THE BOYZ being scared of feeding cow [Battle Trip/2020.03.15]

We’re going on a safari. – A safari? / – Yup. The Boyz is like a zoo too. I’m Haknyeon and I’m a pig. – I’m Hyunjae and I’m a cow. / – Year of the Ox. (Hehe) So a pig and a cow are going to a zoo. And if you bring your own car, you can enjoy the safari in your car. There’s also a safari bus. There’s a bus or you can take your own car. So you can take a car too. It’s just like the one in Yongin. But we have to be careful. The windows have to stay closed when we see carnivores. – Yeah. / – Since it’s dangerous. I know that too. You might lose an arm. It could happen. So even cars without barred windows can enter? – Yes. / – Regular cars? Right. – You’d usually see cages at a zoo. / – You entered! – What is this? / – You just drove right in. (Wow) It’s a jungle! Has it started? This is the entrance. – $34 for the entry fee. / – Yes. I would totally go here. – Totally. / – Yes. It’s raining again. It’s raining. (Excited about the safari) (Haknyeon is pumped up again…) You shouldn’t be happy now, Haknyeon. (The rain can’t contain his excitement) We’re on a safari, but it’s raining. It feels like we’re in Jurassic Park. – Yeah, you’re right. / – The trees are so big. – Look at all the fog. / – Look at this. It’s so mysterious. – It really is Jurassic Park. / – This should be fun. We have yet to see one of the 2,500 animals. It feels cold! – Haknyeon. / – Yes? We have yet to see one of the 2,500 animals. If I don’t see a lion today, I’m not leaving. (Roar) Do they see a tyrannosaurus at Jurassic Park first? – Oh, right. / – See? It’s the same thing! – You’ll see a lion later on… / – That makes sense. An elephant! (They’re so pumped up) – So excited. / – I thought they saw a friend. (The first animal they see is an elephant) I was so shocked. – So cool. / – He showed up out of nowhere. He’s so cute. Try seeing one from up close. – It’s really scary. / – Yeah. – They’re huge. / – They’re incredible. – We should… / – Give me that. This is mine. (You can feed the animals, but not the carnivores) Elephant! Should we buy carrots? Only carrots. If we buy bananas, you’ll eat them. – So you buy it here? / – Yes. They sell fruits and veggies on the way there. You have to be a good haggler. – Are they all priced differently? / – Yes. Elephant! What does an elephant sound like? (Trying to convince the elephant) (Please hear us…) He won’t even look at us. Hey! I’ll throw at it him. No, don’t. I feel like he’s going to kill us if you do. He’s going to throw it back at us! They’re like CG. – He’s looking for it! / – He saw it! (So amazed) He’s looking for it. He really does look like CG! (Carrot) He ate it with his nose! He ate the one I threw! – From that close… / – He’s coming! Holy cow! Kids would love this. They’d go nuts. Are they not friendly? He won’t come if you just hold out one. (Holding out carrots) So cute! (Hyunjae gets generous) That’s enough. Save it for the other animals. You should buy a lot of carrots. – You run out really fast. / – Right? They’re gone in no time. I bet you kept feeding them since they’re cute. Yes. – You should control yourself. / – Yes. Wow, so many elephants! There’s a big group of them here. So many! It’s kind of scary with this many. We might really die. I feel like we’re going to see something soon. We’ve seen 10 out of the 2,500 animals so far. (Who will they see after the elephants?) 2,490 animals left to see. A camel! Gosh! – They have camels too? / – A camel. – It just showed up. / – It was nuts. You have to watch out for camels. They spit. – Hyunjae. / – No, for real. They spit. They really spit! For real! They spit at you! – Hyunjae was scared. / – He’s a coward. I didn’t want to get spit on. Llamas are the ones that spit. For real! They spit at you! (Scared that the camel will spit on him) (Who spits?) They’ll spit if they’re in a foul mood. Look at his mouth from up close… Gosh… He’s coming. Look at his mouth. Make sure that you don’t anger him. (Serious) Or he’ll spit at us. Hyunjae, has a camel ever spit on you? (I just threw food) Did you hit him with it? It looks like he’s going to spit at you. Oh, no! (Oops) It hit his face. (Sorry, camel…) I felt bad. He’s coming. He’s going to spit now. Camels are that big? They’re pretty big. (Windows up) Let’s go before we get spat on. – He’s following you. / – Wow, they look so cool. There’s another camel next to him. A different one. He has more fur. – Camels are huge. / – What’s that? They’re as big as elephants. This is so cool. This isn’t a zoo, it’s the real deal. Two humps. They have two humps. Two-humped camels. This one is good-looking. He’s handsome. He’s like an idol among camels. – He has a lot of hair. / – Yeah. – He’s very stylish. / – Seriously. (A carrot) Are they a couple? You need to buy a lot of carrots. Feeding them looks like fun. You should practice throwing the food. A deer. Wow, a deer! I want to feed him. He’s coming. He’s coming! Look at this guy. – Just one bite. / – He’s so cute. My gosh… He has such pretty eyes. Hey, look at this, Haknyeon. – Haknyeon. / – Deer! Take this. – So cute. / – How cute! – He’s a baby. / – He’s like a puppy! – A baby. / – So cute. Gosh! So cute. Don’t get picky. Is that a gazelle? – My gosh. / – He’s a sika deer. My gosh. – They have sika deer too. / – So peaceful and cute. – Yeah. / – Their antlers are so pretty. Look how small and cute this one is! (The animals are so different and likable) – They go on the street. / – So cute. Give that to him. He ran away. It’s really cool that you can bring your own car. (They drive deeper into the jungle) (They see a bear eating a carrot) So cute! Giraffes! Giraffes! (These giraffes don’t care about carrots) They’re already eating. Giraffes are huge. I bet that was quite the sight. Hippos! (This is where the hippos live) – Hippos. / – There really are hippos here! – I see one! / – Did you see it? (You can even see the inside of a hippo’s mouth) We got a good look in his mouth. – His mouth? / – He needs dental work. What is it? I think it’s an otter. – Is that an otter? / – An otter. Those guys are cute. They smash things with rocks on their stomachs. Right. (There are many helpful signs during the safari) This is where the carnivores are. We can’t lower our windows here. This is where it really starts. It’s really like Jurassic Park. – The doors opening… / – I feel like there’s more fog. We can’t lower our windows here. Okay. I love predators. They’re so cool. I wonder how scared Hyunjae got. (They go farther inside carefully…) (This isn’t a model) Holy cow. Isn’t that fake? She’s real. She just blinked. It looks like CG. (Joking around) (Who are you?) We saw a lot of bigger animals than her. – Did you see her open her mouth? / – No. Lions look really cool. We’ve only seen them on TV. – Their heads are this big! / – They’re huge. – Their paws are this big. / – Their heads are huge! Lions look really cool. (He won’t stop singing in the predator zone) To the lions and tigers, you guys are like appetizers. The lions are so big. They look tired. Oh, a white tiger! Wow, so cool! – You got a really close look. / – So cool. It was my dream as a kid to become a tiger. I dreamed of becoming a tiger. I want to become a leopard. How did he get up there? They look so cool. (Hyunjae likes all-powerful and strong things) Wow, rhinos! I hear their skin is hard like armor. (The safari isn’t over yet) So cool. – You even pass through water? / – Yes. We’re driving on water now. Wow. I guess no more predators. What is this? After we drove over water… A herd of cows. (I heard my friend is here) (Let me feed you) – The cows were really scary too. / – They are. Their tongues… Gross! – You got scared. / – You’re such a coward! – I’m not a coward. / – That wasn’t that scary. You have to see them in person. Put your tongue back in your mouth! Just use your mouth. Not your tongue. – Just your mouth… / – Come on, Hyunjae! – This is too… / – Hurry up! You wouldn’t be happy about getting just a lick. That’s why I’m not opening my window. Here’s a bigger one. They heard the rumors. – They’re so big. / – Here’s the boss cow. Feeding them like this… – He’s sticking his tongue out. / – I’m sorry! Stop pushing! Gosh! Goodness… Feed him fast! He might get in the car with you. You don’t want his horns to get stuck in there. He might get in and sit next to them. You’re going to wreck the car. (This guy is such a coward…) Give it to him or he won’t go away. – Give it to him. / – Alright, here. Just go. Close your window now. Wow, their horns are so cool. (They manage to escape thanks to Haknyeon) – He’s a big scaredy-cat. / – No, for real. I’m not a coward. It was crazy. Sheesh… I’m not afraid of animals. You obviously are. Zebras. Zebras. (What are the zebras like?) They’re so big. Wow, a zebra. So cute! They’re not. Just watch. My goodness… Look at his teeth. Do you see his teeth? His mouth was the size of my face. He has such a big mouth. It’s fun to feed horses. I like the sound they make. (He sure sounds like he’s enjoying the food) ASMR from a zebra. It starts now. Is it good? I think zebras are so cool! I love their stripes. – Look at those teeth. / – Those guys are sexy. They only have that car safari there? There’s a small amusement park, a park… – And a water park. / – A water park too? It’s a great place to have fun. You could just hang out there all day. How long did the safari take? Around 2.5 to 3 hours. – 2.5 hours with the animals? / – Yes. – That’s a long time. / – You need a lot of carrots. Carrots… I noticed they fed like 6 carrots to each animal. That’s because Hyunjae is a coward. I had to keep feeding them because they wouldn’t go away. What animal scared you the most? The cows. – The cows? / – They have the longest tongues. I’m Year of the Ox, so I loved cows. – But because of this trip… / – You’re Year of the Ox. – Yes… / – You’re a pig and you’re a cow. They’re pretty scary. Really? But cows are so cute. They’re really… I wish you all could go see.

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  1. cows are my favorite animals so seeing this made me smile!! I have also fed cows before and it's actually pretty scary lol

  2. Haknyeon was so excited to see all the different animals, like how cute ❤❤! He's honestly such a mood because that's exactly how I would act!

  3. I think guy name hyunjae very disappointed when girls call him cowards, feel bad for him but cute 😂😂

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