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What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? No, I’m not talking about Grown Ups 2 or Transformers 2 I mean a movie so bad, so fundamentally broken, that it leaves a pit in your stomach or makes you feel frustrated and angry beyond any reasonable measure This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a while and I think it’s about time to do something about it So, I’ve pulled up the list of the bottom 100 lowest rated movies on IMDB and I’m going through them one by one to find the worst movie ever Welcome to The Search For The Worst The Bat People is the worst thing in the history of anything ever In fact, I think it might be the biggest fraud of a movie ever made There are plenty of bats, and plenty of people But there certainly ain’t bat people ..plural There’s one guy who sort of turns into a bat but also doesn’t really Anyway, I hope you’re a fan of stock footage and multiple closes up of bats because that’s how this picture starts IMDB claims that this movie’s a horror and I know it was made in 1974 when different things were probably considered scary, but I beg to differ It’s more of a comedic drama with slight horror elements than anything and the comedy factor is not intentional, mind you The movie ends up being so predictable, that it turns right back around into being completely unpredictable But most of all, if I had to describe this movie with one simple word, it would be “boring” Actually, I use that word far too much in this series How about “dull”, “uninteresting”, “humdrum”, “tiring”, “mundane”, “stale”, “tedious”? Take your pick because it’s all of these things b-o-r-i-n-g bo-bo-bo-boring I’m so sick of these “they’re so bad that they’re bad” boring movies It’s actually making me miss things like Birdemic or The Room At least those movies are fun to point at and laugh Stop ganging up on me! So, these assholes are our main characters, Dr. Bat and wife of Dr. Bat “What is he a doctor of?” you might be asking, Well, I don’t really know because for the first five minutes or so, they wonder around the desert looking for bats saying that it’s important for the doctor’s work Is it so important? Well, of course not, it’s just my work But then later on, they keep saying that because he’s a doctor, he should know everything about the biology of humans as well It’s nothing for you to be concerned about Nurse, I’m a doctor and I am concerned It’s also interesting to note that Dr. Bat and wife of Dr. Bat are actually married in real life Which was genuinely surprising to me seeing as they’re so awkward, stiff and have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever So, the honeymoon was getting a little dull, anyway By the way, this guy isn’t actually called Dr. Bat in the movie, but he might as well of been And I can’t remember his real name, so that’s what I’m gonna call him So, it turns out that it’s actually these assholes’ honeymoon and that’s why they’re in the desert…? So we can do all the stuff that we were suppose to do on our overdue honeymoon And he’s all like ‘all I need to to do now is to go to a cave that has bats in it to complete my work’ but she’s like ‘but it’s our honeymoon! Why the fuck would we do that now?’ and he’s like ‘I guess you’re right.’ but then she turns around and says ‘well, seeing that it’s so important to your work, I suppose we can go the cave that’s filled with bats’ So, they go on some kind of cave tour and Dr. Bat immediately forgets about his important bat work that we don’t understand in favor of making out with his wife in the caves Except they wonder off and get lost falling into some pit that has loads of mites and creatures in it Then, out of nowhere, a bat flings down from the ceiling and bites Dr. Bat on the head And so begins the unexplained bizarre moronic idiotic nonsensical descent of Dr. Bat turning into a bat people Doesn’t this premise sound so fun? Like, it could be a real cheap version of American Werewolf In London but, with a guy that turns into a bat instead of a werewolf Just dumb fun Well, you’re in for a big surprise for what this really is, I tell you what By the way, the surprise is that it sucks So, to establish that the bat forehead bite is doing something to Dr. Bat, we get a bunch of scenes of him trying to do what Frodo did in The Lord of The Rings You know when you do that crazy shit with your eyes to make it look like you’re being affected by something? But instead he just looks like a bad actor flicking his eyes up into his head to establish the start of a bat transformation Charlie, what’s wrong? So, the newly wed couple have a lovely old time skiing around in the snow Wait What the fuck? How did they get here? They were just in the desert a second ago So, while they’re sat in some jacuzzi hot tub thing, Dr. Bat accidentally shames his beverage in his hand and cuts it to shit So, he goes to the doctor and gets a bandage and mentions ‘oh, yeah, doc, ah, I got bit by a bat right on the head I should probably.. I should probably do something about that, shouldn’t I?’ ‘You know you can get rabies from bat bites, right?’ ‘Oh.. ..I’m going to turn into a bat, aren’t I?’ ‘You certainly are!’ So, to prevent the rabies, they eject some kind of serum into the guy’s peanut then the doc gives it a good feel Not really sure why he feels that this is necessary, but I guess he’s a doctor, not me Unfortunately, for Dr. Bat, he has some kind of allergic reaction to the anti-rabies shot So, he freaks out and it’s ultimately a completely and utterly pointless scene ‘Hey, doc, I’m worried about my husband I feel he might be turning into a bat or something’ ‘What? leave me alone, I’m trying to ski over here’ So, in the middle of the night, Dr. Bat’s hands turn into weird freaky human bat hand things and for no reason at all, accidentally kills a nurse that he comes across I guess it’s because bats are so famous for killing people and having a thirst for murder Wait, but Wikipedia says that most bats are fruit eaters So, why isn’t he murdering fruit? When he wakes up in the morning, he asks the nurse why she looks so glum ‘Well, you see, a giant bat person accidentally killed the night nurse.’ ‘I’m turning into a bat person because I was bitten on the head by a bat, aren’t I? ‘Yep’ From now on, Dr. Bat is a colossal twat to his wife for no reason For once in your life, just do the hell I ask Can’t you see I’m in trouble? But the doctor says you’re doing fine I guess it’s that famous bat anger controlling him What is happening in this movie? Next, we’re introduced to my least favorite character to ever be depicted in a movie it’s this Sharif guy Not only is he the biggest fucking idiot to ever grace the planet, but he too is a huge prick He’s investigating the nurse hospital death and some how gets involved with Dr. Bat and incessantly follows him around and assaults his wife when he’s not there So, in the middle of the night, being a really clever bat doctor and everything, knowing that something weird is clearly happening to him, decides to sneak out of his house and kill some girl This music is so unfitting for what’s happening So, it’s suppose to be scary, but it’s comedic This is the sort of shit I listen to when I’m editing And the Sharif shows up and asks ‘Hey, you don’t happen to be turning into a bat and killing people in the middle of the night, do you?’ ‘No’ ‘Okay, I’ll see you next time you turn into a bat and murder someone’ So, instead of the bat doctor using his bat knowledge to face the challenges before him, he decides that he needs a psychiatrist because he’s been imagining all of it This isn’t happening It’s in my mind It’s in my mind And for some unexplained reason, he flees the hospital out of an open window then steals an ambulance..? Then there’s a really uninteresting car chase with the Sharif because this horror movie really needed an action sequence Darnit! He bat got away a bat again! ..a bat again Dammit, can’t even get my bat puns right Not even a pun. Not even a pun Doesn’t even make any sense This is a bat-astrophe! After running around in the desert for a while, Dr. Bat finds some homeless man who’s living in a shed Then surprisingly he turns into bat and kills him Hey, you noticing something? Have you noticed that we’re an hour into the movie and the most we’ve seen of any type of bat person is his weird hands on a couple of close ups on his eye? Well, I guess this is because it’s all building up to a big satisfying reveal in the last 30 minutes I suppose I can forgive that With the Sharif hot on his trail and constantly only one step behind Dr. Bat, he decides to take refuge in the cave where he got bitten in the first place Why is he even bothering to sneak around? Oh, because he’s covered in blood Okay I understand, movie This is when the Sharif spots Dr. Bat’s wife walking around at night, offers to drive her home then lets himself into her house and assaults her I can’t figure out if this was an attempt to make him a villain of the movie for some reason but we’ve already got a villain in our main character He’s straight up murdering people What’s the point of this scene? No, really, what is the point? After batman aimlessly wonders around the cave system for awhile, looking like a completely regular dude, not even half or even quarter bat person at this point, he steals someone else’s car and sneaks into the hospital to grab some rabies shots What I really don’t understand is why he’s becoming a murder because he’s turning into a bat Like he’s some kind of ..animal? But, he’s still looks like a human and looks mostly human, it just looks like his hands are kind of bat hands but there’s still human ..oh, no, they’re not even bat hands anymore What the hell is happening in this fucking movie?! It was at about this point where it was fully reaffirmed to me that his guy is the biggest idiot in the universe and I no longer care about anything he does or what happens to him An unlucky nurse wonders in and he assaults her asks her to kill him..I think? But then he just finds what I guess is suppose to be a cache of blood which is clearly some tasty fruit juice Why is he doing this? Then because the Sharif has the ability to teleport, he’s conveniently already in the hospital to try to.. I don’t fucking know! Something? Dr. Bat decided it might be a good idea to put his wife in danger as well by sneaking into their house and standing in the dark And she’s all like ‘blah blah blah we can get you help’ and he’s like ‘well, no, I’m kind of turning into a bat I’m pretty fucked’ Then they have sex which is a great idea ’cause I’m pretty sure it’s insinuated that Dr. Bat transfers his bat aliments to her this way He turns kind of into a bat again but not really which scares her Then he fucks off back to the cave Luckily, the Sharif had enough of his teleport ability left to follow Dr. Bat into the cave where we finally, once in for all, get the reveal of what Dr. Bat looks like when he is indeed a bat people Now, was that worth the build up? No Not at all So, they have a little fight which ends in the Sharif getting away somehow Who, instead of calling reinforcements or telling anyone really, picks up Dr. Bat’s wife and drives back to the cave at night Then, I think this is what happens, forty million bats attack the car and splat themselves on the windshield They crash the car, lady gets out and Sharif gets eaten alive by bats Then she walks into the cave presumably being controlled by some kind of bat magic or because she’s turning into a bat I really don’t know What I do know is that this is the end of the movie, though Never even get to see the bat people again I can’t even get angry at this shit anymore Oh, wait I totally can Fuck you, movie I think this might be the most “because movie” movie I’ve ever seen I don’t mind having to turn off my brain for stupid body horror movies, but at least give me the bare essentials to enjoy the story Every twist and turn is met by a “why?” or “what?” “What is going on?” Which is ultimately the biggest flaw with this picture A premise like this could of been an awesome dumb B-movie but the lazy effects, nonsensical plot and boring scenes add up to a completely forgettable movie It was hard for me to stay awake during the hour and a half running time I always say that a boring movie that has nothing is worst than a movie that actually makes you feel something And again, it’s another one of these fucking middling stupid tiresome piece of shit movies It’s actually more entertaining to go the the IMDB page than to actually watch it Especially if you go to the weird pictures Not only did the poster straight up lie, but this one here has Dr. Bat pulling his wife’s dress down and holding her boob Now, what is that movie? Wait, what the fuck? Why is this in here? “It’s Alive one, two and three” This has nothing to do with anything And up next in The Search For The Worst is… Oh, fuck! ‘The Bat People’ more like ‘The Huge Lie of a Movie…People’ So, how bad did this look to you? Maybe it looked good in your eyes Well, maybe you’ve already seen it before Either which way, tell me what you think in the comments section below Remember to check out my initial viewing of this piece of shit movie by clicking the annotation or link in description And as always, thanks for watching All comments and ratings are very much appreciated Make sure you check out my other videos and other channel Jar Media for more content I’ll see you next time Bye!

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  1. FYI, going from a desert to snow skiing isn't as remarkable as you seem to think. Carlsbad Caverns (the location of the cave in the movie) is in New Mexico. There are quite a few ski resorts not far away in the northern half of the state, as well as a lot of desert.

  2. You should totally watch "It's alive"! I don't remember too much and less of the sequel, didn't know there was a third. But what I remember is whack.

  3. Seeing that little yellow skip during the intro reminds me of when YouTube had those nice little annotations people could use to flash some text or a link or a time stamp. Remember when we had annotation choose your own adventure with unlisted videos. I do. Man, I hate YouTube sometimes.

  4. It is boring but had so much potential. Say what you will about the bat creature make up, while it is lame and looks more like a gorilla suit, it's not that bad, for early 70s at least

  5. This movie gave us one of the single best things I’ve ever heard. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This reminds me of the Man-bat, one of Batman's villains, which is a doctor that is doing some research with a vampire bat, then puts connects his DNA with a vampire bat DNA and becomes a bat, loses control of himself and ends up killing his wife…

    Wait… That's strangely similar.

  7. 5:49 I would love it if they had shown this crazy mutated bat-people stumbling around until he found a fruit basket, and he just tore the fruit to shreds and gobbled it up, leaving pieces of peel and cores and pits everywhere. And the people in the movie acted like this destruction of innocent fruit was a murder or something sinister.

    6:13 Yep, bats are well known to be assholes. If you hear one squeaking, rest assured he is saying nasty things about your mom. Especially Honduran white bats. Don't be deceived by how fuzzy and tiny and adorable they are, they are verbally abusive and regularly say racial slurs.

    10:37 Is rabies transmitted by sex? Or is werebattism?

    11:25 If your windshield is being attacked by animals and you can't see, STOP DRIVING. YOU WILL CRASH AND PROBABLY KILL SOMEONE.

  8. It's like a cheap Batman movie where Man-Bat is the main villain, but they can't afford to bring in Batman because he's tied to another movie, or a cartoon.

  9. I was just watching this on Comet TV. This movie is good , you are just souless, rotten, and emotionally AND morally bankrupt.

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