The Basics of Baseball : Every Kid Can Play Baseball

BEN GRAHAM: Every kid can play baseball. It’s
a very simple game. It’s very intricately woven into the history of the United States
and our American culture. And I think the reason that it is, is because it’s a very
accessible game. It’s not a game that you need to be seven feet tall to play. You don’t
need to be 250 pounds. You don’t need to run a 4-4-40. You have to have a very basic skill
set to play the game of baseball. If you can pick a ball, if you can throw that ball, if
you can hit that ball, and you can catch that ball, you can play baseball. Baseball is played
all over the United States and all over the world really with very simple equipment, very
simple people exercising a very simple skill set. You can play baseball in your backyard.
You can pick up a stick and hit a rock, or a pine cone around, which most of us have
done at some point, or another in our lives. Again, baseball is very easily accessible,
very open to everyone who has willingness and a very basic skill set. In this series
of videos, we’ll go through some more advanced skill sets. But always remember, baseball’s
a very simple game every kid can play.

5 thoughts on “The Basics of Baseball : Every Kid Can Play Baseball

  1. I've always wanted to learn how to play baseball since I was a kid. never had the chance to join a team or have someone teach me. Trying to lean now. Better late than never lol.

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