24 thoughts on “The 1919 World Series Fix that Tarnished America’s Pastime

  1. Not all of them were in on it who they said were involved including shoeless, joes wife took care of everything minus ball playing. There was no evidence joe was involved

  2. Houston showed the world how to cheat properly. win the big game, no players punished. like it never happened. MLB: "look! home runs!"

  3. It’s seriously such a shame that MLB isn’t doing enough with the 2017 Asterixs… the commissioner has an open window now that the virus 🦠 has given him more time, to correct and regain order an dignity to the game. Take away the trophy 🏆.. regardless, nobody recognizes them as champs.

  4. The nicknames back then were so cool. If you were named “First Name “The ______”Last Name”, you were dope.

  5. This is bad but in Taiwan the league almost folded multiple times after MULTIPLE game-fixing scandals in a decade

  6. ""but the astros"

    they are not even the same situation… one is intentionally trying to lose while the other was trying to win. Stop comparing them.

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