Temples and Paragliding at Phetchaburi, Thailand

good morning guys this time I follow a
bunch of paragliding buddies into Phetchaburi which is in Thailand we are about two hours south of… south west of Bangkok the wind conditions are amazing for flying long distances so a couple of them are flying and some are also doing some sightseeing and I did a little bit of both take a look I’ve rented a
motorcycle along with Jon here and now we are going to try to find some temples and touristy things to do so here we go this is the first stop of our day we’ve reached a place called Wat Khoi and show you some of the images around this place so
luckily when we came here there was a Thai gentleman who decided to guide us in what we need to do in these temple rituals and right now we are following
him in we’ve taken off our shoes thank you so much for your
help Enjoy your trip Have a nice day Thank you, bye bye. oh very nice guy. and now we’ve come to
this temple called the Wihara Phranon it has got a very very very long lying
sleeping buddha and really impressive it looks almost as big as or is even bigger
than the one in Bangkok I also noticed a couple of these other deities of Ganesha and some Hindu Saints so that was interesting this stop is at Wat Khao Ban Dai It and it has a monumental sitting Buddha at the top of the hill and so we go take a
look at that so I just learned that though Wat Khao Ban Dai Khao Ban Dai It Khao Ban Dai It So I just learned that the Wat Khao Ban Dai It is not just about the
monumental sitting buddha at the top but it is also the place where one of the monks was a teacher to the 4th Dalai Lama and I suppose that’s what interesting about this place my friend
Jon here has bought an amulet from the temple in there Sarapee told me Nong Pho Daeng amulet is to protect you from accidents and after a long hike to the top we
finally reach the sitting buddha this place is still under like kind of
construction but the views from up here they’re totally amazing now we are the Khao Luang caves and we’ve been joined by Ohga and Siew Yong oh yes so many beehives here so watch it yes
lots of beehives. stung my lips again so John has already been bitten by has already been stung by a bee yesterday right on his lip right here show us show us show us come come oh and there are a lot of beehives whoa okay take a look at this You guys go in first Oh its beautiful! is it? Wah so deep okay can’t see it on the camera
yet but as we go further in hey Jon what do you think of this place Awesome! Cool! You can’t miss it!

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