Team LeBron vs Team Stephen Full Game Highlights / Feb 18 / 2018 NBA All-Star Game

Star game has been played here in LA the 2018 NBA all-star game is Presented by Kia as most of you are aware is a new look this season Davis and Embid on the opening chip that is controlled by LeBron James here 122 three-point a text of the game is curry misses from downtown for broad banks of defense at Least you play defense for a portion of beginning while during Casey can talk all he wants. I think the biggest boys they’re nice from the blogs and teams would start playing real basketball as curry flips to the quarter to DeRozan and he hops down to three years You would see that games would get a little heat in late third quarter and as Kyrie Irving slips got it Take five so we can see their best shots And we can see their best defense in this coach Casey says you don’t want to send the wrong message to fans around the world Westbrook here on Team LeBron Harden on a step-back three that came up short Durant have been hand right at my face at that Russell Westbrook was gonna win his third straight all-star game MVP, and then out of nowhere AD put on a show it was during the season two people his ailing father Who told me before the game that he hopes he can play well? This quarter so far only thirteen, and we just saw block John finish the cut 11 is turned by James up in the forecast Thompson lost the head fake and knocks it down from friggin Devin Booker Klay Thompson having a terrific season leads the NBA shooting 45% from three-point range LeBron off the faith So we’re tied at 22, here’s Towns you can hit the free and does just that what to see guys doing with these two best and Feel that he does best and hits Down behind that three-point Erik whitner’s I mean he’s so tough to guard inside of that toes as well He’s involved in if he gets too happy, but not be allowed to put how’s that I made that up there like that connects Teresa Scott Chris we be back to what we saw the last couple of years guys would be Kemba with the land although, that’s a block shot Brown was too quick on that whistle on that block shot Westbrook gets it out Waldo defense there’s a three-point attempt missed that LeBron has Walker ahead of the field And this is Kimber Walker soon see if I would’ve got played with you, but this play second quarter Marv Albert Chris, Webber Reggie Miller James yes Change the three Teams desperate tonight I Know every kind let the kids gonna be practicing all night long Durant for the catching shoot for three She’s off to benefit the Flip Saunders Legacy bounty now the shoes today. We have the theme from the cartoon Which just happens to be tell just favorite cartoons All right, seven water what a play with the reverse look at the head Are you kidding me 14 three or four bodies in the lane? to find Durant Thompson on a catch it James pops it down Irving vehicle way back had cups Kyrie Hit, but tell you what it’s almost like he gave his self this system at play We’ve seen Embid hit it three plating suckers seven foot one to Center knocking down a 25-footer Talked about this we talked about the dump overrun and then the staredown enough, but remember in Game one in Philadelphia Very busy, we call that jobs barking boys love Yeah, let’s see we get for spore here right before house Thompson The roadshow has traveled to Southern Californians guys to be along very shortly here’s Paul George angling for three Ten seconds to go on the hand think trapped Got the feeling in the past Then officials might have been a little reluctant photophone, so you said let’s take off on all starts Got a little bit out there starting this third corner as well Rate based on the shuttle dependency them take me mr. Teapot that was so easy gonna be the hit of three a moment ago That’s it again Art thank you name, Jimmy Butler yet, just plays it again. Here’s LeBron taking all white someone left team of ramen shot 51% for the field seen Stefan 41% to the field And so that way the first free throws The team Durant has a warm with Westbrook going against FB Thank let him collapse the defense Is women off one foot particularly in comedy, you know they took away their Assistant leader in the NBA that’s guy, huh Now you would think those careers ever drop mark I’m going to tell you what people are not talking about the second half as old Depot comes up with this deal remember dunk contest of the interest John Wall of the Wizards Disheartened checkup Neil and Jeanette and teams were brought as f-105 Here comes Harden Mines : yes Help me Drummond Lowry Willard and the rosin on a plea on to Put down nine, which is unusual very rare for an all-star game Straight down the lane pains and Durant and others in the league are certainly free to express the political opinion Because social issues with the pillars of this game Spoke out since the beginning of this game not talking about money 41 million dollars for so many kids to go to school You better understand the resume of this young man LeBron says don’t So the ball is deflected out of bounds oh Wait Jenna based on history men’s which user to yes. This is a new school Thanks, thanks, just just on this five and a half hour meaning of the fourth harden played by Durant harden on the drive and score Durant Humphrey thanks pass As he mentioned not like last season these two teams of series Kevin Durant the way, it’s just a little bit less than he does right out the way nice box It’s all good until they face one another well just up a free2play And be played by LeBron too easy It’ll take us right to the run this way in that painted area your office This is where LeBron has the advantage down with Jim be trying to govern about The mismatch of Wooper and be discarded George puts the move on Goodbye indeed you are on an island and you can get embarrassed. He catches up defeated Westbrook $21 16.7 million Kenneth on possession Westbrook gets ahead of a single Davies Now the five sections Kali looking super close

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  2. they had to double team curry to win this game. thought the all star game was supposed to be less defense more offense? #stephhaters

  3. After watching the 2019 all star game, I thought 2018 would be just as awesome. Sadly it wasn't. Too stilted and defensive.

  4. i want to see
    westbrook, irving, durant, lebron, towns
    play together as a team. something beautiful that we havent seen before is going to happen.

  5. Карри и Леброн это нечто. Две легенды баскетбола👍

  6. LBJ and KD are scary but on the other side, Curry on the starting lineup and Dame Dolla off the bench both splashing 3s? Yikes. I’m no warriors fan but I’m not stupid.

  7. I love how Anthony Davis cared about DeMarcus cousins and wore his jersey cause he couldn't play Anthony is a real one

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