The Bourrasque Challenge: How to Get the Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque

It’s always been tough
to be a medium tank in our game. There’s a lot of
responsibility on your shoulders. All eyes are on you. And your opponents
are always there. But what if everything
doesn’t go like it normally should. For example,
you’re not exactly a medium tank. And you have your own way. “Calculating route… Route set”. So… This is the
Bat. Chatillon Bourrasque, a Tier VIII French
Premium medium tank. It’s fairly beautiful, quite compact,
and it has a stylish monocle. But despite all this lacework, the main feature lies
in the essence of the vehicle. It’s a MEDIUM tank. Yes, it looks like the EBR and
Bat.Chat were put into a blender, and what came
out was our hero. But those two are light tanks! And our hero
should be in line with them! The top speed
of the Bourrasque is 62 km/h. This is the best among all
of its Tier VIII medium brethren! Its name translates
as “a gust of wind” for a reason. This Frenchy really can fly. Its specific power
also contributes to it. 25 hp per ton allows the Bourrasque
to hit its top speed pretty fast. But wouldn’t it be strange if a medium
tank had the maneuverability of a light? That’s why there’s a nuance. “Turn right.” One small thing… “Turn right.” How can we put it gently…? “Just turn right!” Well… it can’t turn! Well, it can turn… but in place. When on the move, the Bourrasque
does it more like a heavy tank. For example. A light tank needs a radius like this
one to outmaneuver the enemy. A medium tank needs this. And our hero will
need a radius thiiiiiiiis big! “At the roundabout,
take the first exit.” Well, maybe it’s
a sign from above. But don’t think all hope is gone. First of all, never forget
there are always options. “Calculating route.” Yeah, that might work. Secondly, this is
a matter of habit and skill. If you let go of the throttle
and use the handbrake, every turn
becomes manageable. It might sound scary, but in fact it’ll just take
several battles to adjust to it. The overall mobility is good. The maneuverability
is not enough, but the tank is as quick as the comments
under the video saying “FIRST!” Maybe even faster than them! The Bourrasque is SO fast that it creates a feeling
that you should play as a scout. You just want to put the pedal
to the metal at the start of battle and spot everyone… You shouldn’t do that. The tank’s armor is not great. “You have deviated from the route.” Okay, there’s almost no armor. “You have deviated from the route.” Okay! There’s no armor at all! The parasol on the Paris map
is better protected! There are no
weather effects in the game because the tank would take
damage from the smallest raindrop! Are you satisfied?! “Continue going straight on.” Well, you know, fine, no armor. But the Bourrasque
CAN still spot opponents. The French has a good view range
and just incredible concealment! Add in its speed, and this means
only one thing: it just loves bushes! When playing this tank, a bush
is your friend, brother, teammate, and even probably your wife. It’s always good
to spend some time with it. Most importantly, it makes you
better and unleashes your potential. “Wait.”
That’s correct, no need to hurry. The enemy is spotted,
the allies fire, and… “Order accepted.” Now it’s time! “Order cancelled.” Well… The Bourrasque gun is quite the mix
of positive and negative parameters. The aiming time
is a terrifying 3.5 seconds, penetration with a standard shell
is 190 mm, and the accuracy… the accuracy is 0.42. It seems this shooter
needs bigger traps. Even bigger.
The biggest ones! “Calculating the shortest route.” So that’s what we have. A tank.
Fast but not maneuverable. With good view range and
concealment, but not a sniper. Interesting, but… “You have deviated from the route.” It has an autoloader! Two shells!
A menacing damage per shot of 360! And a two-second reload between shots!
Two shots, two seconds, 720 damage! No opponent would expect
such power from this little fellow. And who’d blame them? Fast, small,
with no armor, like a fox terrier. But it can bite
as good as a pit bull! With all the bells and whistles, the Bourrasque turns
into an invisible evil monster! You don’t notice the gun’s
shortcomings as much, while its concealment and
view range steal the spotlight. Just look at that! The Patton with a maximum view
range can’t see you at 250 meters! Let alone anybody else! Yes, you will need to aim carefully, wait until the aiming circle shrinks,
and sometimes use special shells. But this is its working distance. You can safely start firing.
You just need to know how and when. Playing the Bourrasque
requires attention and caution. The best option at the start
of battle is to occupy a bush. But don’t be too aggressive. This Frenchy is a medium
tank, and this means it doesn’t have a bonus to concealment
on the move, as light tanks do. So don’t try to be the first,
you’ll just get outspotted. Take position
in the right bush and… “Wait.” If you see an opponent,
roll back 15 meters and fire. It’s important to save
your hit points now. Because later, when the
battle starts to unfold faster, you’ll get new opportunities. Remember to pick
your targets carefully. If you can hardly penetrate it,
you shouldn’t fire at all. All else being equal, the side of a Centurion is more
preferable than the IS-3’s side. Also monitor the enemy
behavior after the first shot. If they turn to face you immediately,
you’ve probably been spotted. Sixth Sense won’t save you here… Then act depending
on the circumstances. Is the enemy
breaking through your line? Don’t stay there until it’s too late.
Turn around and speed away. “Calculating route.” Is there a breach in the enemy
defense? That’s your chance! “Calculating route.” Old players remember
the true purpose of medium tanks… And it’s not a head-on skirmish. It’s cunning,
looking for opportunities, flanking the enemy
and getting to their rear. Such tactics still brings results. Any forgotten line, the enemy unwariness
or a successful allied breakthrough turns the Bourrasque
into a potential warrior. This small guy loves destroying
tanks with HP with one go. And what’s the most enjoyable,
it’s quite a broad term for it. 400, 500, 600,
and sometimes more HP is what the Bourrasque
can deal within two seconds! Just make sure
you have enough HP yourself. If you saved your HP
at the start of the battle, you’ll enjoy trading it at the end. You’ll also enjoy your swiftness. You’ll be ready
to deliver any order on time! “Turn around when possible.” “Turn around when possible…”

29 thoughts on “The Bourrasque Challenge: How to Get the Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque

  1. 其實沒這麼好用、俯角還不錯…難看的仰角…砲彈穿深嚴重不足…瞄準縮圈像是環遊全世界一週後才會完成…不買

  2. Not worth getting it.
    This tank turns like a huuuge boat.
    Need to use handbrake turn
    Review: don't waste ur time on doing the marsthon

  3. I'm completely happy with what WG has done with this tank. Kudos to Wargaming. This is how you make a new prem tank. A tank which will shine only in hands of skilled players. Great job WG 👍🏻.

  4. 관측준수 기동준수 선회별로 조준속도 개발암 명중률빵중률 기동사격정확도준수

    조준속도가 씹발암이라 안정기 장전기 구동장치 3개무조건필수고 구동빼고 광학세팅하면 진짜 좆격해야됌 기동사격하거나 기동하격하면 인파이팅식으로몰아야하는데 장갑이 15미리임ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 고폭에 비명횡사함 기동사격정확도는의외로 매우뛰어나서 중거리기동사격도 잘맞음 풀에임좆격은빵중률종특인 하탄이 자주나서 두발중1발만맞추는경우가 허다하고 높은알파뎀이 빵중률이랑 조준속도때문에 다까먹음 장갑만 좀높앗으면 인파이팅용으로 헤집고다닐텐데 그래도 한방뎀지가 8티어헤비급이고 멕뎀잘터져서 그거하난괜찮음 그리고 존나귀여움

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