TCU vs. Utah Football

(crowd cheering) – [Crowd] TCU Frogs! (stadium announcements) – [Student] So what makes TCU great? The atmosphere, just look! Everyone’s just purpled out, it’s great! – [Student] What makes TCU
great is Gary Patterson, Fort Worth and the
school and the kids here. And I’m a part of TCU, too, so I make it great, also! (laughter) Yeah, that’s
what makes TCU great! – [Student] TCU is great, they
have a great academic program and they’re also really good at football, two awesome things! – [Student] Classes are awesome
and the professors, too. – [Student] What makes
TCU great is the campus and how everyone here
is just one big family. – [Student] TCU is a
great place and I honestly think the band makes it awesome! – [Fan] And I think one of
the things that always made TCU a wonderful school was the
tradition of football here. It was so cool to come as
a little kid and now I’m 57 and I love coming out here
and going to these games. – [Student] We’re number four
in the country, so (laughter). – [Student] I like the campus (laughter) I like the academics, I like the sports, I made a lot of good friends here it’s just an excellent school
to go to and purple out! ♫ TCU ♫ Memories sweet ♫ Comrades true ♫ Light of faith follow through ♫ Hail to Thee ♫ TCU

16 thoughts on “TCU vs. Utah Football

  1. haha.. dood… you're not very intelligent… TCU has played more ranked teams than Florida, Alabama, and Texas… nice try though.

  2. this was not there first sellout… they sold out when TCU played Tech a few years ago.. Secondly… i highly doubt 60,000 people were at there were at their midnight yell.. thirdly, 50,000 is not what they get at high school playoff games… fourthly, TCU has 8,000 students. A&M has almost 50,000 students… TCUs student to attendance ratio is second best in the nation… you are either at the math level of a 2nd grader or are an aggie… basically the same thing…

  3. I graduated from Utah and so I always love to see Utah win. It was awesome to see Utah break the BCS glass ceiling in 2004 and 2008. But this year is all TCU. They have a phenomenal team and bring well deserved national recognition to their program and the MWC. Congratulations on a perfect 2009 season and good luck in your BCS bowl game. You deserve it.

  4. Looks like a pretty cool atmosphere for football. Do they always let the students rush the field like that after the game? On a side note, watch this video closely. There is not one black person in the stands. There are some black players, cheerleaders and band members but that is the whitest crowd I have ever seen. I did spot a couple of Indians though, dot not feather.

  5. TCU beat 4 ranked teams

    Look at #3 Texas' "tough" schedule:
    1. Univ. of Louisiana-Monroe (wow)
    2. Wyoming (double wow)
    3. Texas Tech (6-4) TCU 1-1 last 3 yrs.
    4. UTEP (wow again)
    5. Colorado (3-8) (ha!)
    6. *Oklahoma (6-4) (by 3 pts.) TCU 1-1 in Norman
    7. Missouri (6-4) (give me a break)
    8. *Oklahoma State (9-2) (impressive win!)
    9. Univ. of Central Florida (excuse me?)
    10. Baylor (4-6) (Jr. High)
    11. Kansas (5-5) (see above)
    12. Texas A&M (5-5) (even CU beat them)

  6. Look at Big-12 #3 Texas and their "tough" schedule:
    1.Univ. of Louisiana-Monroe (wow)
    2.Wyoming (double wow)
    3.Texas Tech (6-4) – (TCU 1-1 in 3 yrs)
    4.UTEP (wow again)
    5.Colorado (3-8) (who?)
    6.*Oklahoma (6-4) (by 3 pts.) – (TCU 1-1 in Norman last 3 yrs)
    7.Missouri (6-4) (give me a break)
    8.*Oklahoma State (9-2) (impressive!)
    9.Univ. of Central Florida (tough schedule?)
    10.Baylor (4-6) (come on)
    11.Kansas (5-5) (joke)
    12.Texas A&M (5-5) (even CU beat them)

  7. TCU deserves all the attention they are getting this year. Finally they are recognizing this tremendous program. BCS busters for sure! Go Frogs!!

  8. @Whateverintheworld they do most of the time, but remember that the total under grad enrollment is less than 9000…….the average attendance is around 40.000……..pretty damm good.

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