Thapki Pyar Ki – 7th January 2017 – थपकी प्यार की – Full Episode HD

Suman, I am not doing all this
for myself, but for all of you. Otherwise, I won’t mind
living in the cowshed. Suman, I don’t want to
make you all homeless. I’ve lost the house
by deceit once. We have an opportunity
to win it and you… …wish to take it away fraudulently! How can you forget that
it isn’t just a house? It is our life. How can you forget that
it is our conscience? It is our dignity, honor
and everything for us. How can you forget that? Fine. I’ll conclude
the match right now. Bihaan!
– Bihaan! Stop, Bihaan. Actually, it is my fault. I was really scared. That’s why I opted for this
inappropriate task. Suman stopped me, but… …I am at fault. I am sorry. Even I am guilty
for the same, Bihaan. Instead of stopping her… …I accompanied her
in this wrongdoing. Forgive me, Bihaan. I will not repeat it again. Trust me. Bihaan, we are very sorry. We’ll play the game
honestly, now. We will get back our
awesome bungalow. How, Priti? How can I trust you both? Bihaan, accept it.
– Bihaan. We don’t want it.
– We don’t want it. Give us another chance. Let us get our house back. I am glad, my mom
told me everything… …otherwise Kabir and you were
planning to win by deceit. But, listen to me very carefully,
Mrs. Thapki Katiyal… …my victory is not for sale
like my honesty. I will win and
take back my house, too. Yes, Bihaan. Even I wished for the same. That’s why
I told this to mom. Your victory is not for sale. My victory lies in your victory. Now, you will have
to win this game. Come what may. I welcome you all,
after the drinks break. Well, everyone is
looking refreshed. What is this? There’s a renewed
hope in Preeti and Suman. There’s a new spark
seen on their faces. Where did this come from? No matter whatever has
happened, it’s for the best. So now, we’ll start this
fight with a new spark. The fight to win. That fight which is about,
‘Thapki of love.’ Dhruv has scored a boundary. With this Dhruv Pandey’s
individual score is 10. And their team, which is… …Thapki’s team gets 80 runs. Yes! Dhruv Pandey is out. Shame on you, Kabir. You were saying that I’ll
cheat you and praise Bihaan. But, look at yourself.
You’ve cheated… …by giving a bribe
to Preeti and Suman. Don’t worry. Now, you wont
be able to cheat anyone. Neither me,
Bihaan or my family. Now, in the middle of the
ground, Captain Thapki and… …Kabir are having a
heated conversation. It seems that Captain Thapki… …is saying something to Kabir. Maybe, this is necessary. By the way, I must tell you. I’m playing this game honestly
with you, so I hope… …that you will also
play a fair game. Otherwise, evil is
always defeated. I’m not bad, it’s… …Bihaan who’s bad, who… …has done this to my sister. He’ll have to lose
this match and… …I’ll throw and his
family out of this house. Now, we have on the field… …Balwinder… …the senior Mr. Pandey. Preeti is going to bowl to him. He’s straight away hit
a six to long on! Yeah! Howwzat! With this, Thapki’s team
total has become 100 runs. Now, 7 people in Thapki’s team… …are out, it means
7 wickets are down. Kabir is still there
at the crease. But as Thapki is retired
hurt, she can’t play. That’s why, I think this innings… …will end right now. Thapki. Are you sure? Can you play? Kabir, I wasn’t
in a position to play. But now, I am fine. And besides… …I am not a cheater like you. I play honestly. I will play honestly. All the best! Thapki said, she is feeling
better, so she will play. She is on the ground.
Now, let’s see… …whether love wins or not. 20 overs are done, now only 5
overs remain. Thapki has fulfilled her
responsibility… …as a captain very well. She is playing even
when she is hurt. Let’s see… …if Thapki makes
50 runs or not. Thapki, I dare you
to make 50 runs. It’s a bomb, not a ball. It will blast the moment,
it will touch your bat. Then, forget about making runs… …you won’t be
able to get up. Nobody can take Bihaan from me. Bihaan is ready to bowl. It’s another big chance for
Thapki’s team. Let’s see if Thapki makes 50 runs
or not. Bihaan threw the ball… …and the ball is flying towards
Thapki and… Thapki! What happened? – Are you alright?
– My hand. Let me see. What happened?
– What is all this? Rub her hands. They got
numb because of the jolt. Are you okay? Are you hurt? That’s odd. The ex-husband
is showing affection… …and the current husband
is just watching. Are you okay? Move away. First, you hurt
her and then you do all this. I said, I didn’t do anything. I
don’t know how… It’s Thapki’s mistake. She hit it so hard that the ball
exploded and fell on the stumps. Now, she is run out. Am I right, Umpire?
– Thapki can’t be out. This happened because
of the exploding ball. Whatever it is, a rule is a rule.
Thapki is out. She is out in an attempt to
make 50 runs. Sankar, don’t look at
the one run which… …Thapki couldn’t make, but… …look at the 49 runs
which she has already made. Her team has scored
200 runs altogether. Your team will need to
make 201 runs to… …defeat her team and
that too, tomorrow. That’s because the remaining game
will be played tomorrow, right? It doesn’t matter what the
score is, our team will win. I mean, Bihaan’s team. Aditi, catch! Shraddha, what are you doing?
– What do you mean? I threw the ball towards you,
but you failed to catch it. Aditi, when you can’t handle a
ball, how will you handle Dhruv? That too, in front of an
experienced bowler like me? Dhruv… – Don’t you remember?
Even your sister… …was clean bowled by me. Then, you can’t face me! Was that fun for you? Ouch! One should never underestimate
the opponent, Shraddha. And if… …if you try to interfere
between me and Aditi… …then, you’ll get clean bowled. Dhruv!
– Shut up! If you try to harm
Aditi in any way… …then, you’ll have to
face me after that. Listen to me. You’ll get to see an example
of that tomorrow itself… …at the playground. So, see you on the field. Come prepared! Aditi, please don’t feel
offended by Shraddha’s words. I’m with you. Just take a little care of
yourself in tomorrow’s game. You shouldn’t get
harmed in any way. Neither should
our baby get harmed. ‘What happened? Are
you okay, Thapki?’ ‘Did you get hurt?’ Bihaan, see what I’ve brought! You have to become
Dhoni, tomorrow… …and defeat our opponents. Anyway, we need to
run relentlessly… …and complete a massive
total of 201 runs! Fours and sixes will
rain down, continuously! We’ll make so many runs
that the opposing… …team will be defeated badly!
Isn’t it? Bihaan! Did you understand what
I just said to you? We will win this match. Nobody can snatch
Thapki from me. Thapki, or the house? This house is yours, Bihaan. But Thapki isn’t yours… …she’s with Kabir. She’s his wife. So, how can you snatch
somebody else’s wife? Bihaan! How dare you touch me? Don’t even try to come close to me. How will I help
if I don’t touch you? Thapki, please! By the way, you supported
me well during the match. If not for you… …making 200 runs
wasn’t possible. Really, I mean it. You played real well. Yes! That’s because I don’t
know to cheat like you. That’s the reason. Hopefully, this should
recover by tomorrow. Don’t worry. It’s you who needs to
worry now, Kabir. That’s because, my Bihaan… …will win this match,
and get this house, from you. Let’s wait for tomorrow. For today… …won’t you thank
me for this help? I know you won’t. You’ve been with an arrogant
person for so long. It’s all due to that. Mind your language. I told you earlier, too. I will not hear anything
against my Bihaan. I knew it, Kabir… …that just like every day,
you’d go out today too. That’s the reason… …when you were in the
washroom… …I put this tracking
device in your jacket. Now, you will see. I’ll know of all the
places that you go to… …and where you are at. I’ll get to your secret today. I’ll get back my life… …and my Bihaan.

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  1. guy's ye sharada PE muje taras AA Raha hai
    aur aditi pe bahut ziada ghussa ye sali in dono ke beech main aayi hai

  2. inshallah bihaan win this match and only thapki and bihaan best couple in the world no any more I hate kabir and sankar

  3. i think kabir or thapki ki chemistry bhi achi rahay gi lakin is stupid shankar or sharadha ko koi ghar say nikal do ……….dramay mai twist to lao…

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  6. Sankar itu pura tdk tau alsannya kabir psdahal dia sobek bola dia isi bom wasi harus selidiki bihan tdk memperhatikan sankar itu licik jahat pembohong pencuri bogkaaaaaaar kejahatanya please

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