Tandem Paragliding near Rome

Hey, it’s Elyssa from Romewise, your go-to guide to Rome. And today I am gonna take you on such a fun adventure. This is definitely not one of the typical things you’re gonna do when you visit Rome. There’s a company called Cloud Hunters. They actually, they’re super organized, they do this all the time. And they even can help you arrange transportation from Rome or, you can get easy public transportation. They are really nice, they speak English. You could not be in better hands. They clearly really know what they’re doing. I’m here today with Zoey Arielle, and we are gonna paraglide together and, catch some thermals and go up and away. So, that’s the plan, cannot wait to take you along. So, stay tuned and enjoy the ride. So, we are cloud hunters Club. We work in many different take offs, that are taking people for tandem paragliding. Especially during the summer season, although we fly all year round. What are we gonna do today with Zoe and Elyssa it’s we’re gonna have a briefing. We are here inside our camper office. So we’re gonna explain to you girls like where we’re gonna fly, where is the take off. What we’re gonna have to do. Gonna be really simple and easy. We’re gonna do four or five steps, and then we’re gonna be airborne. You’re going to be sitting with one of our pilots, in front of us. Once we take off we’re gonna fly a little bit on this mountain ridge. It’s the mountain ridge from the Terminiva mountain. I think you guys gonna love it. The place is beautiful and we are, we do this for many years now and, it’s all safe and fun. This is Stefano he’s getting paraglider ready. And there’s Andrea, getting his ready. And you can actually see somebody up there, flying. That’s gonna be us soon. Look at him go. Wow! Zoe is getting her film. And Paulo is filming us filming each other. Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be so much fun. So, we’re gonna basically run off of here, and we’re gonna be flying over all this beautiful landscape of Lazio. So yes, we are still in Lazio, which is the region where Rome is. Putting on the equipment. Here we go! Helmet, and harness. Got to be safe. Basically letting Andrea do everything, because he’s the boss. He’s the pro. Here we are. Flying guys, flying over Lazio. It’s amazing! Look at my wonderful instructor. My pilot. My very professional pilot, Andrea. And it’s so beautiful! So guys this is what it’s like to be up in a paraglider. Look how calm I am. You see it’s relaxing, the air is beautiful. It’s fresh and clean. Cool air. This is amazing in the summer, because you feel cool, like there’s a breeze up here. And you’re seated. I’m seated really comfortably and I’ve got the whole beautiful valley below me. This has been an amazing experience with Cloud Hunters Club, and I thank them so much for inviting us today, and definitely something really fun and amazing to do when you’re visiting Rome. Check it out! Hey Elyssa! We did it! Amazing! How was it? Great! How do you feel? Oh my god, exhilarating. We caught some thermals and went so high up. Oh my gosh, 1,500 meters. Wow! Incredible, what a view. And it was so cool up there and now it’s so hot down here. I know. Okay, that has been an amazing day. We’ve had such an incredible time paragliding off of that mountain up there. It’s just been wonderful. I really recommend doing this kind of a day trip as something unusual, something really fun, something a super unique experience to have if you visit Rome. Come visit with Cloud Hunters Club here in Rieti. And have an incredible time seeing the sights like no other way.

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  1. Elyssssaaaaa!!! This is was such a fun video and day 😄🙌🏽 I loved every minute of it! Complimentiiii ❤️

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