The BEST Breakout Tactics for Wings | Hockey Positioning | Drill | Training | Forwards

In this video we are going to go
over some tips and techniques for wings in terms of breaking the puck
out. So, how to get yourself in better
position during the break outs, create a little bit more time and space for yourself
to make effective place. So, that when you get the puck you’re able to get your head up and make
plans. So, first thing that I want to talk about is
your foot position. A lot of wings when they come here and the defense is
coming around the net with the puck they’re looking at the defenseman.
Now when you get that puck, think about where your eyes are, think
about your sight-line. So, your sight-line is right here, so this is where you can
see when you’re looking at the defenseman.
Well, what happens if your eyes are right here, while your centre is right here and your other wing is right here. You want to be going this way with the
puck and your eyes are pointing in that direction. So, when you get the puck,
you have to turn your body around and you have to get your head up and find your open player. And you don’t even know where those players are. So, what you want to be doing is that you want to get your feet facing an angle this way with your stick
out here so now when you get that pass, one, you can see if this defenseman
is coming on your not because you have your eyes going in the right direction; two, before you even get the pass you can take quick peek and you can see where you have four
checkers, you can see where your sentiments are, you can see if you want to use the
board’s, if you have time to get the puck and skate quick. So, getting your feet in
the right position and just looking here quickly over your shoulder to that defenseman and getting your stick
out. You don’t want to have your stick straight up because that’s a hard pass for the defenseman. You want your stick out so it’s a good target for the
defenseman. Keeping your eyes up, look at your sight line here. You are going to see all that ice and that’s going to allow you to be able to make that play quicker. So, just a small tweak in your foot positioning is going to make a big difference. The second thing that I want you to think about is what you do when you get the puck. So, the first thing you should be doing
is if you don’t have pressure from this defenceman when you get that pass, is to get your
feet and take 2-3 hard strides up ice. Get time and get space, that’s going to allow you to be able to make plays even if that defenseman was pinching on you. You are going to get closer to the blue line and be able to chip the puck out and you are not just going to feed it back to that defenseman. If you have a four checker coming on you you’re going to be able to get a couple
steps on him. So get two or three quick hard strides and then make that pass a now you have
speed and you’re going to be able to join the play. So, if you’re standing here
flat-footed and you make that pass to the centre and everyone’s going now you have to try to play catch-up and a lot of times you are going to be out of the place. So, getting two or three hard strides, make that pass over and you are going to be in the play. The last thing that I want you to consider is a wrap puck. So, if that defenseman is wrapping up that puck hard and your playing here on the wing, a good option for you is reading with this defenseman is going to be doing. If he’s coming down
on you, use your body there and shield the puck from the defenseman. Don’t just
let the defenseman come down and pinch on you. Start to shield the puck even if it
hasn’t come yet. Shield the puck from the defenseman. Now, that depends if he tries to get around you on the outside you can just shield the puck and allow it
to come up and skate with it and you are going to beat him. Wrap puck again, comes in and winger. If you’re here that defenseman backs off
you wanna catch that puck, get your back, your front heel on the
board. You get your heel that’s toward the puck
off the board a little bit so that puck is going to come right here through that front foot and your foot that’s facing the offensive
zone. Its going to hit the heel and you can kick it right up to your stick
and that’s going to allow you to know that puck is going to hit the heel. You’re going to feel it, when it hits you and now you can keep your head up and you can read the play.
You are not staring right at the puck. You know exactly when that puck is going to hit your foot and you know you’re going to be able to
stop it. So, you are not overthinking where that puck is coming from or worrying about stopping it or having your head down. You can have that he’ll boom right along
the boards, as soon as, it hits here you can kick it up to your foot and you can make the play. So those are
three great options for you in terms of foot positioning, shielding the puck and being able to
stop wraps easily and being able to make the play to the center and joining the rush.

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