The Class Clown

– All right, Year Nines, it’s time to learn Maths. Now, Mark ‘class clown’ Bananna, I heard about you, and your tomfoolery. Telling you now, not being tolerated by me. – Fair enough, sir. Will this be tolerated though? (Farting noises) (students laughing) – No, it will not.
– Come on! (students laughing)
Come on! Cut it out! This is Maths, not Batman comic books. – Oh, Maths, well I’ve got some Maths for you, sir. (farting noises) plus,
(farting noises) equals
(farting noises) (students laughing)
(farting noises) – No, that’s not true, that’s not what Maths equals. You’re making Maths into a fart joke. – Mr. Broden, can I
please go to the bathroom. – To wank! (loud gasping) – I would never wank at school. (Mark moans loudly)
(classmates laughing) – That’s not what she meant at all, and you cut it. I’m gonna bend over get a bathroom pass. So she can go. (loud farting) – Oh, someone has too many beans! (students laughing)
Mr. Beany boy! (loud laughing)
– That wasn’t me. – Mr. Beany boy. – I swear to God that was not me. (bell pings loudly)
– Mark the class clown, please some to the office. You’ve had a family emergency. – Oh, I’m in trouble. I reckon mum’s found my pornos!
(students laughing) No more wanky for Marky!
(students laughing) – That’s such bloody carry on. – Under the fan.
(students applaud) – Thanks for making this
the best class ever guys. – Oh, I’m glad that he’s gone. He was a real Margaret Thatcher to me coal mine unions.
(bell pings) – Replacing Mark as the class clown will be Victorian era gentleman and humorous Lord Wellington Montcrief. – I would say good day to you, but upon seeing your face I have half a mind to turn heel and head back to bed, in hopes this is but a fever dream. (students laughing) – Yeah, very witty Lord Wellington. Now, listen I’ve heard about you and your tomfoolery is not gonna be tolerated. – You’ll see no Tom foolery from me, as for Wellington foolery dear sir, well, that is an entirely
different matter. (students laugh loudly) – Stop fucking around, you little cunt! It’s time for Maths! – Here is some arithmetic. I’m an Englishman in addition to 3:00 p.m. equals tea time. I’ll have an Earl Gray if you please, and a few short bread
biscuits wouldn’t go astray. – At once dear sir, but wait a minute! (loud clanking) You tricked me! (students laughing) – Mr. Broden, can I
please go to the bathroom? – Mr.Broden, this student
needs to relieve herself, but once she leaves the room I suspect that it is we
who will be relieved. (students gasping) – That was actually a good one. I’m gonna pick up the bathroom pass. – Well, it seems some of
those short bread biscuits did go astray. (students gasping) – Hey, stop fat shaming me. (bell pings)
– Lord Wellington Montcrief, please come to the office. You’ve had a family emergency. – Well, I hope this time I’m left something in the will. (students laughing) (students applaud) (students cheering) (bell pings) – Replacing Lord Wellington
as the class clown is Tony Martin doing some of his classic 90s standup. – It’s edible underpants, I never know where you get them. Is that lingerie, or the food court? I’m never sure.
(students laughing) Never sure. – Ohh, now we’re cooking
with gas. (laughs) – They come in eight different flavors. Do the people who are
using edible underpants need eight different flavors? Is someone going, you know darling, I really prefer you in tangy barbeque. I don’t know.
(students laughing) – It’s ridiculous.
– Now this I like. This is comedy.
(students laughing) – Wearing some now are you? I’m sure you are.

100 thoughts on “The Class Clown

  1. Saw this one live in tazmania 1985. Tony Martin actually came out at the end and did a half hour show. Unforgettable experience!

  2. Lord Wellington Longcreath is one of the most powerful characters in the Aunty Donna Cinematoc Universe. So hyped to see him finally show up.

  3. no one:
    aunty donna boyz:

  4. I thought the post skit stinger was going to be Mark and Lord Wellington getting some sort of super fucked up news about their families, then both making fart noises.

  5. Hahaha "Now we're cooking with Gas" – Lost it.
    I think Brodens dad humour is easier to get when you have a bogan mate and live in melbourne. It's like I'm seeing my friend, as an awkward father, and funnier.

  6. The Class Clown – Aunty Donna

  7. 2:10 i love how sparingly they use edits like these, there are some types of skits that use these all the time but it always catches you off guard this way

  8. Just like you brought back 90's comedy in this sketch, please bring back the quality from the Aunty Donna 90's sketches… Some of these sketches, like the short bread biscuits have, gone astray.

  9. IN the UK we have a Mr Uroo Bongadoro in place of Lord Wellington. Let me tell you! He's mildly racist, and I worry he often isn't joking.

  10. Thought the big reveal was going to be that the teacher was killing of the class clowns family when they made fun of him bending over…

  11. Why didn't Mish go to the bathroom after she got permission to grab a bathroom pass? A desperate urge to wank needs to be attended to.

  12. the tea set drop shifted my brain and bred anxiety
    you didnt have to do that at all it was a singular isolated bit just to remind us that anything can happen in these mad worlds you lot create

  13. I could say good day to you, but upon seeing your face I've half a mind to turn heel and head back to bed in the hopes this is but a fever dream.

  14. I was worried this series was losing quality, but it’s clear that even though there are a few terrible episodes, there are also some real gems. Love it 😁

  15. Broden is one of those teachers that would have more girls than guys in the class because of how sexy he is 😊😳

  16. "Stop fucking around you little cunt. It's time for maths". Accurate representation of my Year 7-8 teachers

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