Testimonial: MRF, ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2015 Augmented Reality TOUR

Hello this is Basheer Ahmed, from WizCraft International Entertainment I work as Vice President. I had this unique opportunity to work with AugRay. People who are into augmented reality. We thought of a unique activity where,
we could get someone like Virat Kohli or Shikar Dhawan who are brand ambassadors of MRF Obviously you can’t get them to the public
where they will have a chance to take a photograph (with fans). Not everybody gets that kind of opportunity.
So we thought, let’s make it easier. This year, across India, what we thought was
we would use augmented reality in a way where you could stand along with
the cup, and the brand ambassador either Virat Kohli or Shikar Dhawan this was up to you, your choice. And, you could take a snap with him, which
was uploaded also on your Facebook. You could also save it on your phone.
It would be as good as the real thing. Smiles, fun, and laughter across the length and
breadth of the country Reaching thousands of people, all age groups,
etc. This is a big thank you to AugRay, the MRF
family, and all our clients who supported and believed in us; especially MRF who trusted
in us to deliver. It was really a great experience and I wish
them (AugRay) all the best, very best. We will continue working with them.

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