Tia! I have good news! Really? What is it Tofu? Tell me quickly! I have the option to become a part of either of the teams. Both teams want me for next week’s match! That’s wonderful! So what have you decided? I haven’t decided as yet Tia I am thinking I should see which of the two teams does better in the next few games. Then I will join the winning team. That’s not the right approach Tofu. It shows you to be cunning and disloyal. Why? well Let me tell you the story of the bat, the beast and the birds. Once upon a time in a dark jungle there broke a dangerous fight between the beasts and the birds. We will not tolerate the beasts any more. They feed on us make preys out of our children and behave as if they are the rulers of the jungle. Yes, yes! We agree with you our leader. But we need more support from other birds. Currently we are losing. We must reach out to every bird in the jungle to join our army. We shall find strength in numbers. What do you say, Minister? Everybody has agreed. We just need to ask the bats now. I am sure the bats will help us win. Very well then, invite their leader to our court. The bat leader was invited to the court of the leader of the birds. Bat, we are in a war against the beasts. Why don’t you join us? The bat leader wasn’t sure that it wanted to join an army that was losing. I am honoured by your offer but I am afraid I cannot join you. I am after all “a beast” A few days passed. The beasts started losing. We need to grow our army otherwise the birds will defeat us! They drink from our lakes, live in our trees yet, they behave as though they have more rights on the jungle than us. Minister! Who can help us win? My leader, the only ones who have not joined the fight as yet are the bats. We could ask them to join us. very well Invite the bat leader to our court. And so the bat leader was invited to the beast’s court. Bat, the war between the bird and the beasts of the forest is at its peak now Whoever wins this last battle shall win the war and rule over the jungle. Why don’t you join us and help us win. You too will rule the jungle along with us But the bat was once again unsure that it wanted to join the losing side with the beasts I am honoured by your offer But I cannot join you, as I am a bird. Just before the final battle was to take place both the bird and beast leaders met They were both upset by the losses their armies were suffering and decided to make peace with one and other The war was called off We will not fight any more. Yes, we will live in peace now The whole jungle celebrated the new peace in the land When the Bat leader heard of this development he went to the birds and asked to be a part of the celebration But the Bird Leader remembered how the Bat leader had refused to help the birds during the war and turned him and his kind away No bird would even talk to them now The Bat Leader knew that if he took his people to the beasts they would simply tear them apart. And so he did not approach them Hence he and his entire kind lived in isolation without any friends in the jungle Oh! I don’t want to be alone, Tia! In that case Tofu you should not behave cunningly like the Bat Leader and you should inform the team
that you want to join right away. Yes, Tia. I will do that right away. Thank you Tia for making me understand this

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