Tennessee Tech Baseball Press Conference – 2018 Oxford Regional (06-0318)

Alright Coach will you start us off with opening comments? Yeah, I just you know, our guys fought and this guy right here pitched a whale of a game. And it was fun to watch. I think that’s the fastest game, by far we played this year, two hours and 15 minutes, and it was at a time that it was much needed to be a fast game after a long day. But I’m proud of our guys, a tough loss to bounce back from and they did a great job to get us our 50th win on the year. Questions? Coach, you mentioned bouncing back, you had an emotional loss to Ole Miss, and then immediately bounced back, what allowed you to do that? I think it’s – I mean honestly Alex set the tone on the mound, when you get good pitching like that and play good defense, it makes things pretty easy because you saw we were a little flat offensively. I think we got five hits, but to their credit their young man threw a whale of a game, as did the guy out of the bull pen. So, but you know our guys really fought and again Hursey filled his own up big time. Coach, you’re the first team in the history of the OBC to win 50 games. What’s so special about this (inaudible)? Oh that’s awesome man, that’s great. I’m proud of these guys. It’s an incredible group of young men to coach. These guys are just special, the leadership that they have, the maturity, the experience that they all bring. I couldn’t be more proud of these guys and they’ve got more fight left in them. They’re ready to go tomorrow. And Alex, what allowed you to be so successful throwing a complete game? I thought today, what made me most successful was getting ahead of guys, just working ahead with the fast ball and then once I got second and third time through the lineup putting the breaking ball in, just getting ahead of hitters. Coach I know you’d like to have asked for, you know, getting a complete game, but since he got it how does that help you knowing you may have two games you got to work through tomorrow? Well, that’s huge. I mean there is no doubt about it, when you can get a complete game out of a guy and save your bullpen. Roberts we had our best guy out of the pen, we had him down there pretty much hot, but he never did have to come in the game and so that’s huge. And yeah, I mean, it’s just more bullets available for tomorrow, which is huge. I know if I’m Ole Miss or whoever it would be, you’re wanting this game to be long, drawn out, ten guys being used on both sides, so we were thankful only one guy was used. Alex, is there a different mindset knowing that your team needed some longevity out of you? No, I was just going to go as long as I could, give the best start I could possibly give, and just took it off from there and luckily I had a complete game today. Was this your best outing? Or one of your best outings of the season? Yeah I feel it was my best, I had another complete game at Belmont but I felt this one was a lot better because I gave up ten hits on that game, so I was able to make more swing and miss pitches today. Coach, have you even thought about what you do from a starting pitching perspective tomorrow? It’s rolled through my head, but I have not, I have not really given it that much thought. We haven’t even decided whether we’re taking batting practice or in out tomorrow. So, if I were to give you off the cuff answer, Devin Lancaster to start, would be what I’d throw at you right now. But that can’t be put in concrete because I don’t know for sure. We may go Johnny Holstaff tomorrow. What do you do with a guy like Moths who’s probably, he’s going to want the ball tomorrow. How do you kind of approach that? Yeah, that’s really – it’s really tough, you know, he’s a young man that came back for his senior year, he did not get drafted last year, but was getting phone calls and he basically told them, “Listen it’s not what I want, I want to go back and play my senior year at Tennessee Tech.” So he’s a college guy, he is sold out to the great University of Tennessee Tech. He will want the ball tomorrow and it is difficult as a coach, because the guy threw 90 pitches yesterday. So you’re kind of like, well you got to look out for the wellbeing of the young man, because the young man has a future. We got a couple – as matter of fact, we got a couple guys which for Ole Miss may not be a big – we got a couple guys pitching in the big leagues right now. I think Moths is every bit of them and that’s not a knock on them; okay? They’re very good obviously. So you got to be a little bit smart as a coach, but he’s going to want the ball. He’s a college guy. He’ll probably get the ball at some point for some length of time, it’s just a matter of how long we go. We’ll be careful, we always are. Brennon caught 18 innings today, possibly 18 innings tomorrow. what does he got bring to your attention? It’s amazing. That young man is absolutely an amazing young man. You guys can see it just watching him. I mean, early in the game today, the first game of the day against Ole Miss, he was not himself, it’s different for our guys, guys. Because once they get used to it after a couple innings, they settle in, it’s fine. But, he was even a little uptight early, but then he hit that homerun and kind of settled in and he’s just so consistent and it’s what you want behind the plate; leadership, not an incredibly vocal leader, but just a great leader. Guys are watching this guy after 18 innings, block balls, getting dirty, eating dust, and he’s going to do it again tomorrow. He will always tell you, “Coach, I’m fine, I’m ready to go” And man what a message that sends to the rest of the guys because they know they’re not working as hard as that catcher has to. Coach, Nick was getting heckled by the fans out there, the student section and then he comes out and hits two homeruns. What do you think about his performance in particular? Nick is Nick, now I’m telling you Nick is one of the best gamers I’ve ever been around. And people, you know, from opponents may not like him, Nick’s a joy to coach, because you know he’s a guy that can come through in the clutch. He’s a clutch player for us and has been really honestly his whole career. And so I love Nick and he doesn’t mind the heckling at all, I think it’s good for him sometimes. Right and then you push Ole Miss to the break, you get within one run, what’s got to be the key to getting over the hump tomorrow? Well, you know, I think again, it’s going to come down to pitching and defense. You know, I was telling Mark Wilson our athletic director earlier today and he actually was the one maybe saying it, but the crowd played a factor in that game that maybe is missed some. But there’s a ball that got by Benny and no one could yell to him where it was. We had another play where our second baseman should have been heads up and looked home, and he’s a great player but he didn’t, he got caught in the moment and kind of – and everyone’s yelling four, everyone’s yelling for him, he couldn’t hear them. And so the crowd played a huge factor, and I’m not trying to amp them up for tomorrow. We’ll take it and we’ll be better for it, but the crowd played a factor in today’s game, no question about it. And matter of fact, the other play, what about the play where Provey comes set, your guy takes – or the guy from Ole Miss takes third and no one heard him. So their guy, I should say. So yeah. Anything else? Thank you gentlemen. Thank you.

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