100 thoughts on “The 1994 Montreal Expos Will Rip Your Heart Out

  1. The best team that never won the world series. So much talent on this team it was crazy to look who was on the bench each games. Felipe Alou at the summit of his coaching art with ressources to make other coach cry.
    They were not only good but fast and cunning. Everyone worked hard and they created points out of thin air.
    Yeah.. I miss baseball and especially our '94 Expos.

  2. 1982. Black Monday. 1994. The strike. I lived through both of them, a loyal Expos fan from the first time I loved baseball.
    The Washington Numbskulls are not my team, and never will be.
    You left out part of the fun of being an Expos fan: Bill "Spaceman" Lee and his best friend on the team, Rodney Scott. They're missed too.

  3. The stadium the Expos played in was built in 1968. Montreal was not going to build a new facility like Toronto’s sky dome. So MLB made up their minds broke the team up and left Montreal. As a Canadian it’s a sad story

  4. I'm a DC fan and I was thrilled the Nats won the WS, but I'll always remember their Montreal days.

    If MLB ever goes from 30 to 32 teams, Montreal needs to be one of those expansion teams.

    Perhaps Vancouver could be the other….

  5. The Phillies potential dynasty figuratively exploding with Ryan Howard's Achilles on the final out of the 2011 nlds

  6. Sorry, I don't feel the least bit sorry for the 1994 Montreal Expos players. Not a single one. They freely chose to go on strike., as did the rest of MLB's players. I do, however, feel sorry for the fans.


  8. The title says it all. I listened to virtually all Expos games (as a teenager) from 1976 to 1983. Real nerd. I was living in US when this strike happened. No Americans fans cared about the strike. It felt like it was a set-up to prevent a Canadian team to win 3 World Series in a row. I lost interest in baseball. My conclusion was that the players were less interested in winning baseball than the fans. This year (2019) I told everybody at work that my Expos won the World Series (noting at the same time the pathetic move of the team.) I'm sad that my mother (a big fan of the Expos) wasn't alive to see the Nationals win this year.
    The problem is that tickets are so gosh darn expensive. It is hard to support the lifestyles of baseball players even though we like them.

  9. The 1994 Texas Rangers were in 1st place as well in 94 when the strike ended the season and it sucked it felt like they were finally going to get over the hump and make the postseason and went the finally did the Yankees were waiting and they were a financial buzz saw that ruined had ruined baseball for decades by using the rest of MLB as a farm system was waiting every single time so as soon as any AL team made it there was a bought and paid for all star team to contend with and pretty much still is. Baseball needs a salary cap so teams like this can compete it is getting old to have the same teams year after year in MLB and the NBA win year after year a little parody is nice once on a while.

  10. The Braves were the better team. The Yanks, White Sox, Indians and Reds were all great too. There is no guarantee that the expos win that year

  11. Despite losing 4 All-Stars caliber players by the 1995 season, the amazing thing about the Expos was their uncanny ability to keep bringing up talent out of nowhere that still made the team very enjoyable to watch…

    Like how Henry Rodriguez managed to be, for the span of a few months, the biggest buzz in all MLB with a fantastic homerun tear that brought fans to throw 'Oh Henry' candy bars on the field at every game!

    How Pedro Martinez became pretty much a player you HAD to watch every time he was out there, because there was something about his pitching talent that made you believe that he could go out there and throw a perfect game on pretty much any day he was starting… (and he nearly did in 1995 by losing a perfect game in the TENTH inning!)

    Then came Vlad Guerrero… Just amazing to watch, on every single day!

    I enjoyed watching the Expos, still, despite the despicable way the 1994 season ended, despite the best players leaving year after year (Walker, Wetteland, Lansing, Martinez…)

    But at a certain point, the abuse becomes too much. Guerrero leaving was that point for me… and then the team moved away.

    And I stopped watching pro sports at that point in my life.

  12. There was a really good chance Toronto would have squared off with Montreal in the world series that year. mlb couldn’t have that, it would have destroyed mlb.

  13. The White Sox in ‘94 were leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else, this video could easily apply to them, too. It was another 11 years before they made it to the WS. The strike shortened season almost deserves its own video.

  14. Them insecure Americans couldn’t have Canadians win the WS three years in a row. That was why the strike really went down

  15. You could tell that the nationals winning the World Series touched Pedro. Not just because of his love for pitching, strasburg and Soto but because his expos finally righted the wrong. He was very emotional in the post game show

  16. August 94 was the beginning of a long and painful period that persists in the hearts of Quebec sports fans. 95 the Expos got rid of a lot of talent and were never again a real threat. Also 95 the Quebec Nordiques of the NHL were relocated. Also 95 the Montreal Canadiens trade Patrick Roy mvp for their 86 and 93 Stanley cups to their former rivals now relocated in Colorado who then win the 95-96 cup in their first season of existence. The Canadiens last remaining major sport team in the province have been for the most part irrelevant and boring since then.

  17. Another factor is the $CDN/$US exchange rate. For Canadian teams, most of their revenue comes in as $CDN, but player salaries are in $US, so a lower exchange rate makes it harder to support payroll. The exchange rate was reasonably good in the early 90s — generally a Canadian dollar was about 80-85% of the US dollar. It fell in the mid-90s to around 70-75%. By the late 90s it fell below 70%, eventually reaching as low as 62.5% in 2002. This would not have started the team's decline or money woes (and the Jays and Canadian NHL teams faced the same issue), but it would sure have accelerated their decline in the final years.

  18. Yeah, the Phillies had one of the best teams I’ve ever seen in 2011, yet the Cardinals stole it that year. Never known until the playoffs.

  19. Yanks would have beaten them in the World Series this year and Mattingly would have a ring. THAT’S depressing!
    F The Expos.

  20. I'm a Jays fan, but I've never not liked the Expos.

    And I'm fucking pissed about it!

    I think the MLB missed a golden opportunity to build momentum by not putting the Jays and Expos in the same league.

  21. I was an Expos fan in 94, living in Montreal. Went to several home games. Some great games. As soon as the season was canceled I knew it was trouble for the team.

  22. Also devastating about 94: Tony Gwynn was on pace to hit .400 and Matt Williams was on pace to break Marris' homerun record.

  23. why will the 94 expos rip our hearts out? there was a strike and the season ended. Only reason the expos would rip our hearts out is if they choked, like the 2001 mariners

  24. Try the 2011 Texas Rangers. If anyone remembers the manner in which they lost that series, I'm not even a fan and they ripped my heart out.

  25. When it came to the expos they had so much talent
    Could win many championships sad part is they couldn’t afford
    Had to release trade many players overtime

  26. Interesting that Mike uses a clip from Bob Horner's 4-homer game considering Montreal won that game due to Atlanta's terrible pitching.

  27. I always console myself by saying that the Atlanta Braves (1994 would have the 1st year of the Wildcard) would have probably beaten the Expos in the NLCS in 6 games, due to their Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz triple threat. They had a ton of playoff experience. (That makes it less painful to think about) LOL

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