‘The boys are determined to win this match’ – Interim coach Rumesh Ratnayake

[Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah well the atmosphere in the room itself is is is different because when New Zealand had Tibet we knew that it was not going to be easy for them and we told our bowlers that it’s not going to be easy to get rickets also in the same tone the reason being when you are set there if you see the pattern of the game when one set there this code everybody whether it was the tail end or middle tail end or whoever it may be so that pattern continued even today I mean if you see after they lost six wickets they put on 160 runs or something like that for the next four week it’s so we knew that it was going to be hard work even though we are 133 for no loss or 135 for no loss it was hard work it was really really hard work so for the batsman who would go in next it’s going to be extremely hard so we are aware of that and the boys are really determined and well we said we are not going to be scared to fail you know so we are sort of fearlessly going forward but with smart work adapting smart options all the time trying to adapt as much as possible invaluable invaluable the opening stand stand work itself was huge I mean you can’t put a value to it it’s just that if you see I mean it was not from the middle of the bat most of the time it’s just that it was it was hard work – a smart work and it was playing missing well a few chances were given stumps and well those all have to come by to have that sort of a day and I think we had a very fruitful day and it was hard hard working day a good day at office I would say a Cabana to a Mon Calas Nokia Android smartphone Academy recommend currently yeah well as a coach of the bowling team I would be disappointed in some of the way in which which we bowled some of the lens we board but saying that because hard work but as I said earlier when you are set there on on a we cut like this you know the pattern of which it’s going to turn and and the bounce and all that so you sort of manipulate around that and they did extremely well the Saudis the balls you the watling’s and the some of you they all did extremely well to get that score up to 85 so I believe well it was it well if somebody told me you are getting to 66 to chase I would have taken it any day but this to 66 to 65 to 66 is is huge it’s not easy be my female we may look pretty today at 135 for no loss but it’s another day tomorrow it’s a hard day tomorrow as a batsman would go there they would be vulnerable you know so anybody who does not stay there for 10 minutes I wouldn’t say that they have stayed there but anybody who has spent and faced 20 to 30 balls is a aware of of the way the bounce of the ball and the spin of the wicked and and tomorrow is a fifth day it might be a different day entirely so simple things just stay there watch the ball and just play the ball on its merits yes well it’s yes and no it’s just that we take the collapse and we try to sort that out as well as we try to take the the way in which we came back into the game sir angles and like well as Knox how they came back and we take that as a positive and say well if we do the small things which they did and Saranga is not a man nor the bat so if he could have done something like that which he did which was also an immeasurable thing which he did invaluable so those are things which have gone into these batsmen and and there are the aware of it but betting has you know you get only one chance and we have to maximize that chances or the chances which we get as much as we can so hopefully they all quite together or not many bet which will be a sign that we will not lose many wickets it brings a lot of calmness he brings a lot of confidence he also helps in the layout of the perfect and now a better a good environment to for the boys to go and do their best a guy Mumbai little Nokia Android smartphone the Comerica Bank [Music] subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this and don’t forget to hit the bell icon for a latest content

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  1. Left handers will be the key here!

    Btw check out my how to start a test innings videos. Will do it with commentary very soon.

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