100 thoughts on “Ted Cruz predicts impeachment will end with acquittal, not dismissal in Senate

  1. Shame on you, Ted Cruz! More dragging POTUS through the mud for how long?? It will not go at all the way you are saying here. It will be an abyss and make everyone very miserable. Where's the part where the Congress is working on the things that are important to the betterment of this country?? You should have shut this SCAM down – PERIOD.

  2. Comes now,
    To search your Manhood
    Through all the thankless years
    Edged with dear baught wisdom,
    The judgment of your peers!

  3. Hes guilty of holding Ukraine aid hostage in exchange for political favors jackass the Republicans will pay dearly for there cowardice

  4. When Trump is declared innocent, what are the demonrats going to do with themselves? I predict they will continue in their pathetic attempts to vilify Trump ….they will have forgotten how to actually run a Government

  5. I think it is a disgrace. But do you know what i see. At least ALL the snakey dems past and present, unite and stick together. Where as the republicans are already backstabbing each other. I feel sorry for presisent Trump and any future republican standing for election, because if your own stand in yyour way what chance do you have. Look at paul rand and ilk what a shower of back stabbers. Shame on them.

  6. All the sworn in “witnesses” testifying against President Trump should be charged with perjury and treason. Hung at sunrise.

  7. Ted Cruz tells us something obvious … it is DISGUSTING that this ridiculous impeachment is being taken seriously … WHAT A WASTE OF TIME and EFFORT … surely politicians should be doing something more productive with their time !

  8. Of course it will. It is simply a numbers game, doesn't mean Donald is not guilty, it just means the whole system is corrupt all to hell.

  9. A question to Democrats, mainly Nancy Pelosi….with all these attorney's, and everyone elses time, how much is this un-needed partisan circus costing the US taxpayers?

  10. The senate is not going to dismiss the case against trump because they want an acquittal and complete exoneration of the President

  11. Hey Ted do you remember when Trump insulted you to your face and make fun of your wife? How quickly we forget things. Anything for a dollar right Ted?

  12. If there are enough RINOs that vote to remove Trump there will be a Civill War. I’ve read enough comments over the last three years that I’m convinced this is going to happen, and God help us then

  13. “Duhh. I am pretty face. I have hard time understanding meaning of words. Dis – miss – al. Ac -quit – tal. They end with ‘al”. Sound like same. Duhh.” Poor little pretty boy should be at CNN.

  14. Trump, McConnell and the republicans have shown the world how corrupt our government really is. I’m a Republican and ashamed and embarrassed at the trash that’s on capital hill

  15. This should be dismissed. Ted Cruz and those republicans snakes know that Trump didn’t do anything wrong, yet they want his name smeared with impeachment. Power trip pieces of trash. They have no rights to do this to us. Ted Cruz admited Trump has committed no crimes, case closed dismissed!! They are weakening Trumps image around the world, they are weakening America around the world. Shame on all of them. Everyone in the house and Senate should be removed. Traitors, all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. My question is about justice Roberts who almost always sides with democrats. Is he simply going to ask those questions or is he going to allow the dem spin during the questioning? I personally don't trust Roberts. I find him to be the antithisis of a constitutionalist!

  17. Considering this impeachment is based on a made up charge (obstruction of congress) that doesn't exist in any law book. This dismissal will come quickly by default.

  18. Don't be so trusting of Cruz and crew..remember the debates 2016…Paul..Cruz etc..still dislike Trump…I predict this is a Coup on both sides or this couldn't go on….

  19. The left are guilty of all accusations they imposed on Trump! I believe they fear the tables will be turned on THEM during this trial and the TRUTH of the BIDENS will be exposed!
    Its the only reason nutty Nancy has delayed all this time!

  20. Senators Sanders, Warren, Klobachur, Booker and Harris should be disqualified from voting in the Senate trial, as their sitting in judgment would be a at least a conflict of interest, if not abuse of power. If they cared about the Constitutional process, they would recuse themselves.

  21. This whole thing is a sham and a big nothing burger ! The people are watching! We need to start donating to the opposition come voting times of every rino!

  22. So once he's found not guilty will they take the democrat party to court to reclaim all the millions of tax payers money they have wasted

  23. Ted Cruz is the best example of a cheat, a law breaker, a punk and self serving pompous jerk!! But I'll keep to myself how I really feel about him. He was born in Canada therefore SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!! Trump called his wife ugly and he defended her by saying "Don't talk about my wife🥺" During the debate he should have invited Trump outside😡!! Also he's another republican who would complete dump Obamacare and leave millions without healthcare with his only plan being to give insurance company execs more money to NOT cover people!! Yachts are expensive you know!! But his supporters die by the hundreds because they can't afford a policy 🤪 Everytime he speaks, no matter what the subject you'd swear George Washington just crossed the Delaware hand in jacket! This after being asked where's the rest

  24. Pelosi really needs to retire. You can tell she has dementia. She can't even talk in a sentence form without changing the subject. Shes 79 years old. No one that old needs to be in the white house anyway. Look what she and her son has done including Biden his son. They need to be punish for selling out America! Democrats are just pure evil they are not for the people or America at all either. You see our rights slowly getting taken away by Democrats and people just sit and watch as if it wont affect them. Well see how america will be in 10 years from now if Democrats has there way. One world government.

  25. That’s like saying I know my friend will get the job. When I’m the one interviewing. I seriously dislike politics. It’s not about the its all self interest.

  26. Cruz is not to be trusted,,, it is not the Senate's job to have a trial and witnesses, that should have all been done in the lower House.

  27. I used to like Bill Hemmer but, since Trump took office he sounds more and more like a Chris Wallace wanna be. Takes himself way to seriously.

  28. This reporter sounds like an idiot democrat. He asks a question and when it's answered he repeats the question. Amateur.

  29. So why go through the process when it is obvious that the articles do not meet the standard of constitutionality?
    Dismiss it on DAY 1!!!

  30. Coup d'état
    A coup d'état, also known by its German name putsch, or simply as a coup, is the overthrow of an existing government by non-democratic means; typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a dictator, the military, or a political faction

  31. Has The Speaker of House correctly interpreted the articles of the Constitution to carry the impeachment process forward? If so what are the consequences?

  32. These are not legitimate charges! To dignify these delusions with a legitimate trial, would set a preposterous, and very dangerous precedent! Dangerous not only to these Federal proceedings, but to every American that someone has a disagreement with. Imagine being issued a summons which subjects you to a trial and potential prosecution, without any charges of criminality. You would expect the judge to dismiss the proceeding for lack of merit. It's the same thing. The U.S. Senate cannot become the venue for Kangaroo Courts! They have real work to do!

  33. When Rome Burned The Fiddler Was Nero When The US Burns Bill Kristol & Netanyahoo And Trumps Son In Law Who Just Might Be The Antichrist Will Play A Violin And A Trombone I Guess Who Knows 🙂

  34. "I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you. In you, all of the nations of the earth will be blessed." Genesis 12:3 YHVH's Commanded, Eternal, Irrevocable Blessing

  35. We need a Law which will prevent this nonsense in the future. Call it "The Law of Responsible Actions". I suggest something like this. Anyone proven to have brought false, malicious charges before the Court, shall bear the maximum penalty they sought to incur upon the defendant.

  36. Remember these snakes next time you go vote!
    Lisa Murkowsi-Alaska
    Susan Collins- Maine
    Mitt Romney- Utah , that was the multi- loser butthurt presidential past candidate! Vote them out ! !

  37. How can someone face charges simply because you don't like him ? The Dems already said after this they will now go after money laundering .. this will never end ..

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