Team Singapore win 3 gold medals on Day 1 of SEA Games | 2019 SEA Games Daily Show

Team Singapore had the perfect start to
the SEA Games right here in Manila winning three gold medals on the very first day
namely wushu global and also we have a new ice queen in the form of Chloe Ing.
Chloe of course it’s the second times at the sea games and silver she claimed in
the first round this time around she got Gold. She’s been a traditionally a slow
starter she same thing this time around she was training she was second out of
nine competitors on after the first day of competition but she topped the free
skate scores on the second day and rightfully after so much hard work she’s
gotten gold and we’re all very happy for her I mean my favorite among the three
was of of course floorball I mean seeing both the men’s and women’s go all the
way to the finals they were defending the respective gold medals from 2015 and just as we saw our men had to settle for the silver medal oh you know the women
stepped it up got the job done so kudos to the women you know for for
successfully defending the gold medal and moving on to day two it was overall
a pretty humbling experience for our team SG athletes across the board so
over tennis yeah the both of us we were there we first saw the women’s singles
where Charmaine Seah competed in the quarterfinals against the 3rd seed Chanta Anhisa and even though it was a close battle in the first set the first set
was she lost 7-6 and then in the second I guess you and I both saw that she tried her best. it’s just wasn’t good enough and she ended up losing 6-2 in the second set
it’s so I think yeah I think on overall I think was a good it was a good outing
maybe we should hear what she has to say yeah I think it was a really close match
like especially in the first set like it could have gone either way
and in the tiebreak but I think she stepped up her game a bit more and I was
kind of on the defensive side like she was pushing me back into the court and I
was defending the balls into the middle and I knew that but I feel just trying
to make a change but it didn’t go my way in the first set tomorrow we’re up
against Philippines and I think that both of us have even chance so we’re
definitely gonna try our best and hopefully we can do our best for
Singapore. well we just heard from Charmaine and after that we saw the men’s singles
where Shaheed went up against the Filipino favourite Alberto, what do you think of
their encounter. well I thought Shaheed give it his all and he actually put a pretty good fight and there were movements there where he showed short flashes of brilliance and all, as we have come to expect of Shaheed but and the first set was 7-6 percent. Yeah that’s right So Shahid eventually you know succumb to the home court advantage as
well as the home crowd support because we are back here in philippines manila
yeah yeah well it’s not still not game over for Shahid and Charmaine. We will see them
in the doubles action when they take to the courts tomorrow. And besides tennis
there was another racquet sport that our fellow correspondent John covered, for
badminton so John maybe you want to share a little bit more about what happened over
at badminton. yes today was the semifinals for the team event for both
the men’s and women’s in Singapore faced a very tough opposition of course the
women’s team facing perennial powerhouses Indonesia who are the
runaway regional even global leaders in badminton over the course of history of
course they have over hundred gold medals I believe one hundred and three
gold medals for Badminton in the SEA Games and the next closest rival I
believe Thailand has 30-plus gold medals there or there about. This time around
our badminton, our shuttlers were basically have a very young squad both the men’s
and women’s teams and they put up a good fight I would say, particularly for the
women’s Jaslyn Hooi, rising star that we mentioned at the start of the sea
games she came from behind she was losing her first match and she came from
behind to win to one to two sets to one and but eventually they succumbed 3-1 so
one of the one of the things that was the consistent theme that came about
was the thought of pressure and and the confidence that our our athletes had
because they didn’t have very strong starts to to their matches in fact even
for the doubles for both the men’s and women’s Kean Hean as well and and Terry he
in the in the later half of the day and also in the in the morning with Yu Jia
and the rest but eventually as the course that they wane throughout the
match showed is the common theme of our athletes dealing with that pressure and
the confidence and and ending off finishing off matches as strongly as
they start but all in all I think are still plenty to look forward to for
Badminton there a lot of other that there’s the individuals competitions
happening next week of course they’re taking a break now a few days off to
train and of course to recuperate for the other stuff including mixed doubles
and other stuff that’s coming up. let’s move on to to Netball well you and I
have traveled for one hour yeah for the Causeway rivalry yeah and so what
did you think I mean we saw it needs a crowd of almost 600 evenly matched
you know Singaporeans and Malaysians it was us against the defending gold
medalist that’s rematch this was this was actually the chance for Singapore to
take revenge on the loss of the last SEA games in KL two years ago when we actually lost the
gold medal match to Malaysia but unfortunately it was still not to be.
basically the game was tight up to half time where it was all tight and square. 21 a piece. yeah that’s right and then when you came to the third quarter
you know the Malaysians suddenly stepped it up and then they suddenly pulled away and score by 10. it came to about 10 yeah and then in the fourth quarter we had a
little mini revival of sorts for Team Singapore but it wasn’t to be. yeah so eventually we lost the gold medal match again to
Malaysia yeah the final score was 48-42. We know the
girls were disappointed. Everybody was disappointed. We were disappointed. yeah yeah. Emotions were running high. yeah. exactly. Just to think that they train so hard and they wanted to make it happen this time around right here in Manila just make up for the loss in KL.
yes but the Malaysians were just one step faster we will see what happens in 2021. that’s right then it’s a certainly tough times call
for champions and this is the true measure of champions of course is not
only only when we win but this is the true measure of champions and now we
believe that our team Singapore athletes are really made of championship material
so hopefully they’re gonna bounce back from from this defeat and to build on it
the years to come yeah so he may not have been the best
days for Team Singapore where medals are concerned but still a very good chance
for our athletes to prove their mettle and speaking of medals gold medals
I believe team Singapore is just two gold medals away from a distant historic
mark I believe that’s 900 gold medals at the sea games that’s right and
potentially we could win these two gold medals in a sport that’s happening for
the first time tomorrow we have fencing speed skating as well as bowling so high
chance that these two gold medals could come from these sports yeah. and one event
that I’m really looking forward to is footballers you are facing Vietnam we
know that they are already out there running for the semi finals
so now it’s all about pride that’s right and you know salvaging some some some pride yeah and giving the fans something to cheer about. certainly loss for words as you can tell it but certainly a chance for Fandi’s charges to prove their
critics wrong I mean they have to score there are three games there really is
nothing zero goals your fans at least need to see it’s my one goal. It’s time to score some goals there’s something to cheer about about. And to finish with in third or fourth in the group you know because there are six teams. Third or fourth is still a decent showing all the best to the boys tomorrow. so thank you for
watching and we hope you liked what you saw. don’t forget to Like and subscribe
it’s all getting very exciting back as we head to Day 3 of the sea games don’t
forget to comment and tell us what you think the 900 gold medal will be. thank you. comments below. bye

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