The Art of PICKING the Baseball Like A Pro! [3 Tips]

What’s up guys? Coach Madden, and I’m here with Doug Bernier from pro baseball insider also
an MLB middle infielder played a little bit of first base as well played all
over all over the place in fact he had a fielding percentage of 1000 in the major
leagues pretty impressive stuff I was always said I had to do that or if
I made an heir I’d probably get sent down real quick so I had to field
everything that was said that’s great and we’re going to talk about fielding
today we’re going to talk about how to field or pick the ball and the dirt and
that happens a lot in baseball can you talk about it in general for any
position and then also maybe more specifically for first base yeah for
sure so picking a ball in the dirt I mean it doesn’t matter if you’re gonna
if you play third base shortstop second or first I mean at some point you’re
gonna have to pick a ball in the dirt right and the concept is the same
regardless of what position you’re playing but there’s a couple things to
think about and the first one is when the ball is coming to you the first
thing you want to do is get low all right so when I work on this with
especially young infielders what they want to do that the the first thought is
they want to be up here and they want to wait for it and they stab down for the
ball if you happen to watch the backhand video we talked about working underneath
the baseball same thing applies here when you’re picking a ball in the dirt
so as the ball is coming this back foot is going to be pretty much secure right
because it’s gonna be on the it’s gonna be on the base it doesn’t matter if it’s
3rd 2nd or 1st what we’re doing is I think I like to think about here is I
actually want to put my glove on the ground and when the ball hits the ground
that’s when I can start working up it kind of gives me a visual and a timing
device but it helps me work underneath the baseball if I’m here and then I’m
just trying to go and time the ball it makes it really difficult to pick a ball
that’s in the dirt so as the ball is coming you know it’s gonna be in the
dirt start with your glove on the ground and
then as soon as that ball hits the dirt then you could work through it and up
through the ball a lot of times that that helped me pick the ball in the dirt
tip number 2 get to the side of the ball so when the ball is gonna hit the dirt
and you see it if you if it’s right in front of you like this
it’s gonna be really hard to pick make it a backhand or even make it a forehand
but get to the side of the baseball it’s gonna make it a whole lot easier and
work through that ball be aggressive with your glove I guess that’s the third
tip is be aggressive with your glove if you get too passive and you just try to
like I don’t know then the ball kind of takes over we want to be the aggressor
on this when that ball hits the dirt be aggressive really work that glove to the
ball that’s pretty much the only way that it’s gonna stick so those three
tips should help you regardless of the position you play pick a ball in the
dirt a little bit easier let me ask you this from the first base standpoint when
are you trying to pick that ball and when are you trying to come off the bag
and block it up like what situations well if the ball is gonna take you where
obviously you can’t keep your foot on the base then you got to get off and do
anything you can just to keep it in front of you and also there needs to be
an internal clock like infielders have an internal clock where they get the
ball they need to know like when they need to release it to get a runner at
first base same thing with the first baseman though if you feel like the
runner is gonna beat the play then you got to do everything you can to keep the
ball in front of you if there’s still a chance that you can get them at first
base try to keep that foot on the on the back and use those tips we talked about
and try to pick the ball in the dirt now let’s talk about a little bit from other
positions in the field well even first base but from a fielding perspective
playing yourself into that short hop versus getting stuck in the middle can
you talk about that yeah that’s that’s a tough one there are some balls that are
just really really tough I think when in doubt you just got to be aggressive with
your glove and just really just go through it just just almost be overly
aggressive just throw that hand at the ball and see what happens because if you
get too passive and you get that one that’s the in-betweener and you don’t
know what to do you’re trying to go back or you don’t know if you should go
forward it’s really really difficult so just again just really work through that
ball that’s pretty much the only chance you have on those really tough ones were
you a guy who did you ever try to create space or were
you always coming through the ball no I did try to create space
there are times especially when you’re at the corner in field positions when I
know this might be a kind of off topic a little bit but someone hits a hard line
drive you know topspin line drive it’s gonna
take a tricky hop on you there’s times when you just have to kind of drop step
and try to create as much space as you can you can do the same thing when you
are picking a ball so you know maybe you know it doesn’t matter the position but
if the runner is not in your way and you do have an opportunity to get out of the
way and try to create space that’s always an option to that’s a little bit
more difficult at first base because you have someone barreling down on you and
that could create you know some you know some contact but at the other positions
you might be able to get away with that last question I got for you in regards
to picking a ball and this one might be the toughest what about when you got a
guy stealing and you’re taking the throw from the catcher at second base a lot of
those balls sometimes are in the dirt but you still got to think about the tag
is there anything different in that okay well there’s yeah there’s there’s a
couple things the first one is if it’s an easy ball to pick then I’m gonna try
to pick it and make a tag but it’s also one of those things where you can’t
really miss that ball because if you do and it either kicks off your glove or
squirts past you then all of a sudden that runner can move to third base so
you got to really you got to trust yourself and you got to know what you
can and can’t handle if that ball if it’s gonna be a tough pick then you just
got to almost just you just let the guy have the base just keep the ball in
front and keep it second base but again that’s one of those things you have to
gauge yourself and if it’s a ball that you can easily pick then give it a try
see if you can do it and just try to make the tag as well as you can and see
what happens tough play really tough play I mean a
lot basically when you’re picking a ball in the dirt it’s not a science it’s more
of an art and just trying to feel what works for you it’s a really difficult
play but also we know that us infielders that are on especially a third and
shortstop when you have a first baseman that can pick the ball it makes
you a lot more confident as an infielder and it’s a tough thing to do but when
you can pick the ball you just raise the game of all the other end filters is
there anything that you did to work on picks short hops yeah I would when I was
by myself I would throw balls you know tennis balls off the wall and I would
just work on picks or when I was playing first base I would have a coach hit me
fungos I would I would be on the first base bag and I would just keep it right
here and he would just he would stand at shortstop second base and he would just
move around the infield and just hit fungos at me and I would just be there
and just try to work on picking the ball and so that was that was another drill I
did that’s awesome that is awesome stuff thank you so much guys if you like this
video go check out Doug at pro baseball insider he’s also got a great newsletter
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can and thank you so much for watching guys I’ll talk to you next one

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