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Hey guys Eric Tyler with Baseball
Rebellion. Today we’ve covered this week’s baseball youth player to watch,
Tate Jones. As you can tell by the video thumbnail here, takes a a big physical
left-handed hitter and today we’re going to take a look at what he does inside
his swing that makes him baseball user player to
watch. So, the first thing that stands out to me as we get into this and, I’m gonna
play the video full at first, is how Tate uses his leg kick to develop a sense of
timing and rhythm within the swing and so we’ll take a look again. You can see
that front knee you go up and then gain ground forward as he finishes on his
back leg nicely. So, let’s take a deeper look. This leg kicks up a move that a lot
of guys struggle to dive in on them, because they feel like their timings
going to struggle if you know how to let kick and you understand how to use it
for your timing. You know it can be a great help for you to get on time more
often, you know. The swing and the setup kind of reminds me of Eric Hosmer a
little bit how the bats kind of facing back and so you see a little bit of
similarity there with him, but I really like how he uses his stride for a little
bit of rhythm a little bit of time. You don’t see it rush down and so that’s
another good thing is, you know you hear get your foot down sometimes that
crushes your rhythm and timing. He looks like he’s at a nice pace to get up and
then out into his stride so he does a good job. Also, in his stride you can see
although his knees high and he’s leg kicking, you can see his back knee is
staying inside of his foot which is huge. We don’t want to sway to the outside of
our foot. That can cause some some massive head movement that can really
restrict how well you turn the bat. So, he does a good job staying inside of his
back foot as he moves forward there and then, as you see, when he lands he’s going
to start to rotate his belly open, knee open, his foot open. So, he’s starting
to to rotate his lower half open while keeping these shoulders closed. So, he’s
separating very nicely and then you’re going to see he’s going to keep his head
right in place here. He’s not going to move his head forward from the time his
foot lands. So, he does a good job keeping his head back in order to get the barrel
moving up through contact. You can see in those two clips right there he’s moving
upwards through the ball, which helps him drop it in the air and
he’s allowed to do that because of his head staying back in the turn. If his
head went forward his hands would end up pushing and he’d probably end up cut in
the bottom half of the ball more often than not but, he does a great job keeping
his head back and using that leverage he has with the long arms. The last note
here, he’s turning so quickly you can actually watch his back foot. You know,
something similar to Bryce Harper or Frank Thomas in the old days, you can see
he’s actually kicking up dirt and he’s actually turning his hips and rotating
so fast that his back foots actually coming off the ground and gaining ground
forward, which allows him to get his knee in front of his face, which keeps his
back safe in this finish as he finishes on the back leg, like you see a lot of
great left-handed power hitters do. So, you see a lot of good in Tate’s swing,
which is the reason he’s this week’s baseball youth player to watch. Good luck
to you, Tate, the rest of the way. Everybody try to get out and watch him

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  1. Hi, great video and swing,but around 1;53 second the knob of the bat is not facing back toward the catcher feet and that can cause problem with the swing direction and swing path…

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