The Cuban version of baseball – Red Bull 4Skinas

I think that this is a sport that all Cubans follow. Here in Cuba we have breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything with baseball. The word says it, Four Corners: 4skina. We began to play 4skina since we were eight years old, more or less. It’s named 4skina because it’s played in for corners of a neighborhood. 4skina is a street game. It’s played with rubber or cloth balls, or with bottle tops. It’s not played with a mitt, but with the hands. It could be played anywhere, in a basketball court, football field, or in a baseball stadium, even in a living room you can play a mini 4skina. We want to thank this event because it’s an opportunity to show that this game exists in Cuba. We take off the fabric of the tennis ball to have more bounce, because the fabric slows the ball down. And this way we can play ball better. Rasiel the rock shot up
You know how it is, this is my turn I’m going for you, there’s no tie
The best are here, go out, don’t be crazy Don’t move, don’t make trouble
You don’t know where you are
You need a brand that sets you apart In this country you can’t make it with weak stuff
I fight so that this doesn’t disappear Eat your bread and don’t eat your…
Walk it, feel it
Rasiel the rock, enjoy it Espartacos, good boys be easy
I could shut you down, clean yourself Normally each team has four players. There are three in the field and one on first base. To advance the bases you have to walk. If you run, you’re out. I began my carrier playing 4skina, and why not, maybe our substitutes will rise up from this game. This is an aggressive game and we enjoy it. Cleanup batter, bro. Old Havana.

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