The Basics of Baseball : Gloves Used in Baseball

BEN GRAHAM: This is probably the second most
important thing, especially when you are playing the field in the game of baseball. This is
a glove. This, right here, is your standard outfielder’s glove. Gloves do come in various
sizes and various forms, depending on the position that you’re going to play. Gloves
are made up of just a very few basic things. It’s usually made out of leather or synthetic
leather, woven together with leather threads. This is the pocket right here. This is where
you ideally want to catch the ball. You’ll hear people–as you work your glove you want
to create a deep, nice pocket and cushion. If you catch the ball in the pocket, it’s
not going to sting your hand, and, trust me, if you catch it here in the heel, it does
hurt. It’s also very difficult to catch in the heel because sometimes the ball will pop
out. Also, some gloves have a finger-hole opener right here. It doesn’t really affect
the game at all. Some people feel just more comfortable and like to have more control
over how they catch the ball if their finger is on the outside. Now, if we were to take
an infielder’s glove, you’d take a couple of inches off of the end of this glove right
here. An infielder’s glove is much smaller. It’s because they’re used to field the ball
on the ground, so you want less size. In the outfield, you need a bigger pocket, a little
bit thicker. Now, the first baseman’s glove is the exact opposite. It’s larger than your
standard outfielder’s glove. It has a larger pocket so that the first baseman can stretch
and pull the ball in more easily. The catcher’s mitt is smaller but thicker with more padding,
which allows the–it protects the catcher’s hand as the pitcher is throwing. In the Major
League level, pitchers are throwing in the mid to upper 90s with regularity, so you want
a thick pad for your catcher’s mitt. But any glove will do for any position; some are just
better suited than others. And that’s all about the glove.

16 thoughts on “The Basics of Baseball : Gloves Used in Baseball

  1. I have a 6.25. Actaully I wonder why some shortstops, like Jeter, use a large glove, while some use those child size gloves not larger than your hand.

  2. It was a joke. How is "I have a 6.25" not funny. I don't even remember posting that. That was seven months ago. I must have been drunk or deliriously tired. But Jeter uses a Rawlings 12 inch basket. Second basemen sometimes use 11 and 11.25. I recently bought an 11 inch Guerrero professional series. Small gloves are fantastically handle able and lightweight. Also the guy that asked to be my agent and try to get me onto a minor league team just got the job as the head of scouts for an AL team.

  3. man ur the first person besides me that i heard use a Guerrero. theyre great gloves just not widley known

  4. yeah, it's breaking in quite nicely. The leather is as hard as a western saddle and I think it's made of the same leather. It smells like "mexican" (or western) leather. Hey if you read this do you think the Primo is too heavy? In other words, are you "glad you did." People were saying they were too heavy and just too different play-wise.

  5. yes im glad i bought my primo, i know people think its too heavy but its not that much heavier than my Guerrero actually i just think people who are used to the light kip skin pro preferred gloves feel a difference in the primo

  6. @WhiteSoxFreak66 That's what I thought! Until 4 months ofter a cheep glove purchase when a ball went straight through the webbing of my glove. T_T
    I hate cheap synthetic leather….

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