The Basics of Baseball : Types of Baseball Cleats

BEN GRAHAM: Every baseball player needs cleats.
Now, you can play without a cleat, but it’s not very much fun, especially when you’re
playing on a sandy surface like this. Some cleats come in high-top, some in low-cut.
Personal preference. These are about a three quarter mid-cut, which is what I prefer. It
provides good support on the ankle. Your standard lace-up, just like a basketball shoe or a
tennis shoe. Also, when you lace them, this will fold over, providing just an extra little
bit of padding on the soft part of your foot. It’s not much, but sometimes it can help if
you foul the ball off and hit yourself in the foot. When you take a look at the bottom
of the cleat, sometimes they are called spikes. They are called spikes a lot of times because
some people do wear metal cleats. Now, these are outlawed in most NCAA. Definitely in the
Little League and below, spikes are outlawed. So most people you’ll find are the hard rubber
cleat. The cleat sometimes come in different designs. This is your basic cleat surrounding.
This gives you a good grip on the dirt as you come through. Pitchers oftentimes will
have cleats that have extra spikes in the middle to give them a good grip on the mound
as they push off. As you’re turning the base, these cleats will dig into the dirt, giving
you traction so that you won’t slip. A standard tennis shoe with a flat surface, you’ll slip
and slide all over the field. The cleat is very important to the game of baseball, though
it is not an essential piece of the game. You can play without it, but it’s not as much

21 thoughts on “The Basics of Baseball : Types of Baseball Cleats

  1. i have some nice nikes and in our league u cant wear metal spikes but my spikes are just as good and they are mostly for grip because i have extra spikes in tha middle…..because i am a pitcher, firstbase,second,shortstop,third, a lil bit of catchin and i fthey need me i will be in tha outfeild =)

  2. oh yea real cheap they are $70 moron….leave the ballplaying to the ballplayers not some oh-so-good kid who really sucks compared to all us real players

  3. This guy is a moron. There is so much wrong with this video my head exploded…

    By the way does this guy play for Atlanta ? ahaha what a tool

  4. Where did this guy get his information? I played ncaa baseball a couple years ago and metal cleats are not outlawed! Also, pitchers do not have different cleats with extra spikes on them! And what is with this talk about wearing tennis shoes playing baseball? Who would wear a pair of sneakers made for tennis players on the basebal field??? Give me a break man

  5. Little league 5-12 year olds have to wear rubber 13-16 year olds can wear metal High School-NCAA you can wear metal or rubber what ever you like

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