62 thoughts on “THE BAT SOUP SONG

  1. Someone really should have said to the chinese that their traditional consumption ways are unsettling even repulsive – their tradition of eating raw meat from every known alive organism is threatening the planet and their way of torturing animals with the belief that it makes flesh tastier is sadistic

  2. By the way YouTube openly deletes or removes(!) several comments that are – how can we put it – critical against chinese

  3. watching at midnight from hong kong, very entertained. loved the chinese censorship song (and other hk-related content) and love this even more!! 謝謝 🙂

  4. Did you know there is a bat coin who just happened to be coined in 2020? Call it Corona coin.

  5. the best part about being italian is that we don’t run out of toilet paper because of the bidets

  6. You know, you really aren't giving the Chinese the credit they deserve. It's not fair to blame this virus on Xi Xinping: his government did everything in its power to try to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, and they tried to warn us about it months ago

  7. many thousands of years from now when humanity has fallen from this virus and the absolute collapse of infrastructure causing nuclear reactors, dams, and water purification plants to essentially destroy the last remnants of humanity; aliens will come across our broken planet and start doing some archeology here. they will discover the internet, an idea that was outlawed in their society but prevalent in ours. it is here that they will discover our history, languages, and our own unique ideas that they themselves had not thought of due to their innate inability to do so. they will also discover this video and many like and know that we never took a single damn thing seriously and that our own extinction was a joke to us. they shudder in fear, for if a species such as ours should have conquered the stars then surely we would have laughed as we destroyed reality it's self.

  8. how did we get from a faulty communist state (china) to literal bad soup in less than a month?

  9. First bad video on this channel MSC, words don't fit the songs rhythm and the lyrics themselves aren't that creative, you're better than this MSC.

  10. Last time I was so early some Chinese doctor was disciplined for spreading some crazy rummors about an alledged new virus.
    Good that Youtbe/Google is trying to be similarly helfpful and is providing under this video a link to official info about virus from health ministry of my country.

  11. Virus? What virus? it's just… Pneumonia, spreading misinformation is punished with dying from… Pneumonia. Now prepare to accidentally die.

  12. Y’all realise we’re all gonna look back on this in 50 years and it will motivate someone to bring back a nearly extinct disease by heading to Wuhan Fried Bat for lunch

  13. When a humble Bat
    Graced a ride along
    with some chineese dude
    Along came this soup…

    After bat had died
    Eaten, boiled alive
    With a weapon inside
    He would bring down mankind

    It was spreading quickly
    Couse in Wuhan they would
    Without any higiene
    Eat everything that moves

    They travelled to Italy
    Without knowing bat's revenge
    Hugging random chineese
    And meeting with friends

    I am locked iside my house
    Need some toilet paper, need some toilet paper. O-o-oh
    I am stuck in my bathroom
    Need some toilet papeeeer eee-eeei

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