The 5 Biggest College Football Brawls in the 90s – NCAA Fights

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90s these brawls will not be shown in any particular order will be shown from
the earliest to the most recent I’m curious to know your rankings in the
comment section and don’t forget to subscribe on October 27 1990 Florida
State coach Bobby Bowden Ernest 200th career victory after his 12th ranked
Seminoles defeated the LSU Tigers 42 to 3 at home Bowden was also witness to
this vicious brawl that transpired at the end of the game after a hit out of
bounds on LSU backup quarterback Jesse Daigle with under three minutes left to
play former first-round pick quarterback Dan McGuire could the 3rd ranked Miami
Hurricanes lead the 32 28 after a successful two-point conversion however
Mark McGwire’s younger brother was hit late which led to this chaotic moment at
Jack Murphy Stadium Miami surprisingly lost at BYU to open
the season nearly lost to another Western Athletic Conference opponent in
San Diego State to end the 1990 regular season once again the Miami Hurricanes
and the San Diego State Aztecs crumbled at Jack Murphy Stadium in fact two
brawls broke out during this game the top-ranked hurricanes 163 217 Aztecs
star running back Marshall Faulk was sidelined due to a knee injury during
this brawl Dwayne the rock Johnson claimed to chase the Aztec mascot
furthermore security was tightened around the locker room after the game
because of a death threat phoned in against hurricanes head coach Dennis
Erickson and once again the Miami Hurricanes were involved in another
brawl in the 90s it’s been said that the Hurricanes were the ones who invented
swagger but Colorado was not the team to back down the Buffaloes under bill
McCartney one of the top programs in the early 90s but criticism surrounded coach
Mac with the type of players he’s bringing in and all the arrests
nonetheless 12 players were ejected in this brawl and the third ranked
hurricanes defeated the 13th ranked Colorado Buffaloes 35 to 29 plenty of
recognizable names played in this game like Warren Sapp Ray Lewis and Dwayne
the rock Johnson for the Canes and the Kordell Stewart Rochon slam and Michael
Westbrook for the Buffs the Egg Bowl was a very underrated rivalry game before
this 1997 in-state rivalry matchup a brawl erupted before kickoff as for the
game the Ole Miss rebels won 15 of 14 thanks to a gutsy but successful
two-point conversion with 25 seconds left as a result both teams finished 7
for both not as many bowl games as there are today old miss went to the Motor
City Bowl and Mississippi State stayed at home these were the five biggest
college football brawls in the 90s go ahead and comment your thoughts or give
your Lincoln’s and don’t forget to subscribe thank you very much

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