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Batman fans are having a big debate. It’s a knife. Director Matt Reeves gave fans their first look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit. But aside from comparisons to Marvel’s Daredevil. People are debating one detail what is going on with the chest symbol? If you look closely, it’s more than just a bat symbol like we’re used to seeing. It seems to be made of something metal embedded in his chest plate, and no one can decide exactly what we’re looking at. The going theory is that the symbol is made from the gun that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. Twisted, we know. But Batman isn’t exactly a stable guy, so it fits. If that is indeed the case, then the idea probably came from last year’s Detective Comics Number One Thousand, which featured a short story by Kevin Smith and Jim Lee that showed Bruce tracking down the gun that killed his parents, buying it from a pawn shop and melting it down into an armored chest plate for a suit. So now the metal that hurt him as a child is protecting him as an adult. Obviously, Pattinson’s Batsuit doesn’t have the metal plate, but his reasoning for fashioning the gun that killed his parents to his suit may be the same. It’s hard to make out which parts of the gun are where, but that may be because he chopped it up to fit into the shape of a bat. I think it’s hard to make out which parts of the gun are where because it’s not a gun. I think what we’re looking at is a pair of knives or just really sharp batarangs. If you look closely, each half of the bat has a clip. Guns don’t have little metal clips, but certain knives do. There is a third possibility. It’s both. knife guns. Well, no. Yes. Well, I’m kind of. What if Batman used the metal from the gun that killed his parents to fashion a pair of knives and they could be throwing knives, meaning these are essentially his new batarangs. I… Super dig that. And they do look removable so he could pull them out during a fight and use them to mess up some bad guys. What are you going to do, throw a batarang at it? Something like that. And regardless of what the symbol really ends up being, I do like that Matt Reeves is giving us something new by putting a fresh spin on a part of the costume that’s usually just cosmetic and potentially giving it symbolic meaning. But what do you think is the deal with the chest symbol? Is it a gun, a knife, pair of batarangs, or something else altogether? Let us know down below in the comments. Thanks for watching. For more on the Batsuit, check out our video breaking down the comic book influences of the full suit. And why not just watch the Batsuit camera test again? Because. Damn! Yes. Yes. Damn. And be sure to follow and subscribe wherever you like to watch IGN. Would you make your Joshua symbol Cheese…and… pizza? Next gen console watch 20/20 is agents’ Weekly Show reporting on all the latest PlayStation 5 and X-Box Series X News, we’ll bring on experts to discuss and analyze all the latest developments of what’s coming to the new generation of consoles. Join US Weekly on Fridays at 6:00 a.m. Pacific.

100 thoughts on “The Batman: Is the Bat Symbol Really The Gun That Killed His Parents? – IGN Now

  1. All I know is This better be the darkest Batman (AND I MEAN DARRRK) brought to the movies or else this whole thing is a waste of time and dc will loose all respect from me..

  2. 1:56 is exactly how I feel about this entire dealio. Suit looks cool, we'll probably learn more once the film is out.

  3. Also just my guess, but they're gnna end up being some type of removable weapon, that will somehow end up being used at a critical point in the film, and it will be revealed that they are indeed made from the gun that killed his parents.

  4. I think both of you are right, the symbol is a retractable Batarang or pair of retractable batarangs made from the gun’s metal.

  5. I hope it's a pair of knives molded from the smelted gun that began Bruce's journey into darkness . . .

    And who better to bring a knife to a gun fight?

  6. Peter Sarasgaard said talking about the script, " it's raw and got an edge to it. I read it and I instantly thought of the Pixies and the song I Bleed. They were great in concert." I shortened it a little but look up the song!

  7. It being the gun is about the most edgy emo thing I've heard and the fact that they did it in the comic first makes me glad I dropped that comic from my stack ages ago.

  8. Spoiler alert people who only watch IGN can’t decide which one it is It’s the girl that killed his parents that’s a whole comic about it thumbs up to Matt Reeves

  9. Gordon: Hey cool outift, i don't know why you have a gun as a symbol but i like it.

    Batman: it's made from the weapon that took the life from my parents eyes as i watched.

    Gordon: Bruce?

    Batman: Batman away (swoshes cape dramatically).

  10. I thought it was just the route they went.. i.e a tech heavy and portable suit. It looks like the symbol can be folded. This is a more detective batman right? So Batman needs his suit to be something he can carry and change into. One he could even have in his briefcase.
    I see the symbol with hinges etc..

  11. Those don't look like pistol parts to me.. they look more like rifle parts. Joe Chill was always depicted to use a pistol to kill the Wayne parents, I think maybe he'll use a rifle in this Batman origin.

  12. Batman Arkham VR had you pull batarangs from the chest symbol I believe so that'll be interesting if that's where they picked it up from

  13. Wtf guys? Having a hard time this week? It's the segmented symbol used to create movement in the chest armor from Arkham knight. Jeez. The gun that killed his parents. Really? P.s I don't want a batman that sparkles. This will be the first Batman movie I pass on. Ben should have been in this. He was a much better Bruce wayne than edward will ever be. Or christian bale for that matter.

  14. I think the symbola has kind of a 1939 Bob Kane style to it just modernised if thats the case then this Batman will look badass

  15. It looks more like he uses them for a Batarang, as you can notice on the bottom portion of the wings they look like used knives. They have may have been the piece to a gun, but they look more like batarangs than anything else. Something that can be removed for a fight if need be.

  16. it's just a support for something that hasn't even been invented yet, the suit made for a camera test and it will certainly change a lot.

  17. "Twisted we know but batman isnt really a stabled guy so it fits"
    IM SORRY SAY THAT AGAIN?! nobody can be seriously THAT dumb to think it's made out of the GUN THAT KILLED HIS PARENTS.
    It litterly could be a batarang or hell just I dunno
    A PART OF A DESIGN FEATURE ? Batman maybe a bit overboard at SOME moments when he haves to be dark sure but hes not unstable

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  19. I know at first it makes for the theory adds to the "cool and "gritty" aspect of the movie, but I don't know something about it just seems wrong and unlike Batman so hopefully it's just a theory.

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