The Baseball Card Vandals

I’m Bryan. And I’m Beau. And we’re the Baseball Card Vandals. Baseball Card Vandals. Decent jokes on worthless cards. We draw on old cards. It’s absurd. For no reason. Hopefully it’s funny. You know, we started Baseball Card Vandals as an art project, a kind of “passion project.” We sell them at a base price of $35, but the ones we really love and it’s going to be hard to say bye to, we go $50. We don’t make a killing off of Baseball Card Vandals. We have to have full-time jobs. We’re doing this at night, on the weekends. We’ve been artists ever since we were kids. So at some point, the common cards that weren’t worth any money that we’re kind of swimming in as kids because we had so many of them, we just picked up markers and started drawing on them. It’s the best part-time job in the world. Yes. When I first saw this card, I was thinking, OK, he’s got to be on some sort of bike or something. I put him on a scooter, and said, “There’s got to be a better way to commute!” This is a Barry Jones, 1987, Topps. He’s clearly looking at the numbers. What does it say? It says, “Bad day for the Dow Jones.” Basically for the first two years that we actually started making money from Baseball Card Vandals, I just took all my earnings from it and just put it on my student loans that I never thought I would pay off. I’m very, very lucky and fortunate that drawing on baseball cards paid off my college. You’re welcome. I just want people to laugh and appreciate what we’re trying to do, which is make each other laugh. It just feels good to continue being a kid in this way.

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