The Angled Noodle Hitting Drill – Baseball Rebellion

Hi my name is Chas Pippitt I’m here with
Tyler Zupcic from Baseball Rebellion, we’re going to talk to you a little bit
about some drills you can do for a hip hinge and side bend in the baseball and
softball swing. So the first thing we got, we got a Launch Angle Tee right here
with a pool noodle on it and Tyler has a dowel rod. So we’re going to show you how
this works first. Tyler’s a righty, what he’s going to do
he’s going to cross his hands, he’s going to put the dowel rod in his elbows and
then he’s going to get in his normal stance.
Go ahead Tyler, go through a slow motion turn. So what he’s trying to do is hip
hinge and then side bend here to get under the noodle and then finish this
turn complete. It’s excellent Now do one a little bit faster, good. Now
the reason we use a pool noodle is so obviously we want to have a barrier but
we don’t want to have something hard, you can keep going, we don’t have something
hard that he could hit and they injure himself or drop the dowel rod so we’re
going to do is we make sure the shoulders are in line and we can also do
this using a Rebels Rack. So he’s going to trade out his dowel rod for a Rebels
Rack. So again, same thing he’s going to get his shoulders under and he’s really
looking to side bend and hip hinge, so hip hinge is more in the swing here and in
the stride and side bend happens from here the back shoulder drops under. Now you
can also obviously do this with a bat so now he’s got a bat here, get the Rack
out of the way and I know not everybody has a Launch Angle Tee so if you don’t
have a dowel rod you can use your back same thing and Tyler can actually take a
swing under this as well if he’d like after this one and you can see what that
looks like. So again he’d be hitting a pitch that’s down, low and you could just
take a swing and feel how that feels. Now let’s say you don’t have a Launch Angle
Tee, first of all, fix that, buy one. Second of all you can use a regular Tanner Tee and a
couple baseballs to tilt it in just like this. All right so you want to get
that tilted in get it balanced so the same general idea. So there’s the back
turn as if for a dowel rod and then a full swing right here. Excellent, so that’s a great way to work
on your side bend and your hip hinge. Thanks Tyler, good job. Thank you.

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