The Basics of Baseball : Baseball Equipment

BEN GRAHAM: What do you need to play baseball?
Well, let’s look inside the bat bag and find out. Bat bag is the number one thing you’ll
find every serious baseball player has. It’s an easy way to get your equipment to and from
the game. First thing you need, obviously a baseball. This is a standard baseball. They’re
all pretty much the same. You’ll need a glove. Gloves come in various sizes. We’ll talk about
that a little bit later. This is just a standard outfielder’s glove here. You’ll need some
cleats. These will help you to navigate the field of play, help you dig in on the dirt
a little bit better so you won’t slip and slide. These are an optional piece of equipment
for your batting gloves. These help you get a better grip on the bat. Some people wear
them under their fielding glove to add a little bit more padding. They’ve got a nice, sticky
surface here that gives you get a good grip on the bat, helps you swing and control what
you’re doing. And then, probably the most important thing, especially for those of us
who like the offense of the game of baseball is your bat. This is just a standard aluminum
bat. You’ll find this all over the country and various forms of the game. In the Major
League game, they play with a wooden bat. But this, you’ll find on most other level.
And that’s pretty much all you need to play the game baseball.

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