli, don’t lie. It didn’t touch the bat.
Come on, don’t lie. Tapu, it touched the edge.
Why don’t you understand? Pinku, tell him.
– Tapu, he’s right. It was a clear wide.
Come on, guys. No, it was a clear edge.
– It didn’t hit the bat. Tapu.. Whom did you call
a liar? Sir, actually, Goli bowled,
and it was a wide. But Goli says it was an edge. That’s why I told him,
‘Get lost, you liar’. Tapu, you promised me
there will be no noise. Again all this.. You are doing it intentionally
to disturb me, right? Mr. Bhide,
we were not making noise. We were making an appeal.
– He’s right. I told you, there should be
no noise for appeal too. Mr. Bhide, how can we
make an appeal without noise? Noise means appeal,
and appeal means noise. Right.
– But who are you appealing to? Where’s the umpire?
Your team has only four members. You are not getting it. There’s a feeling of bowlers. When a bowler bowls,
and the batsman misses it the appeal comes naturally. How’s that, how’s that,
how’s that.. Hey, shut up. Don’t try to act smart, okay? If you argue anymore,
I’ll send everyone out of here. Sorry..
Sorry, Mr. Bhide. Now, I will appeal
like this. Yes, very good. Play like that,
and appeal just like that. Next time, if I hear any noise,
I will stop this game. Do you understand?
– Yes, we understood. Guys, that’s enough,
let’s not make any noise. Goli, you go for batting,
and Gogi, go for bowling. Here, take it.
– Come on. Tapu.. Run.. Listen..
– Tapu, what.. Did you see?
They ran away. I told them thrice
not to play here. But nobody listens to me.
There’s no importance of me. Tapu, I will not spare you.
– Listen.. Hey, Tapu.. Tapu, where are you? Listen..
– Come out.. Where are you hiding?
– What’s the matter? Tapu?
– What’s wrong, Mr. Bhide? Why are you yelling.. Because of this.
Have a look. Look what Tapu has done
to me. Dr. Hathi, you too have a look.
Mrs. Komal.. Look at what he has done. Look, Ms. Anjali,
just look at me. This is the work by
Tipendra Jethalaal Gada. Mr. Bhide, can you explain
what the matter is? Dr. Hathi, I was sitting
in my house and eating ‘Misal’. ‘Misal’!
Who eats ‘Misal’ in the morning? I eat, do you have a problem? No, but don’t you face
any problem after eating? No, I don’t face any problem. Anyway, it’s better
than your ‘Fafda-Jalebi’. Hey, don’t say anything
about ‘Fafda-Jalebi’. It’s really good. You have no idea
about the benefits of ‘Jalebi’. It works very well
for ‘adicity’. Also it’s very helpful
in ‘Aadhasisi’. Mr. Jethalaal,
what’s ‘Aadhasisi’? Dr. Hathi, it’s.. It’s a kind of intense headache. In English,
it’s called ‘Migrets’. It’s migraine.
– Yes, that’s right. Migraine.
Correct. ‘Jalebi’ is specially
prescribed for that. Stop fighting for a ‘Jalebi’. You are diverting from
the topic. The main point is..
– Listen.. Don’t interrupt me
when I am speaking. I was peacefully sitting
in my house and eating ‘Misal’.
Tapu made a shot the ball hit my plate and the plate fell
on my shirt. Look, the entire plate
fell on my kurta. So much food got wasted? Mr. Hathi, you’re worried
about food? You don’t care about
the food on my kurta? He seems very angry. His kurta also
got dirty, isn’t it? Let Goli come, I will
surely scold him. Wow! Thank you, Ms. Komal. What do you mean by wow?
– Ms. Komal is right. What did she say? That everyone must be
scolded and not just Tapu. But for you, it’s just Tapu. It is obvious, because
Tapu is the main culprit. Free tomorrow, what? Not that, it’s culprit.
It means, convict. Hey, Bhide, now you’re
crossing the line. What do you mean by convict? What crime did Tapu
commit? Did he murder someone?
Did he steal or any such thing? Oh, no! I didn’t mean it
in that way. What’s the difference?
A convict is a convict. Hold on, Mr. Bhide.
Calm down.. In the whole scene,
where is Tapu? – Yes. Why will he
be here, Ms. Anjali? He must have ran away. He knew he will get
scolded, so he ran away. But I won’t spare him today.
He made me bath in food. Tapu! Hey, Tapu!
Where are you hiding? Come out. Tapu! I know you’re hiding
somewhere here. Come out! See, Goli, it’s all
because of you. Why did you hit the shot
towards Mr. Bhide’s house? Tapu, what do you mean,
I hit it there? It happened by mistake.
I am sorry. I swear, it was a good shot. But who hits like that? I just happened
when Gogi bowled like that. Ms. Madhavi,
please control him. Hey, what? What are you saying,
Jethalaal? It’s not what you said.
It’s to stop. Whatever it is,
what difference does it make? There is a difference,
Jethalaal. ‘Aavda’ means.. Hey, what are you doing? Sorry. ‘Aavda’ means
to hug someone tightly. And ‘Aavra’ means to control. Sorry, no.. Ms. Madhavi,
I meant, control him, please. Can I say something? Yes, go ahead. Please calm down.
– You’re telling.. You’re telling me
to calm down? Why shall I calm down?
You know, this happened for the second time.
Some time back, when I was entering the compound, Tapu
hit a shot and it hit my head. Oh, God, why didn’t you
tell me? Where did it hurt? No.. I was wearing a helmet,
I was on the scooter so it didn’t hurt me. I am not angry for
no reason, Madhavi. When the ball hit my head,
I told Tapu’s gang not to play here. To go from here,
and let some peace be here. But no, they didn’t
listen to me. Then they just convinced me
somehow by various means. But now, they made the
same mistake again. I won’t forgive them
this time. Will he keep
hitting on everyone’s heads? It did not hit your head.
What are you even saying? So, what do you mean?
Shall I wait for it to happen? And after that, shall I say
that it hit my head? Bhide, now you’re just
exaggerating it. I’m not exaggerating, Jethalaal,
Tapu is. Previously, he used to
be a little notorious now, he is too notorious. What is too notorious? One small ball hit you
and you’re making it.. What are you doing? A ball hit me! But look at the
loss I had to bear because of it. It was my new kurta..
Look at the loss I incurred. You guys calm down. The kids are at fault and
you guys are fighting like kids. Yes. I am calm, Mr. Hathi.
I was quietly leaving for work. He was in the compound
shouting Tapu’s name. Tapu.. He goes crazy over
small issues. It will happen! If the dad
does not control his son it will happen! Control, meaning?
What do you want me to do? What shall I do
to control him? Shall I tie him in the house? The shot was hit by Goli
and everyone thinks it’s me. What can we do about it, Tapu? You have
such a reputation. Is it because of
my reputation? I will right away go to
Mr. Bhide and tell him that it was you
who hit that shot. – No. Sorry.. Sorry, Tapu.. Mr. Jetha, Mr. Bhide,
you guys stop fighting. The kids
will make some mischief. And if kids sit at home
all the time, then they will just use their mobile phones. I am not saying
that they must sit at home. I am saying that they must
play sensibly. People keep coming and going
in the society. But till date, no one was hit
by the ball. I suggest, if you want to
eat food come to the compound
and eat, the ball won’t hit you. You’re not making
any sense, Jethalaal. Hold on. Mr. Afroz!
– Tell me. I’ve been seeing you
in the society for years so, you tell me something,
have you ever been hit by the ball while kids
are playing cricket here? No. Never.
– Exactly. But I was hurt by
Tapu’s bat. This is the mark. Thank God,
my eye is safe. Right.
Now, say something. Mr. Afroz,
keep walking. You should not stop. Why?
Look at him. Why should he not stop?
Why should he keep walking? He had hurt his forehead. We are talking about
the ball. Why are you talking
about the bat? Did the ball hit you
or the bat? A ball. – That’s it.
End of discussion. What do you mean? What matter
came to an end? Jethalaal, this is not
the first time. I got hit
by the ball many times. Then I’ll tell you what!
Get yourself examined. What! I think, there’s some
substance in your body which attracts the ball. Because you were
inside the house. You were having ‘Misal’ there. Yet you got hit
by the ball. That means, there’s
inhuman substance in your body. Look at what he’s saying.
Inhuman? What do you mean? It’s present
in peliens. What!
– Pelien! It’s alien, not pelien.
– Yes. I meant the same. Jethalaal, you are talking
rubbish to cover up Tapu’s mistake. What do you mean?
All right. What should I do? He made a mistake.
He hit a shot. Your tunic got spoilt.
What should we do? What do you want
me to do? Should I buy you
a new tunic? Should I buy you
‘Misal’? Or should I give you cash? Look at what he is saying! Jethalaal, everything
can’t be sorted with money. You don’t want
to end the topic. Finish all this.
I am getting late. Then go.
Who is stopping you? I will deal with Tapu. I will confiscate
the cricket kit. They will not be able
to play. All right.
Do whatever you feel is right. Come on.. Why are you
standing? You can take it. What do you mean? I am
not seeking your permission. I am telling you
that I am going to do it. Tapu..
And Tapu’s gang.. Listen to me. I know, you people
are hiding here. You are not coming out.
You are hiding. I am confiscating
your cricket kit. You will not
get it back. Dear.. Let’s go, Mr. Hathi..
– Where to? Yes. Where to?
– No. I am going to the shop. So, I wanted
to tell you that I am leaving. Oh, I see. All right. Tapu..
– What? Mr. Jetha is coming here. No, Goli.
You need not get scared. Dad was defending us
and was arguing with Mr. Bhide. Hey!
You people are here. I had an argument
with Bhide early morning because of you people. Yes, Dad. We know.
We saw everything. But we have made a mistake.
What can we do? What do you mean?
His tunic got spoilt. This is not the way to play. Dad, Goli had
hit the shot, not I. Goli did it?
– Yes. And he blames only Tapu. Come on, Goli. Tell Bhide
that you had hit the shot. No.. No, Mr. Jetha. Sorry.
No, Mr. Jetha. I cannot face Mr. Bhide. I had taken six mangoes. And I spoilt his tunic.
No, Mr. Jetha.. He’ll hit me.. Mr. Jetha..
– D-Dad.. Sorry. Sorry.
– First, you hit the shot and then threw me away. Sorry..
Sorry, Mr. Jetha. For how long
will you hide? Tell you what! Apologise
to him and sort out the matter. He has taken away
your cricket kit. How will you play cricket?
– We will buy a new kit. Oh! Wow!
Very good, son. Well done. Your dad has
stashed away a lot of cash so you
can buy new ones. Why do you
need new ones? At home, I told you
I don’t want any complaints. But this wasn’t because
of me. It’s not my fault. Yes, Mr. Jetha,
It wasn’t Tapu’s fault. If kids don’t play how will our
country improve in sports? Hey, you,
what about the ruckus in the society that
you created earlier today? Friends, I think,
if everyone has a problem with us playing cricket,
then we will do something else. We will go to
dad’s shop and help him out. Is it okay, Dad? Yes, that’s fine.
Let’s go, Jetha. Hey! No.. Nobody has
to come to the shop. My suggestion
is don’t fight with Bhide. I am going to the shop.
I don’t want any complaints. Okay? – Yes, Dad.
There will be no complaints. Until evening, don’t
let Bhide’s eyes fall on you. If you want to play,
then go to the club house and play
something quietly. Okay? Okay, Dad. Tapu, Mr. Bhide has
taken away our kit. What shall we do now? I don’t know. Mr. Bhide
still has all his guns blazing. Let’s go to the club house
and think of what to do next. Yes.
– What a problem! Hold on.. Let’s go.. A fight has begun. The game of cricket
played by Tapu and gang has made
Bhide and Jethalaal fight. Bhide’s anger is justified. When a ball
crashes into one’s house being angry
is most natural. Tapu and friends
are also right in their way. If not here,
where will they play? The cities have become a
concrete jungle. There are no playgrounds
left for kids in this jungle. Childhood has almost
been confined to rooms. So what next? Everyone is right
in their own way. Jethalaal is right,
Bhide is right Tapu and gang
are also right. Sometimes, there are
situations when you are right and everyone is right,
but nobody knows a way out. In such situations,
one should listen to his heart and move on because
the show must go on. But for now, the clouds
of tension look threatening. What do you think?
Will there be a breeze of happiness? If there is such a breeze,
the tension will disperse. But how? What will the breeze
have in store? To know all this,
you will have to see ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching
and keep laughing.

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