The Anti-Bats! – Mikey and Gerard Way with Martin Starr – Full Episode – The Aquabats! Super Show!

previously on the Aquabats Super Show That was incredible, huh?
Let’s hear it again for Asthma. Those guys shred! Okay, next we have a major change
of pace please help me welcome singer/songwriter Rachel Moonbug. Rachel Moonbud, everybody!
(light clapping) This next song I wrote at the hardest
time of my life. And music saved my life. Oh, boy. Here we go. (awful music plays)
Everybody needs (awful music plays)
Somebody hugging (awful music plays)
Someone somewhere. somewhere (awful music plays)
Hugging here. Hugging there. (awful music plays)
Hugging meeeeee! (awful music plays)
I’m hugging you! (awful music plays)
Hooooooo! Hug someone! Woo hoo hoo! Yeah! Yeah.
Ha ha ha ha ha. Alriiiight. Alright.
Was that beautiful? (pathetic clapping) It is about that time for our judges
to decide who the grand prize winner of 750 dollars will be… Will it be dubstep whiz-kid Skillzawz, or local thrash heroes… Asthma! (loud cheering) or will appease singer/songwriter Uh… Rachel Moonbug (pathetic clapping) Here she is. Alright. Rachel! Ha ha! Alright judges.
You have one minute to decide Okay Bats! Who’s it gonna be? I think Asthma was
the most dominant! I might have to disagree with
you there, Commander… Skilsawz was technically more… Guys! You have to be joking me? Did you hear a word of
that last song? That girl is sooo
talented. She’s so boring! At least Skilsawz has
a cool haircut! Rachel Moonbug represents
everything good in this world And besides,
I think… she’s the one ! There, I said it. I’m in love! We’ll take that into
consideration, Ricky! Aquabats! Let’s vote! Oh, looks like we have a winner! Okay! (uncomfortably)
Oh! Wow! Well, the winner of the Shred Center
Band Domination Challenge is… Rachel Moonbug. (screaming)
Yeah! (pathetic clapping) Ricky: Yeah Rachel! Let’s bring out that $750 grand prize
check for Ms. Rachel Moonbug How’d we write your
name on it so quick? Magic. Alright, You can spend that
right here in the store if you please Well that’s ush. That’s the end of
our show for tonight Rachel! Rachel! You were really great! Yeah, I know. and you’re really in my way. Ew. (angry crowd noises) Hey guys. Uh… The booing isn’t necessary. Guys, just calm down a little bit. I will pull the fire alarm. Those other bands got pretty mad. Well, I voted for Asthma! They were way better than
Rachel Moon Slug! Better luck next time, Ricky. If it’s meant to be, you’ll
cross paths with her again. Come on! Mind the hobo! Hey! Look! Whaaaa. (coughing and laughing) (coughing)
It’s a cartooon! Commander, there’s someone
on board the Battle Tram. Aquabats! Activate stealth mode! Aquabats!
Deactivate stealth mode. Whoa! The Aquabats! Your country needs your help Of course, General
what can we do? Governor Robot needs a new brain Without it… He can’t govern anymore. Nooo! I’m afraid so boys it just so happens, a donor stepped
forward recently and donated his own brain to keep this land governed but it must get to
Governor Robot immediately Will you help us, The Aquabats? You can count on us, General Time is running out. This brain is delicate and must be
delivered within hours If not, it will spoil. Then there’s no time to lose! Aquabats let’s go! Those guys are dead meat! Yeah!
I’d like to (electronic music noises) I see you are full of hate you are ripe to help me Who are you, mighty dark lord? I am Silver Skull. I have come to
lead you to victory Victory over what? Why, The Aquabats, of course. You shall become one.
United in hatred. I embue you with the
power of pure Armageddon! and I dub thee… The Anti-Bats! (maniacal laughing) Find me The Aquabats and
bring me the silver box they carry. (more maniacal laughing) Stop it, Commander! But it’s so funky! Jimmy! Stop the Battle Tram.
Look! (tires screeching) It’s Rachel. She’s at the carnival. We can’t go to the carnival we have to get Governor Robot’s
brain to him before it’s too late But Commander, you even said yourself
if we cross paths again it was meant to be He’s right Jimmy! I do say a lot of important things! Okay! To the Carnival Yay! (awful music playing)
Everybody Needs! (awful music playing)
Somebody Hugging (awful music playing)
Someone Somewhere. Somewhere. (awful music playing)
Hugging Me Did you like follow me, or what? destiny brought us together, it’s meant to be you’re like crazy into me, huh? I kinda like it! You play? Drums! Well, we’d better get a move on…
I mean… We’ve still got to deliver this brain Hey, where’s Ricky? Maybe he’s back at the
Battle Tram. Hey, it’s a note, from Ricky. What’s it say? Dear guys, I am quitting the band I need to fulfill my destiny of
performing in the streets with (disgusted)
Rachel Moonbug Love Ricky What? He chose that girl over us? Are you sure the note’s from him? Yes Crash. We need to go find him Commander, there’s no time.
that brain is not gonna last much longer Blast it, Jimmy. Why do you
always have to be so sensicle The ice is all melted. I’d better put this
puppy in the freezer. Somebody’s knocking at the door. Maybe it’s Ricky! It’s not Ricky! Remember us, The Aquabats? Asthma! And Skilsawz! Noooo.
Not Anymore! You can call us The Anti-Bats! Yeah! Hand over the
silver case you… (Strange electronic noises)
wicka wicka wicka wicka Losers! You’ll have to come and get it. We were hoping you
would say that Nice hat, Hot Dog! (yelling and screaming) Awww. They got away with the brain. No they didn’t I put it in the freezer. Aquabats! Let’s go give
Governor Robot his brain! Ahh. I’m starving! let’s run home and get a snack but I don’t have the energy I got you covered. Right on, brotha! Awesome! Popcorn Pants. just pull the tabs and
activate the pants’ heating element popcorn for all boring slumber parties? Popcorn pants make the party better by Gloopy I take it you were successful? Yes, my lord! and the Aquabats? We hurt ’em real good.
made a real mess of ’em Well done, my children. Where is it? Where’s what, my lord? The brain! Get me that brain and
destroy The Aquabats! we’ll be at Governor Robot’s office
in half an hour, Commander! Looks like the Anti-Bats
are back for another dose of hi-yah Oh man. I don’t want another
dose of hi-yah. What’s their problem? Yeah. it was just a stupid band contest
they lost. They should get over it they must have realized
the brain wasn’t in the case We’ve got to protect Governor Robot’s
brain at all costs Aquabats! Prepare for battle! I summon The Duuuuuuuude Dude. Find Ricky!
Fly Dude, Fly! Nice coat, Clown-Town! What the? Whatever…
Why’d you stop? I’ve gotta go.
My friends are in trouble. Hmmm. Why do you care about them? You don’t understand. We’ve been together ever
since we first met. Back in the day,
I was a member of a street dance troupe called
The High-Five City-Five and we were good. Real Good! every week we had a dance-off with other
dance gangs and we… always won. There was this one girl,
Chevonne Carlisle the cutest girl in the 7th grade. She really liked me until..
the Toggle Brains a dance gang from the other side
of town challenged me to a dance-off Chevonne told me to show
them my dance skills I couldn’t let her down so I tried a dance off, but I just
couldn’t stay in my feet they laughed at me and Chevonne was super embarrassed I couldn’t handle it so I ran away The next day I was in the complete other
side of town but I knew I could never go back home I just couldn’t face the High-Five-City-Five or Chevonne ever again. That day I found an old drum
kit by a dumpster. I cleaned it up and started playing on the
streets I made so much cash I decided to
open my own gym. One day, one of my students–
I think it was Crash– told me he and some of the other guys in my
aerobics class were thinking about starting a band
so I was like “sure” and that’s how we became the Aquabats! Uh. Yeah.
I don’t care! If you leave. Don’t bother coming back! you have to choose. Me or
your lame Octobots It’s The Aquabats! see you around Moonbug! Wait! You’ve failed, The Aquabats! Govern Robot won’t be able to
govern this land any longer, but I Silver Skull. Will! No you won’t! brain! I got the brain! Help me! (rapid drumming sounds) Wait. Stop! (rapid drumming sounds) sounds like… a helicopter? Drum solo? (drum solo continues) It’s Ricky! Yeah Ricky! Ha ha.
Yeah! Yeah Ricky!
Wooo! Where are you going?
Get Back here and fight! You haven’t seen the last of me,
The Aquabats! I knew you’d come back, Ricky. well, it’s always good to know there’s
someone out there that has your back Don’t we have a brain to deliver? Aquabats! Let’s Go! Here’s your new brain, Governor Robot. What is this? It got a little dirty, but uh… you just run some cold water
over it and it’ll be good as new Anyway, let us know if there’s
anything else we can do Give me brain. Aquabats! Brain? (maniacal laughing) Need brain (maniacal laughing) Veto! Veto!

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