The Bourrasque Challenge: Get the Bat.-Châtillon

Wow… Not bad at all… We need backup! In pursuit of a white taxi
on Rivoli street. Plate number 1998 ZZ. Low profile, says “Bourrasque” on the turret. Copy that. Oh! Hello there! Hey, pussycats! Are you bullying this poor little guy because the big bad Maus
is too tough for you? Mer**…

93 thoughts on “The Bourrasque Challenge: Get the Bat.-Châtillon

  1. We, the players community, are SICK and TIRED of those IMAGINARY tanks, while you FAIL to BUFF real tanks, altho you PROMISED that you will do it with for ex. E100 last year! SHAME ON YOU!

  2. Probably one of the best videos that you have publicized recently. I forget a little part from removing the WTF-E100 for this.

  3. one of the coolest camo but too hard challenge..only those player who plays 15hours or 27/7 with premium accounts can get this premium tank..

  4. Please tell me what is the name of the Beat at the end of the video. Btw, tank looks quite good just dont make me waste my life on those missions again 😉

  5. France won the world cup in 1998, that was also the year the first Taxi movie came out(hilarious movie, definitely recommend it). So we are getting a white style with a license plate and on that plate ZZ10(desire to headbutt progettos intensifies). Nice WG. I like it!

  6. So nice job on the video. I want the full song "vis ta vie" that was at the end. So happy to see a new tank, i'm so hype

  7. Wg, how it feels to have a good ratio like dislike and good feedbacks from your community? Just do more things like this guys 😉😉

  8. garbage tank. crap dispersion, crap aim time, crap acceleration, crap top speed. no armor, crap penetration, burns like hell, mediocre view range, crap traverse speed and all that to compensate for good alpha, 2 round clip and and alright-ish camo? 9 down sides vs 3 up upsides? forget the tank. Also dont listen to anyone who says that it's a high skill cap tank. Black prince, t54e1, 59 patton, CDC, Korean patton, and many other garbage tanks are "high skill cap" tanks, that's what all the unicorns say. Unicorns will take the crappiest tank of the game, play few good games, show it to you and advertise how it takes skill, and it's not really the tank's problem but your because you suck. Dont believe that, tank have to be balanced to an average player, not to unicorns, because unicorns are only 5% of total players and than there is every one else.

  9. Saw requirements, not even gonna try. On paper, tanks seems to be meh and not something I'd play. But, I'll get some bonuses from normal play so there's that.

  10. That scene with Leopard and Mutz bullying little elc even was damn true! And sentence with Maus wil be my best phrase for this type of players! 👍👍

  11. If anyone is not thinking the next special game mode shouldnt be GTA 5 in style after that video i suggest you watch it again!

  12. "Hey, pussycats! Are you bullying this poor little guy because the big bad Maus is too tough for you?"

    Ooof. That is awesome roasting 🤣. But I don't play WoT because I don't have good PC

  13. Hey wargaming, what's the name of that song at the end? I'm digging it. (also I hope this tank comes to console. It's gorgeous and a two shot autoloader is my jam)

  14. lol 1998 ZZ 10, je sais pas du tout à quoi cela fait allusion!
    un numéro 10, chauve et qui marque deux but de la tête en finale de coupe du monde?
    non ça doit pas être ça!

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