Takeoff from Säntis – Paraglider MOUNTAIN TAKEOFF

It was always my dream to fly from Säntis, my home mountain. With an attitude of 2,502 meters and it’s exposed position, this is an incredible mountain. My last two attempts were unsuccessful, there was always too much wind at the top and I had to take off much lower, in lighter winds. This is the big challenge of this location the exposed ridge creates a venturi effect and amplifies the wind quite a lot. Since the main wind was very calm, I decided to give it a try. I started to hike up the steep walls of Säntis. Since there was zero wind, I decided, to do to take off run along the ridge and then do a right turn to take off. This gave me the time to accelerate and also abort the takeoff, in case a thermal wind strikes me from the back. And my strategy worked, after aborting the first attempt, the second one worked perfect. Okay, one thing you’re right, I forgot to look up to do my glider check 😉 After a long and stunning flight I decided to cross the valley and try to fly along the Churfirsten. The crossing was not so bad and I even found some thermals on the other side of the valley. But suddenly a high cloud covered the Sun and brought shadow over the whole valley. That actually helped me to make the call for landing and I headed to Wildhaus, were I landed safely. Thanks for watching and no way click the thumb button below the video! 😉

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