The Best Batting Tee – How to make it

Hi it’s Corey from Country Family. Hey if you want to learn how to make this batting tee it’s really easy it’s just a couple
pieces of pipe, this is rubber table leg cover, a plumbing fitting they use to
connect to garbage disposal, then it’s just screwed into a floor
flange that you bolt to a piece of wood so it’s pretty easy so stick around and
I’ll show you how I do it here’s all the parts and pieces you’re
going to need. So I have a 2 by 12 here. You’re going to need some 1 inch conduit
or black iron pipe and my piece is 20 and a quarter inches long it’s threaded
on one end to screw into this floor flange so you need one of those. And this
is 1/2 inch conduit or you could use 1/2 inch black pipe it’s 24 and a half
inches long. Garbage disposal connector this is a pool hose cuff (DON’T NEED) and these are
the rubber leg tips so you’re going to need those and then some lag bolts The first thing you want to do is screw
your floor flange on to your one inch pipe. That gets attached to the center of
your board using some lag screws. I’m going to pre-drill those a little
bit to get them started. Take one of these rubber leg tips and just push it over your one inch pipe. Then make sure it’s down all the way. Now what
we’re going to want to do is drill a hole through the rubber to accept this
pipe this is half inch conduit rigid conduit and it’s 7/8 of an inch outside
diameter so I’m going to use a 3/4 inch spade bit to drill a hole through here
and that’ll make sure we got a nice tight fit on this Okay then you just go ahead and take
your piece of half-inch pipe and push it through that hole. It’s going to be a
tight fit that’s the way we want it and that’s how you get your adjustability.
Just slide that up or down. Okay so our next step we’re going to take this this
is for a garbage disposal. Okay so you just tighten your hose clamp up then. On
this piece I’m going to slip that over and then tighten that up. That’s all
there is to it that’s it that’s all done So we’ll take it outside and test it out. So you broke it on the very first swing? He broke it on first swing! Well after a trial run
here we determined that this piece really isn’t necessary so it’s just the
garbage disposal adapter and I put the skinny end around the half-inch rigid
pipe so it’s only on about maybe 3/4 to an inch or so and then up here you got
all this is flexible and the ball sits on there pretty well. That’s the better
way to go.Thanks for watching and if you like this video please hit the thumbs up
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already. Thanks a lot!

11 thoughts on “The Best Batting Tee – How to make it

  1. I just made the same one today, thanks to your tutorial. I know the kids are gonna love it! Thank You Sir!!

  2. hello , please ,what is the name of the material: the small tube (pipe) in black rubber at the end to put the ball? thanks

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