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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
June the 30th 2019 strong hand long-term thinking be unique be style your wealth
in Bitcoin having high I’m confiscating all your home for Bitcoin insider
information offended by selling alright people check out the links below Fridays
this week in Bitcoin show was awesome with GG and Benny and Steve barber
talking about mining in Canada GG talking about what was that term in the
digital hygiene oh my god that was awesome
also check out yesterday’s beyond beyond Bitcoin show that was all always fun so
disrupt meister comm tech ball comm sports meister calm te c HB alt on
twitter and speaking of twitter I wanted to say that I’ll get to that in a second
retweet I have a funny old video of mine I put out there I’ll describe it in a
second though but I wanted to say tomorrow Monday I’m gonna be on the road
getting back to Baltimore my flight just changed that’s why this video was
delayed so tomorrow show is gonna be it’s gonna be different it’s going to be
talking about how to get some of these crypto dividends that maybe you haven’t
claimed yet and to do it on the cigar dough wallet it’ll be a step-by-step you
won’t even see my face for those of you who don’t need fancy sets and graphics
well they’ll be graphics so pound that like button people so it’s gonna be a
little bit of a different show and then I might have an extra show before you
finally see me back with the regular one Bitcoin show on Tuesday but of course a
new show here every day so tomorrow there will be a new show and it’s just
gonna be a little bit different and I happen to have already recorded it so
mr. haddle has a tweet here Fiat addicts you to spend
Bitcoin addicts you the savings and to saving and someone replied to that this
is so true never in my life did I ever save money before a Bitcoin found that
like button ID like I like to hear that people who have gotten in the Bitcoin
have become savers and it has changed that mentality has gotten livid that
those impulsive behaviors of spend spend spend because it did indeed Fiat does
addicted to spending and it’s gonna keep on addicting people spending and it’s
not going away anytime soon so if you’re in a spending addict
you’ll have your drug of choice out there all this time and guys just
because that drug of choice is still out there
doesn’t mean Bitcoin isn’t an awesome thing there’s a lot of you to think ooh
we got to get rid of Fiat that’ll be the true success of Bitcoin ooh you know you
you you you think Fiats gonna be around oh you’re not a true Bitcoin er come on
come on Fiat you if you’re the Bitcoin overlay
like the 80 percenters do what they’re gonna do with the Fiat let them spend
let them get their hits you become addicted to savings don’t worry about
what other people are doing doing control your own destiny personal
responsibility is the new counterculture savings is part of this counterculture
be part of the counterculture and you will be in good shape it’s it’s treating
me there it’s treating me well Bitcoin has been very very good found
out like but it should be very very good to you get addicted to savings it’s a
saving and by the way I mean it’s a stronger it’s a strong word but I think
I think you get the point sometimes we gotta go strong on this show you know
strong hand like button all right Charlton said today I finished my first
48 hour fast thank you for the inspiration strong hand dude I’m so
happy to hear that I just finished eating a few hours ago
and again I’m gonna be on a plane ride and I gotta do take care or some really
annoying stuff in Baltimore with my driver’s license and I’ve calculated it
all out I’m not gonna eat again until July 4th I’m in I’m at the beginning of
an 84 hour fast count that like button remember once or twice a year you want
to go at least 72 hours – supposedly restart the immune system and perhaps a
guard against cancer hey it’s good I feel good after it I’m doing it
long-term thinking for and cancer restarting the immune system
we shall see you know when on 84 years old if it worked out town that like
button alright moving on so I talked about Monday show I talked about
Friday’s amazing so Gigi is a really smart smart dude I’m glad that I got to
debut him and debut Steve Barber another very smart dude
and it’s a unique this week in Piqua so check it out and of course benny is also
as always awesome buddy you can see him all the time on his his channel also be
TC sessions so another tweet don’t bear don’t and this is really good advice
people I’ve said this before but this is coming from six-six 102 Bitcoin he gives
all sorts of advice don’t buy a hardware wallet from Amazon you risk buying a
fake and it’s a privacy leak hey dudes you should know better than to do that
people have asked me about that but if you check out this tweet you’ll see all
the scary reasons you’ll get scared straight if you still consider doing it
just by straight from where your hard work from traceur or or a directly from
a reseller that is known like a MW what’s that what’s that uh HW wallet
dot-com HW wallet comm is that way that’s my buddy here I had my aha I
never said on my affiliate link with him again he’s a great dude he’s in he’s in
Southern California I’m only in Southern California for I’ll be out of here in 24
hours I’ll be on a plane are less than 24 hours so yeah you’ll see me in
Baltimore soon enough East Coasters and then on to Israel to Tel Aviv I’ll be
there July 11th I’m really looking I’m looking forward to everything and of
course Australia October 17th we’ll talk more about that as it gets closer but
but I’m bringing up Australia right now because there’s a lot of Australians
watching right now if you’re watching this live because it is I this show is
so late I had to give the Alaskan time to keep it on June the 30th it started
at 11:30 in Anchorage ok 11:30 p.m. June 30th in Anchorage hello Anchorage hello
Australia where it’s like a completely another day so yeah we’re entering July
right now so happy July and all my live chatters out there if
you’ve got a question typing bitcoinmeister I forgot to say that
sorry also give shoutouts people typing bitcoinmeister say where you are yeah
give me give me a reason to go visit you this is since it’s such a late show here
I’m doing a little something different give me a shout-out where you guys are
if you type in bitcoinmeister in your location I’ll I’ll shout it out and who
knows maybe in 2020 I will visit you because basically at 2019 the rest of
2019 is pretty much planned in 2020 I have a lot more freedom where I can go
because the mourning period will be over in October of this year but of course I
have plans I’m scheduled all the way till
Thanksgiving in Australia so uh all right where we got here I talked about
Monday and oh yeah here something that I have on my Twitter and a lot of you have
noticed I’ve been tweeting out little video clips of old videos of mine and so
I’ve got one from June of 2015 out there now I’ll link to it below retweet it
it’s about Bitcoin not blockchain that’s what I believe
but back then people were saying blotching not Bitcoin and I straight up
rip it apart and that was in June 2015 I knew that blockchain not bit that
Bitcoin was a complete joke you can check it out yourself it’s linked to
below retweet it I’m having a lot of fun putting those videos out there
hey and someone says I’m Anchorage Adam hey free loving free loving Mattel says
he’s in Anchorage oh cool I have been Anchorage since 2014 that I really liked
it it was a little weird that it was like still light at 10:30 at night until
I went to Bergen Norway where it was even much worse than that how you get so
disoriented in June but yeah I was in June of 2014 I was in Anchorage and June
of 2018 I was in Bergen Norway Jordan Scott said bitcoinmeister come to China
seriously it’s awesome dude Jordan I not going to China I go I don’t
like the kid track of everything you know they take a picture when you land
there and then you get you get ingrained in their facial
the mission network now I really don’t want to get I I I’m I feel like I was a
target they’re almost I I just I would feel quite limited
it’s totalitarian I mean I would I loved seeing these videos of how moderate
looks they’re you know they’ve got their own way going over there
that’s not my way I did like the I went to Hong Kong which is controlled by
China which is and of course I went to Taiwan and I will I love to go to Taiwan
account which is an enemy of China and I like Taiwan I look they’re free they’re
not a communist nation but thank you for the invite Jordan sky no you got to do
what you got to do over there and everything in again not every country’s
for every person right now the way the things I’ve heard about China it’s not
for me it’s someone says China is not a good idea for bitcoiners and Qadir says
that and III agree with them and I’m I’m definitely a Bitcoin er and they’ve
really got a smart grid system there and they really might be able to identify me
for who I am actually and I yeah I’m not worth the risk for me not worth it
you get anyway moving on moving on I’m gonna talk about China right now
actually in a second Jordan well first of all Marty Ben I want to save us share
this tweet of Marty bent by the way this week in America everyone is taking off
because July 4th is Thursday Americans are so freaking wealthy that you just
they don’t need to work why work we’ll just take the whole week you know in the
old days people would shake off on July 4th then if it was on a Thursday well it
gave me take off July 4th and 5th and the last few years it’s just like take
off the whole darn week so so many people are taking off the all thorne
week if you can really afford to do that that is great I think you know why work
if you don’t have to work I guess but I think some people they might just feel
entitled to you know take off a work and then they complain the rest of the year
like why am I not making enough money well you’re on vacation all the time and
you know work hard make money come on you don’t take off but so Bergen it’s
gonna be weird this week that the Bitcoin I I don’t I don’t
it’ll be affected by smaller things I don’t think Americans
be trading this weekend and this whole week coming up so this is gonna be like
a holiday week it should be very interesting to see so I mean maybe the
Asians will take advantage of it or the Europeans I have no idea but it should
be a little different than usual it’s not gonna be a normal week coming up so
I mean for those of you who don’t know that July 4th is coming up it is so
Thursday and Friday especially should be dead but we will have shows every day of
the week I’m I’m doing a show on Thursday I’m definitely doing this week
in Bitcoin on Friday and don’t know what time yet so Marty Ben said be wary of
people who price their favorite altcoin in u.s. dollars instead of Bitcoin
they’re hiding under performance yeah I don’t even know some of the hall corners
even know they’re doing it Marty I don’t even know I I mean a savvy one who’s
trying to convince you to buy his all coin yeah of course you’ll he’ll list if
you’ll never list it in Bitcoin but some alt pointers are just so naive they
don’t know that you should be valuing your wealth in Bitcoin they don’t know
they they they’re totally mesmerized by a whoo it’s so cheap it’s it’s only a
few cents and it just went up all but up so much and it’s going to be the next
big coin because it’s you know Bitcoin used to be a few cents and it went up so
it’s at eleven thousand now so clearly mine will be that and again you’re
better off holding Bitcoin valuing your wealth and Bitcoin Bitcoin beats all
these guys in the long run it really really does short term some of them I
mean you know what you know if you want it’s your fault if you get into it and
you think you know you saw well that’s a coin X there it’s been beating Bitcoin
it has been going up in terms of value in terms of Bitcoin let me get into it
now and then it doesn’t anymore that’s usually what happens and you’ll
learn the hard way I guess but hey Marty Ben is trying to tell you – Val yor what
the big point I’ve been trying to tell you guys to do that all right
we’re going to get to back in a second so okay one of the theories about the
price of a Bitcoin jumping in terms of Fiat for all your Fiat freaks out there
is that many people in China are getting worried about the government because of
what they’ve done in Hong Kong and and some other instability issues within
mainland China and I’m not gonna get into all the stuff but
you know you on issues and that a lot of it might be caused by Hong Kongers that
are buying up a Bitcoin to protect them and again I’ve advice from Hong Kong to
do this clearly be the Iron Fist of China might be a pounding on Hong Kong
soon but this is all theoretical stuff and what I really and people are writing
about it and it’s a good theory what I would love to see is you know for for
for this to actually make a difference if there are lots of people in Hong Kong
and China buying up Bitcoin there’s gotta be some proof somewhere
okay it can’t just be a couple of people a couple of smart people like the one
like point one percent of the Hong Kongers that’s not gonna really do it
all right it’s gonna be happy to have to be something noticeable and the way I
have heard they’re all these Chinese you know internet groups and email lists or
whatever all these social media things that I am NOT a part of okay I don’t
know what their names are even in China if someone could to understand Mandarin
or whatever could get on there and find a group where it’s specifically
instructing China sorting newbies like okay you need to buy Bitcoin you go here
you do it at this time and the Americans are sleeping and just just like a
step-by-step thing that would kind of leaks you know show like why we’ve had
some of these pumps in the middle of the night at really weird times and it would
it would it would give credence to the theory okay and you know there there is
something to this theory and I’m sure there are people in China and Hong Kong
that are buying it but to me to bring the price up as much as has been brought
up there I really think there’d have to be some proof out there some like
instructions and like large groups of people because they’re all these all
calling pump groups out there that explain okay we’re gonna buy this all
coin on this day you’re gonna pump it then we’re gonna sell it okay and you
can do that pretty easily with an on it might be like a group of ten twenty
three people or something like that so the equivalent
do this the Bitcoin would have to be multiple groups multiple people teaching
each other study there had to be some proof left behind it couldn’t be totally
secret so I again maybe there’s such a disconnect between the english-speaking
mainstream Bitcoin culture that theorizes about this stuff and the
Chinese speaking culture that actually needs Bitcoin there must be there might
be such a disconnect and we can’t really like monitor that then we can’t find the
proof because we don’t know that that that language management so ok enough
about that I do think for this for them that for the theory to be true that they
are making the huge difference in the price there would have to be some real
obvious proof out there and I haven’t seen it but again it just might be and
maybe it isn’t a bunch of them maybe it’s just some of the smartest ones out
there getting into it’s a combination of a lot of other factors too and so for me
I know I don’t really worry about it too much you know why bitcoins going up I
know in the long run it is the soundest of money it is a way to protect your
wealth it is a way to get your wealth out of uncomfortable situations it is
unconscious capable and people want one to guard their wealth from confiscation
from all third territory authoritarian regimes so good luck on Khan my friend was telling me I I asked a
friend and I’ve referenced his friend before he he likes to he knows I had
Bitcoin and he’s always happy when he hears Bitcoin does even though he’s no I
told him about Bitcoin in the year 2013 I told him the bought pie in 2013 and he
just gets a kick out of how well it does because he knows I own it so I wanted to
check in with him and see what was the last thing he heard about Bitcoin and
he’s a guy I’ve been busy lately and I heard it was like 93 hundred dollars or
something like that and he said and there’s some date that’s gonna come up
when Satoshi reveals himself like a having or sighs oh okay yeah no
confusion that second part but what I did notice is that he had
really heard about it going over $10,000 and back in the the days of 2017 late
2017 he was hearing about everything everything everything so the
mainstreamers out there they’re not hearing about this as much as last time
so this this event whatever you want to call it this this hike the hype is not
reaching the mainstream to the same level as it did back in 2017 which is
good there’s still potential there’s potential that means so many people
haven’t heard about it now part of the reason I wonder that they’re not hearing
about it is because maybe they’re just uh
80 percenters are just getting inundated too much with that election stuff
because we’re closer to the election than we were in 2017 also there’s
there’s much more election nonsense being thrown out there and there’s only
so much nonsense that 80 percenters can take and it’s unfortunate so they’re
getting distracted maybe the my fear here is they’re getting distracted by
the election stuff and not here you know not reading some of these mainstream
articles about Bitcoin going over 10,000 and of course there just are not as many
Bitcoin mainstream Bitcoin articles as last time either I’m pretty sure so
because they’d rather write about Bernie Sanders who knows that’s the nature of
the mainstream that’s why you got to be part of the counterculture where you can
immediately find useful articles and not get caught up in worrying about some
someone promising to pay off your debt state you know you should take
responsibility of your own debts all right watch more about that on Saturday
show and pound that like button I want to mention that Chris my buddy Chris at
MWC member Wimble coin he watched Friday’s show and you know we
were talking about privacy on the base layer of Bitcoin or on the second layer
and Chris again says he is an article on the MWC MW site stating why he believes
that minimal Wimble should be implemented on the base layer the
Bitcoin needs privacy on the base layer if you’re interested in that kind of
thing you can check out his the link below but even if you’re not interested
in that kind of thing click on that link below so you can register for the end of
see airdrop so you can get this free member Wimble flavor of the month coin
for free because you’re a Bitcoin holder it is a crypto dividend of Bitcoin is an
airdrop for Bitcoin holders that register for it
by 20 by July 19th again for the newbies on the show you hold Bitcoin you get
interest on your Bitcoin if you control your own private key you don’t keep it
at coin base and do not sense things like that you can register for air drops
you can get these Forks again tomorrow show is about claiming some Forks but a
lot of people in the main again a lot a lot of people who get into Bitcoin are
80 percenters our main streamers just wanna you know they think bitcoin knows
all about trading and flipping and getting all coins and all this nonsense
and they don’t understand what see they’re not addicted to savings net and
a great way to strengthen your savings addiction is to understand that hey what
you are getting interests in your big problem with these crypto dividends and
hey if if you need so if you’ve got such an urge to spend spend spend yeah you
get the crypto dividend you convert it to Bitcoin and then you spend that
Bitcoin I don’t advise doing that but it’s it’s a way to at least get some
people interested in controlling their own private key come on dudes again
strong hand it treat the criminal crypto dividends as interest and check out that
link below for those of you who have not read any you don’t have to register for
the MWC air drop but again if you don’t register then don’t ask me after July
19th how to register because you can’t anymore and don’t ask me how to buy it
either because you should have gotten it for free adam meister one of the sayings
here you don’t buy something that you can get for free town that light button
steam it i’m gonna steam it right now a bitcoin meister
right ii it’s live over there i get steam for free why the heck would I buy
it by turning the bitcoin pound that like that so let’s talk about brightening oh that’s a good segue into
the brave browser situation our reddit alright so reddit made an announcement
or that now you can get paid on reddit with backed with basic attention toke
which is what powers the brave browser but then it was elaborated on some more
that you need to have the brave browser in order to get paid with bat already ok
nonetheless despite the complication and I link to it below it says and this was
the headline at the block read it one of the top 20 internet sites in the world
will soon allow tipping via the cryptocurrency fact and again it’s a
little bit more complicated than that because you got to have the abrade
browser which is some fine browser to have but I from what I’ve heard you need
to do some kyc in order to claim your back I’m not going to get into this the
reason I am bringing this story up is because reddit is a top 20 internet site
supposedly they made a partnership with a altcoin a third tier auth coin I guess
they’re a second tier all clean and it pumped that uncle net that bat went up
in price so this is something to consider and again I don’t I just this
is to strengthen your Bitcoin hands so you don’t panic when something like this
happens what happens when be cash makes a partnership that’s bigger than that
and easier than that with a top ten website okay it’s gonna pump be cash I
mean maybe bsv could even do something like that I don’t know it just shows you
if it was so easy to pump back was something that was a little complicated
and was Reddit and was drawer and it was this week of the you know this is really
dead week we’re starting off here imagine if you did it at the right time
with the right marketing guy king of the trolls and with a bigger site so be
prepared that’s that is when you’ve got a centralized altcoin with leaders who
can have partnerships and do things like this this is you get to pop your coin
this way and it’s it’s pure damage you don’t know what coin is going to do it
one can assume no one can assume that eventually one of the top tier
centralized ones like be cash will do something like this and some of the
people will try to scare the Bitcoin holders into saying oh you see we’re the
real big now we re partnered with the same but
how much we went up today just wanna warn you it will happen in the future it
you just saw it on a smaller scale with this back right thing and is that the
end of show um yeah that’s it alright there were no questions there a lot of
people say that things about Anchorage and stuff I see all right that is it
guys so tomorrow will be different but tune in tomorrow and there might be an
extra show on Tuesday Tuesday night I will be back I will probably tired it
will be late again I would be I will be you’ll have my show tomorrow – don’t
worry it just is already taped and it won’t be the same type of interaction
but it will be educational i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister and you can follow me on twitter throughout i’ll be tweeting tomorrow
when i’m at the airport and everything if you need your little bit of a live in
a meister for some reason i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember subscribe this channel like this video share this video check
out the links below pan that like button bang that bell button los angeles i do i
do love you a lot it’s time to go back to the hardcore baltimore where it’s
really summer baby and see my family ohh

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