The BEST Mindset for Pitchers in Baseball

What’s Up? Dan Blewett here and I want
to go over something today this is really important to understand as a
pitcher it’s often very misunderstood what your job is going after on the
mound and it’s a really tough job it’s very unique to any other sport even in
baseball you know playing shortstop playing the outfield it’s much more
reactionary than pitching because pitching you’ve a lot of time to think
you have a lot of time to consider your next move everyone’s looking at you it’s
very again it’s very very different but what the pitchers job is mentally is
often misunderstood and really boils down to one thing which is observing the
game which means observing the situation the hitter the hitters reaction to your
previous pitch taking all of the information that you gather as a as a
ballplayer on the mound and choosing your spot and then executing that one
pitch as best you possibly can so really your whole job as a pitcher the only
things you can control or your analysis of what the next best pitch is to throw
and then your best possible focus on executing that pitch so I’m gonna choose
based on this the hitters swing the situation everything I know about
everything I’m gonna go change upon the outer thirds of this lefty after I’ve
just I’ve decided that which it’s on me to decide that hopefully not your coach
calling the game all that stuff but even then it’s up to you you’ve chosen that
pitch and now your only job that’s left is to execute that pitch as best you can
even when coaches are positive and they’re in there saying things go hey
it’s just your job to get ground balls just get cotton you know get contact
just have them put the ball in play that’s all positivity and that’s that’s
a good way of framing because a lot of pitchers think that their job is to get
outs themselves to strike hitters out all that stuff it’s not it’s not your
job to get ground balls it’s not your job to get weak contact your only drill
job is to choose the most intelligent pitch in the most intelligent location
that you can and then throw that pitch to the best of your ability
so once everything is said and done and you’ve come set and it’s time to go
you’ve one job which is make the pitch that you’ve chosen after that whether
it’s a ground ball fly ball hard hit soft hit swinging to miss pop-up
whatever you can’t control any of that and so a lot of young pitchers
especially when defense you know amateur defense youth defense is very poor you
feel really out of control that you’re doing your job you’re making good
pitches you’re getting ground balls they’re not making the play this
happened recently you know a kid was pitching pretty well getting a lot of
ground balls and just routine plays just weren’t not being made it was a really
long messy hinting that he had and it wasn’t his fault and his mindset when we
had this mountain visit was hey I’m doing my best I’m getting ground balls I
know that’s my job and I said no your job was just a pick a pitch and execute
the pitch it’s even less than that his attitude was good getting like my it’s
my job you ground balls that’s a good attitude but that’s not the true job of
a pitcher because once that ball leaves your hand you really don’t have control
over it because you’re making an educated guess a hypothesis about what
you believe the best pitch and location is and then you’re trying to again
execute that plan as best you can but what happens
no one knows until the balls on the way so the more you can realize that as a
pitcher the better you’re gonna be mentally because it just makes the game
a lot simpler you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff that you can’t
control because you can’t control it and therefore you can refocus on the next
singular task and go one pitch by one pitch one inning by one inning until the
game is over it’s really hard to throw a complete game shutout but it’s not that
hard to make one well-executed pitch and if you do that one time and you do it
the next time then you do the next time so basically a whole game a complete
gauge a complete game shutout it’s just a collection of make this pitch to the
best of my ability then on the second pitch make this pitch to the best of my
ability you go one pitch at a time it’s a hundred ten great single pitches
versus a 100 10 pitch complete-game if that makes sense so
hopefully that quick conversation helped I know it helped me when I really
started to buy into that vision when I was in my 20s it’s one of those things
again it just comes with maturity but this sooner you can realize that your
job as a picture is very singularly focused on choosing an intelligent pitch
and then making it everything gets a lot easier all right so if you enjoyed this
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in the next one you

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