100 thoughts on “Tasha Cobbs Leonard – You Know My Name ft. Jimi Cravity

  1. I weep everytime I hear this song. Because one day I was outside the post office in the morning. There was no one around. I heard the most beautiful and perfect voice call my name. "Loretta" I never heard anyone pronounce my name with such precise.

  2. I love everything about this song. I heard it and it resonated with me. Something I needed to hear and is now a daily song I listen to.

  3. Oh how you counsel me , and how you walk with me , oh glory ..
    I trust you with my life for you hold my ✋

  4. Praise the Lord
    Im so glad God knows my name; he do communicate and keep me. Yes this song heips me to stand and be renewed EVERYDAY.
    Thank U God for holdibg my hand. Yes Lord.

  5. So glad he knows my name I don't care if nobody else knows my name as long as I know he knows it that's all that matter Decomathra Lee Savannah Ga

  6. Im so thankful to the god who watch me every second , minute , hours, day , months 😭 What a awesome god he is and he know my my name and he will never forget my name 🙏🏼😘 Bless the people who are poor and the people who dont have family and house💘🙏🏽 GOD BLESS YOU ALL ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Where would I be Lord had you not known name! No mountain is gonna stop me, no giants gonna defeat me because YOU hold my hand….AMEN 🙏

  8. 👀❤)))))I'm walking in your victory Your power is within me the battlle is already WON CAUSE YOU HOLD MY HAND I DON'T HAVE TO BE AFRAID👣✍

  9. Just accepted my calling and in tears cause I have been running away from my calling like Jonah did. So much in tears right now holy Ghost is touching me more listening to this song.

  10. I love you Tasha Cobb your music minister to my Spirit thank you for letting the Lord Jesus use you I'm searching for a Church Home i believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ just need some more strength be Blessed

  11. This song gets me through my days ESPECIALLY when I’m having rough days. I thank you Lord 🙌🏽❤️

  12. I have to listen to this song to remind me how worthy Jesus is. Oh don't get me wrong, He is the keeper if my mind, body, and soul…. HALLUJAH.

  13. I am children of God I Jesus love you when I first heard ur voice . He will always wipe away ur tears

  14. I needed to hear this song before I start work. I am a small business owner and I need encouragement & uplifting every morning.🙏

  15. Gives me holy goosebumps
    Love all her songs! Just found her now I’m going to go to her convert in Sept!🙏

  16. I started dancing nude in strip clubs and prostitution at the age of 18. I was addicted to opioids an other drugs as well. With depression and anxiety very badly, I had no shame I would do anything for money. My grandmother was was a Woman of God she was always trying to tell me about Jesus Christ, but I didn’t want to listen. At the age of 27 something started to happen I was using drugs an taking pills but I wasn’t getting high, and I couldn’t make money any more I became more depressed and I had rapid panic attack’s. So I rented a hotel room because I thought I needed rest I didn’t know what else to do besides shut down, but in that hotel room something supernatural was happening to me and on the 3rd day I walked out born again and filled with the Holy Spirit YES LOL HALLELUJAH TO JESUS CHRIST🙌🏾GLORY TO GOD!! Now I’m addicted An souled out for JESUS CHRIST and if it happened for me it can and will happen for you don’t give up on yourself or your family and friends Please…God is Faithful !🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️🙏🏽hello guys check out my YouTube channel 🤗🥰

  17. He knows my name thank you father God I pure out my heart to you I give you my heart lord. I love you God… You know my name… I listen to this song every morning on my way to work… This song really touch my soul by the time i get to work I be so full…

  18. 1corinthians11 not to be a negative but for those who dont know men heads should be uncovered and the women heads should be covered for the sake of the Angels dont take my word read it for yourself nothing but love I want us all to be blessed in away you would neve imagin

  19. I hope you are in a better place, and if not- don't give up and keep fighting for what you know in your heart is right for you <3

  20. In tears Jehovah u are so big I give all the glory I know am not worthy but u promise to never leave us are forsake us

  21. He knows my name

    Yes, He knows my name

    He knows my name

    Yes, He knows my name

    And oh, how He walks with me

    Yes, oh, how He talks with me

    And oh, how He tells me

    That I am His own

    You know my name

    You know my name

    You know my name

    You know my name

    And oh, how You comfort me

    And oh, how You counsel me

    Yet, it still amazes me

    That I am Your friend

    So now, I pour out

    My heart to You

    Here in Your presence

    I am made new

    So now, I pour out

    My heart to You

    Here in Your presence

    I am made new

    And You know my name

    And You know my name

    You know my name

    You know my name

    And oh, how You walk with me

    Oh, how You talk with me

    Oh, how You tell me

    That I am Your own

    God, You know me

    So I trust You with my life, yeah

    No fire can burn me

    No battle can turn me

    No mountain can stop me

    'Cause You…

  22. Thank You Lord! You Name My Name I love your.all your songs ! God Bless You And Your Family In Jesus Name Amen 🙏🏿♥️

  23. I must admit that the nation's put on a good show to wipe us out and take our place. I the Negros Real Indians America's Aboriginals Copper Colored Cherokee Choctaw Chickasaw Cree and Seminoles. Who are yet being genocide and replaced in this land!

  24. This song tho speaks to my everyday life
    Been facing😕😢 alot and this song reminds me that God 👍👍😍🙏still remembers me in fact he knows my name!😍🤩🤗

  25. Going through alot rn I left Jamaica come Trinidad but me and my mom at war bcuz she always mixing me up and telling lies on me so now me only option is to go home broke to my 6 year old daughter in shame daddy jesus I need your blessings I need your mercies some faith and some forgiveness for any one I have hurt in d past as how my mom hurting me now and also forgiveness for retaliating to her words jesus I need u god bless u for this song tasha

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  27. algún atarantado que lo este escuchando en ingles que no entiende ni papas pero que aun así le gusta la canción?

  28. Mighty god my savior my savior my savior jesus 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 only u alone knows god I love u jesus

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