The best tandem paragliding experience ever

II blood type -Rh positive?
-Negative damn it My life in your hands!!! And in this string! “Strong emotional expressions ” “very strong emotional expressions” Stunning!! OH MY GOD !!! “very strong emotional expressions” I’m just shocked !!! Pull the red release bar!!
-No!!! -No!!! Are you kidding me ?! But you told me not to do so !!! “very strong emotional expressions” Why you told me don’t touch it and then you are forcing me to pull the bar !??! Mother !!!! OMG No!! please !! feeling ok ? “very strong emotional expressions” “very strong emotional expressions” This is better than sex but don’t tell your boyfriend about it I’m shocked omg this is so amazing! Did I say that this is better than sex ? say this once again (streaming Live) This is better than sex !! especially when you’re spinning around! The meaning of life is just to live Just live and observe this beauty! Very strong emotional expressions ready to touch the ground with both of your legs It’s so awesome I have no words stand up stand up .. well. you can sit as well I can just lie Congrats with your first flight ! Babe, sorry, I gotta tell you something… This is better than sex That was so amazing! you know … I .. I … I can’t describe my emotions by words ! really words are nothing In comparison with what I’m feeling now just… how f*cking amazing was that…

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